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How to deal with knocked loss teeth in toddler?

Hello Ladies,

My 5 yr old son knocked his two front teeth loose today. I called the dentist and he said we have to "wait and see" what will happen. They are still in place. They were bleeding by the gum line and loose to the touch. I was wondering if any of you have delt with this before? The dentist said they might tighten back up on their own. As I said they are pretty wiggly...kinda like when your tooth first gets loose the natural way. I sure do hope he doesnt loose his front teeth....I was doing some research online and found that if they tighten back up they might turn dark, but that too might go away....any thoughts would be great.


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Most parents said that the teeth should tighten back up on their own. If the root wasn't damaged they wont turn dark. But do take the child to see a dentist right away.

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K. - My son is 6 and has lost both of his front teeth! The first one he lost about 8 months ago, so he was 5 1/2. It was loose on its own. The second one got knocked out by his brother. It was already loose, but they were jumping on the big trampoline and hit heads! out goes the tooth.
They may tighten up on their own, but they may be darker colored. Like a light gray. But, they will fall out and then his pearly white ones should come in.
I hate the wait and see game, but loosing his teeth at 5 doesn't sound that wierd to me!

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Hi K.;

This has happened to two of my three boys. My oldest was about two when he knocked a baby tooth so hard that it was super wobbly and bleeding. It re-affixed itself. HOwever, later on it turned grey. His permanent tooth had a hard time coming in and we did have to have a small spring on a retainer for about... gosh, I can't remember, but it was only a few months. His teeth are now perfect, and I mean perfect!

One of my twins also knocked a non-permanent tooth loose and it re-affixed itself as well. It, too, turned grey, however, the new tooth pushed it out and grew in just fine.

Being these are his permanent teeth, I don't know if my information is helpful, but just thought I'd share that they do seem to tighted right back up and hold just as tight as before the bump.


Oh--- that's terrible - poor lamb and poor MOM (There's nothing worse than wanting to ''fix'' something we can't.)

Thank heavens' they are baby teeth - not because it doesnt matter- of course it does- but in the next 6 to 24 months they'll be coming out to make room for the big ones.

Your family sounds wonderful-- Blessings--


This actually happened to me when I was 5. It ended up being great though because they did end up falling out on their own a week or so later only there was no pain and no blood. A great way to lose your first teeth. =)

The great thing for your son, if they don't tighten on their own, is that he's not that far in age to where he would lose them anyway. Average age to start losing first teeth is 6.

My friend's three year old knocked her front teeth twice. The first time was fine, the second time they waited about six months before the dentist recommended taking them out until her permanent teeth grow in..that could be years! :(

I don't know why they decided that exactly, just thought I'd share another case of a similar incident. Good luck, hope his tighten up on their own!

K. - You didn't mention whether these are permanent teeth or not. My husband fell face first off a bike when he was 9 or 10 and ended up with a "dead" front tooth. It was brown, but didn't otherwise bother him, and the family didn't have money to spend on cosmetic work, so he didn't have a veneer put over it until he was an adult - a bit before our wedding. Now he's a tea drinker and that fake tooth is his whitest one! You can't win! ;)


My son is 5 and has knocked 2 different teeth loose on 2 different occassions. Luckily for us in both cases they tightened back up. They also turned a little dark. The good news is over time the darkness can fade or go away. My son's 2 teeth are perfectly normal. I also have a daughter who is 3. She bumped her mouth once. The tooth did not loosen but did turn dark. Over time it has faded. If you don't know it you won't realize it just by looking at her, but because I know where to look, I notice a slight change in color to her one front tooth. As others have said, the other thing to keep in mind is that most children loose their first tooth at age 5 or 6. Good Luck.

Are these baby teeth?

Hi there,
I'm not sure if you will be able to save them but I lost my 2 front teeth when I was 3 and they came back in when I was around 8. It didn't bother me from what I can remember. I wish you the best.

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