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How to Clean Nasty Bathtub

We live in a 1950s rent house that has mostly been redone and updated. However, our bathtub looks disgusting. It looks the same...dirty and stained...even after cleaning it. I've tried everything...every bathroom cleaner on the market...to make it look cleaner. Any suggestions? Something inexpensive since it is a rent house. Thanks!

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Magic eraser and The Works! Actually the Magic Eraser and any bathtub cleaner would most likely do the trick. Magic Erasers are wonderful!!!

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I use something that looks like a thick pumice stone. You can buy it in the cleaning section at any store (I can't remember the name of it though). My tub is white and it got all the stains out. Takes some elbow grease though.

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From the period of your house, it sounds like you might have an old iron enameled tub. It might not get as clean as some of the more modern tubs due to its make-up. You might ask at Ace Hardware over on Colleyville Blvd. or Elliot's Hardware on Maple at Motor as these locations both have knowledgeable sales associates.

Good luck.

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Magic eraser and The Works! Actually the Magic Eraser and any bathtub cleaner would most likely do the trick. Magic Erasers are wonderful!!!

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you may have scale and mineral build-up. Try a clr, limeaway type product. The pumice stone is supposed to help with biuld up as well but I have never tried one. I just put the cleaner on following directions! and it just disappears.

It may be something that just doesn't come up. We clean with vinegar and baking soda. You may want to just spray some straight vinegar all over it and pour a lot of baking soda on the tough spots. Spray just a little more vinegar over the BS and let it set for a while. You'll hear it bubble. Then use a wet wash cloth and scrub it. The BS is an abrasive that works just like comet (but much safer), and vinegar is a natural disinfectant. That's how I clean the tough stuff off of my stove, and it works wonders. Good luck!!

did you try kaboom bshower and tub
cleaner it works wonderful for my bathroom

Barkeep's Friend has always been my go to.


The works toilet cleaner. Don't get it on your skin or eyes, burns like hell (ask me how I know that one) and some rough scrubbies should do it. Ventilate well and don't mix any other cleaners with that cleaner. We have a 1950's tub also and it is white after spending years trying to get it clean. Good luck,

My bathroom in my apartment had poor ventilation so it was a constant battle with dirt, grime, soap scum, mildew, etc. I used Lysol Mold and Mildew and had good results. The cleaner smells awful, but all you do is spray it on and leave it for 5-10 minutes and come back and everything is gone. It's only $4.00 or so at the grocery store.

Melaleuca's Tub&Tile! It is amazing stuff, and it doesn't give you a headache! There are no harsh toxins.

H. M.

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