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How to Clean/steralize Bath Toys

Hello everyone!
I was just curious about what other mommies do to clean their babies bath toys? I get anxious about using bleach? If that's what do to, how much? I have been just cleaning them with soap and water, but he has ALOT of bath toys:)
Any advice would be helpful.

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Well I used the dishwasher and they are sparkly clean!! Beats putting them under the sink and getting new ones:) Now he has LOTS of very clean toys! Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. Happy New Year!

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I use the dishwasher. There is no bleach involved and the heat from the dishwasher staralizes them.

T. C

My kids are older now but I use to put their bath toys in a netted bag and throw them in the dishwasher.

Hope this helps.


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Okay here's the deal I understand that hospitals reccommend bleach; however, when you use bleach in your bathroom where moisture is trapped under the tub, flooring and in the walls it turns into TOXIC MOLD! I use vinegar based cleaners which are now available almost anywhere. You can also, if you have one, put the toys in the dishwasher on the top rack, which works well for all plastic toys.
I hope that my input helps you.

Bleach is the only thing hospitals recommend because it kills EVERYTHING. Clorox makes those wipes, theyare safe and effective. If you want to use a bleach solution, onepart bleach 10 parts water is safe, effective and healthy for the kids!!!

Good luck!!

I put all of my kids toys in the dish washer.

As for cleaning the toys I dont blame you for now wants to use liquid bleach....Soap and water would work but why not use like dawn dish soap that has the bleach alternative in it...Since you have alot do them in small groups or just put them all in the tub at the same time us as hot water as you can take it and the dawn with bleach....the best part is you can drain is and let them dry in the tub...Let me know what ya do...

Soap and warm water is fine, be sure to rinse well. Please do not use bleach, it's so bad for everyone. Personally, I don't use any toxic products in my home (like the ones sold in grocery stores). I use wonderful non-toxic products that are much better and certainly give me peace of mind.

run them through the dishwasher. Mine has a sterilize cycle, but really any cycle will work as long as its hot water. I just gather up a bunch of toys teethers, anything really. You can do the hairbrushes at the same time too. Happy cleaning! ~V.

I wouldnt use bleach.. Cleaning with antibacterial soap and towel drying should be fine

I toss ALL of my sons toys in the washing machine with a load of clothes...sometimes in a tied pillowcase, other times; just toss 'em in!

I figure if they don't work/are broken...he has PLENTY to pick up the slack! :) But, to be honest, I have yet to have a problem with any of them...even the ones that say "don't wash".

my advice is say NO to BLEACH! Boil them or go buy a bottle sanitizer and just put the toys in it. I dont use any chimicals on or around my childs toys.The First Years All-Purpose Electric Steam Sterilizer $43.64 at walmart. You should beable to find it cheaper somewhere if there are baby boutiques in your area call and see if they have one. I get alot of my girls things from places like that if it works who cares if it is used they clean everything befor it goes anywhere and sometimes they go out and buy things new and sell it for cheaper.

My kids are older now but I use to put their bath toys in a netted bag and throw them in the dishwasher.

Hope this helps.


i put them in the washing machine on hot with a little bleach and gentle dtergent. works great!!

After you clean them in the dishwasher or whatever, You an keep them clean by using the Clorox anywhere spray, its perfectly safe and kills germs. You can use it on everything and its safe around kids and pets. Even around food!

Hi J., my niece who is a registered nurse uses anti-bacterial dish soap or hand soap on all kids toys and feels comfortable that her baby isn't getting germs or anything awful in her mouth. Hope that helps. Happy New Year, S.

If I were you I would just put the toys in the dishwasher. That is a sanitizer anyways. It works great for me, I have been doing it for like 4 years now, and have not had any problems.
C. A.

You can use bleach to sterilize bath toys if you dilute it 1c to 1 galon of water. If you're really not wanting to use bleach at all, you can use vinegar. For a good cleaning solution, dilute 1c of white vinegar in 8c of plain water. Wash them in whichever solution you choose, then rinse them in hot water and let them air dry. As long as you don't soak the toys in the bleach and rinse them well, there won't be anything to worry about.

Good luck to you!

I use a wonderful product that has no chemicals and is 99.99% effective in killing bacteria. It is the only botanical disenfectant that has been approved by the EPA. You cannot buy it through retail but if you are interested I can tell you how to get it and other products that are safe and free from chemicals. As a mom I am so glad that I've started using safer products. The disinfectant is Sol-U-Guard Botanical. Let me know if you are interested.

I dont recommend bleach either. If they are sturdy you can use the dishwasher. We also use only non toxic cleaning products it is much safer for our children and smells beter less fumes too.

I too would be very unconfotable using bleach... I use a product called sol-u-gaurd. it is a %100 botanical disinfectant and is E.P.A. aprroved for use in day care, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, all bathrooms, and kitchen prep area and more. Kills, staph, strep, echoli and other house common bacteria.

I don't use anything in my home that contains harmful chemicals espacially bleach. For more information you can look up, www.safeforyourhome.com

and contact me at http://wisemommy.fourpointwellness.com

I soak them in dilluted bleach water in the sink for a couple of hours and rinse them really well. My son is very sensitive to soaps and detergents, so I have to be very careful. He has never had any reactions to the bleach solution I use on the toys. Bleach is cheap and it works!

I use the dishwasher. There is no bleach involved and the heat from the dishwasher staralizes them.

T. C

we just toss ours in the dishwasher from time to time--you could also put them in a lingerie bag (or probably even a pillow case) in the washing machine. it might be loud and clunky for a little while, but it beats handwashing!

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