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How to cure hip dysplasia on infant?

Hello all, we just took our 6 month old in for a routine check up and were told to go get x-rays that same day for a hip click our doctor said she heard when checking her hips for mobility. Apparently our daughter has a slight hip dysplasia and will need to see a specialist about this. Thoughts? who knows anything about this or has gone through this? Should I truly be concerned, or will all be well with this early intervention?

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This needs to be seen by a pediatric orthopedic doctor. If it is left untreated, the hip ball can become deformed and cause bad problems like dislocations or wear away the joint.

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This needs to be seen by a pediatric orthopedic doctor. If it is left untreated, the hip ball can become deformed and cause bad problems like dislocations or wear away the joint. I worked for one MD years ago before finishing school, and am now a PT. A good doc in the Joliet/Palos area is Mark Moran, MD. He is with Parkview Orthopedics. I don't know the number offhand, but they are in the phone book. At the time I was working for the ped ortho, we used a special brace, but as I'm no longer working with kids, so I'm not up on what they are doing now. Definately go in now though. If treated at this time it is easily corrected and is no longer an issue then as they grow.

My daughter was breech and she was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips at birth. She wore a Pavlik harness for about 4 months, and then she was out of it for a while, but the doctor has us putting her in a hard "Rhino" harness, nights, at the moment, because he's concerned about her progress.

We're also seeing Dr. Bueche at M&M Orthopedics. He's very nice.

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Hi K.,
My first child was breech and the doctor was concerned with her hips. He had us put her in two diapers for quite a while and it ended up being all we needed to do. Sounds so simple but it might help on a continual basis.

Best wishes for your family.

Hi K.. :) One thing that I learned when shopping for baby carriers is that babies should never be forward facing in them (unless they are on your back) because it can cause this. You may already know this but I had not. Best wishes, K.

My daughter was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia (CHD) when she was one week old. She wore a under-the-clothes velcro harness (Pavlik harness) for several months and has had yearly follow ups since. She is now almost six years old.

I found this website especially useful for finding information and others dealing with this diagnosis: http://www.hip-baby.org/

If you are in the Naperville area, I would highly recommend M&M Orthopaedics, specifically Dr. Matthew Bueche. They are a great office to work with!

Good luck!

Hi K.,
My daughter had a hip ____@____.com Knuth, in Barrington did a great job treating her. My daughter is now 3 and her hip is in place and her hip is doing great!
Let me know if you have any questions...

with your baby just 6 months old treatment will/should go smoothly thier bones and cartilage are still quite soft and generally take well to treatment.One of the kids I used to take care of had this as a baby we would put him in a soft harness type contraption,(sorry I can't recall the name its been over 8 yrs ago) and it would draw the legs up and out to give a frog leg look,it never seemed to bother him as he would just go to sleep.Hope all comes out well for your baby as well

They thought that my daughter had this at birth, but it turned out that she didn't. My doctor told me it was no big deal as long as it was caught early it could be taken care of easily.

Hi K.,
I have 3 kids. Both of my girls had the hip dysplasia. It was discovered at birth in the hospital. They also had the click in their hips. We had ultrasounds done on both of them and they had to be in a brace called a Pavlick Harness. It is a full body brace, but don;t let that scare you. It's made of straps with velcro. My girls each wore it for about 3 months. It was not fun to be honest, it was 24/7 and kind of a pain in the but. I took it off for diaper changes and bath time. It straps across their shoulders and chest . YOu wrap the legs in the straps and they hold the legs out so they are almost in a frog position so to speak. It allows the hips to mold to the hip socket. My girls got used to it, but my youngest daughter did not like it at all. They straps are a little moveable, but they are really in that position for the hips to grow. My youngest daughter had gotten checked out because my older daughter had it and it's genetic. So I thought Oh they'll just check her to make sure it's okay, but then they said she had severe hip dyspasia (sp?) in both hips. IT's fixable so don't panic, It's more of a pain in the but for parents to redo the brace over and over, but it's temporary and things could be a lot worse. I've been through various things with my babies health wise, but it won't last forever and they will heal. I saw DR. Kevin Walsh in Naperville. His office is in the rear of Edward Hospital. He is excellent if you need to see someone.
Good luck


My daughter was diagnosed at a much earlier age (7 weeks) with hip dysplasia. Because of this we were able to use a Pavlik Harness. I believe that the harness isn't effective after the age of 6 months. The doctor tells me her hip (she's now out of the harness) is still underdeveloped but that at this point we will continue to monitor it. The alternatives for the future if it doesn't correct itself are a cast and/or surgery. I'm not sure what the other less invasive treatments are after 6 months (if there are any) as we haven't walked that path yet and I hope to never do so. We saw Dr. Eric King at Children's Memorial. I like him....the caveat being that if an appointment was for 9:45 - we actually saw him about 10:45 or later.

There is a web group out there - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Hipbaby/

that is for parents who have children affected by DDH. It might good to ask a bunch of questions of the group who started treatment in a similar age range as your daughter as their experiences will be different than our own. I will say that what I have learned is that if it's caught early, it's correctable and then as teens and adults it's unlikely they will have further issues.

Good luck.


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