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How to Deal with Depression

Hi, my name is T. and my husband just told me he needs help mentally. He said he has been depressed for a couple of months and just can't shake it. I know this can be a serious condition to deal with, and I just want to help him or get the help he needs. We don't have insurance and from the research I've done on the computer, more than likely it wont get better on it's own..... which I don't know I believe that, but I only experienced it for a short period of time after having my baby and it went away. Anyways, he said he wants to move, switch jobs, friends, start all these new things, which I will support what he intruly wants to do. I would like any advise from you, who in fact has gone through this or this situation. Any comments would be appreciated. Thank you!!!

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He needs to do my nutrition response testing. I am so excited about it. I can find out if one of his organs needs nutrition and help that organ so that we can heal up his body, and he won't need to get on medication. He won't have depression once we find out what is causing it. Call my office. ###-###-####

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The girls pretty much said everything that needs to be said...GOOD JOB. I just have one thing to add. If he does need medication, there are several anti depressants at Wal-Mart costing only 4$!!! Im on one right now, Celexa.

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Call Texas 2-1-1 community helpline, they might be able to refer him to an agency. Maybe he doesn't have to pay.

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You could try family service, they have counseling and base payment on your income. They helped me, and it only cost - get ready - $2 a session...
Best wishes for the best outcome.

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Hi, T.!

First let me say that I'm NOT an expert,neither have I had depression, but I've worked with many different people as both a pastor's daughter and a teacher for high-school students and adults. I don't know the details of clinical depression, but here are some of my opinions anyway: :)

I think one important thing for people with depression is to realize that it is OK to feel like they feel. I don't know how familiar you (or your husband) are with the BIBLE, but a good read through the Psalms (not for the feel good stuff - although that is there) lets you see how King David (named as a "man after God's own heart") goes through terrific ups and downs and in-betweens. He is angry, hurt, exaltant, loving, desperate, hunted, hateful, sinfull, broken. All those emotions are reflected there - and he was STIll a "man after God's own heart!" There are others too - Elijah (or maybe Elisha?) prayed that God would just kill him, he was so miserable in the place he was in!

Anyway, I'm not trying to be preachy, just showing one place of encouragement for me and others when we feel like we are so BAD for feeling the way we feel. I do believe God is the healer of everything, but I also know that doctors can help out too.

So, best wishes to your family. Hope things look up soon!

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You have a rare and wonderful husband if he is able to admit he has depression and actually say he needs some help. That is VERY hard for men to do, so GOOD ON HIM. That said, you're right...it will not just go away. You might start by calling your/his general doctor and explaining the situation. Physicians take depression very seriously these days (thank goodness), so maybe he can recommend a somewhat affordable treatment alternative, or maybe he can even right a script for something (if he's seen your husband recently enough). I was ADAMANTLY opposed to taking anything the last time I struggled with depression. My doctor looked me square in the face and said, "OK, well you're going to." He was right. Everyone responds differently to different meds, but for me Wellbutrin was a wonder drug. It helped immediately and in a big way. There are so many out there. I needed it only temporarily. SOunds like a lot of your husband's depresseion might be situational (a new baby brings a lot of fear and responsibility to men), so maybe he can work through some of the issues (with help), and go back to being his "old self." Unfortunately, therapy is something you are just going to have to work into your budget somehow. Invest in someone well-regaurded. Call around, you might be surprised who will work with you financially. One last thing--while a change may indeed do your husband good, he is in no state to make major life decisions right now. Maybe you can gently support his need for change (help him research jobs/places to live) with the understanding that you guys cannot make a move until he is mentally sound again. MIght help if you find some research about that to help plead your case. Good luck to you and your family.

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Please seek in your town mental health resources, do not stop searching for help. Be aware of his moods, talk to him, make notes so that you can have data on his emocional condition which can be of help to his doctor later on. Please do not take any of his moods personally, he just might need professional help! Just love him, encourage him, up lift his spirit with positive feedback, be assertive and firm. You're a wonderful wife for asking for help on his behalf.
I have a sister that showed mark depression in her youth, she refused help so many years later she ended up with anxiety, panic attacks and even psychosis.
The longer you wait to treat mild depression the longer would take to get hold of a good treatment....just like diabetes or any other desease.

You're on our prayers!

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Hello T., I have a friend is in a similar situation and what she did was she paid to see the doctor for her consultation and then they prescribed an antidepressant and some medicine for anxiety also because she was going through the same ideas that in another place it would be much better with new people and a new job. In the end some of those things will have to be changed if they are causing him to be down. but for now you can get some medications for as low as $4.00 for a months supply even with out insurance.
Always check walmart or tom thumb and some times if you prefer one place they will match the price.

I hope this helps.

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Contact your local mhmr office. They can help and low fees. But there is a waiting list.

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What a good wife you are!! And how awesome it is that your husband came to you to talk to you. Alot of men won't do that b/c of the stigma of mental health. My advice to you is get him in to a doctor. He needs to be evaluated and may need medication. YOu can also google depression and look at signs and symptoms of depression. I would also make sure that he does not feel like hurting himself. If he does then please make sure you take him to the ER. Good luck to you and your husband!

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I've fought depression for a long time and I can tell you that, although it is hard to do, getting enough exercise plays a huge part. Also, instead of going to straight to medications, try having his hormone levels checked. When any of our hormones are out of whack it can affect/produce mood disorders. Is he tired a lot? Because that could signify a thyroid prob, because depression is another symptom of an over or under-active thyroid.

But, if it is mostly displeasure with his job, just try to be supportive and happy. My husband made a major career change a few years ago and it is important for our bread winning hubbies to be happy in their work.

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