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How to Clean/disinfect Dishes...

Just wondering how you smart moms out there clean and disinfect dishes/bowls/utensils that have touched raw meat. I usually wash them with dish soap and a paper towel (instead of sponge) so that it can be thrown away. I rinse with HOT water (so hot I can't touch it). Then as an added measure I would put it in the dishwasher hoping that steam would help. I would wash the sink too with a paper towel and then spray Lysol in the sink (NOT on the dishes). Well, my dishwasher broke about a month ago. I am still washing the same, rinsing the same, just no extra measure. Just wondering if that is enough.... what do you all do? I also use Clorox wipes to wipe down the counters and anything that got touched.


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You can probably chill a little on your disinfectant routine. Then again, you have to do what makes you comfortable.

If I cut up raw chicken or something, I just wash the knife and cutting board with hot water (hottest it can be like you) and a soapy sponge , then set it out to dry. That's it. It's the same sponge I use on the other dishes, I just give it an extra rinse out with the super hot water when I'm done. I don't clean the sink out after (unless I am about to put a bunch of other food like vegetables in there).

No salmonella or whatever in my household so far.

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Hot water and soap are fine. For our counter tops I use vinegar, which disinfects but is not toxic.

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Hi J.,
Washing with the warm soapy water should suffice. I would be more concerned with the bleach and Lysol because of the toxic residue they leave.
Shaklee makes a much safer disinfectant called Basic G. It is part of the Get Clean line. Shaklee is the environmental leader in the industry. Oprah has featured these products on her show many times. They are also used in the White House and the VP's residence.
You can find them at http://www.shaklee.net/healthforlife
Have a wonderful day.

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I would second the suggestion to eliminate the clorox wipes and not use clorox for disinfecting. It is bad for the environment, not good for you to breathe, and not good to ingest the residue.

I disinfect with one of two things: hydrogen peroxide or a mixture of rubbing alcohol, cheap vodka, and water (plus a few drops of lavendar or peppermint oil if I want it to smell nice). Not only is this better for the environment, but cheaper than buyer cleansers or wipes. Vinegar works too, but I'm kind of a wimp about the smell.

Here's one tip:

A lesson from camping a long time ago...a bleach and water (cold ok) soak can take care of a lot of germs...without all the extra cost of clorox wipes. I hate giving much of my money to companies that make way too much. ...off of overblown fears about germs. (not talking about raw meat here, which is serious...just everyday surface stuff we are all supposed to be running scared from now.) My grandma did the boiling water rinse..she had no dishwasher in her tiny house.

I agree-dish soap and warm (as hot as you can comfortably put your hands in)
Wash silverware, cups and plates first, then pots and pans and utensils that way the stuff that you use most is the cleanest.

Remember, doctors are actually seeing cases of kids with inefficient imune systems because they haven't been exposed to enough germs. It can actually be very dangerous.
You don't want your family exposed to all those chemicals either. My cleaning supplies are dishsoap and baking soda (baking soda cleans everything and dishsoap kills any germs).

Good Luck

Just a word about mixing bleach and water. A few daycare centers I know of mix new bleach water every morning. Their understanding is that the solution weakens over a short period of time (maybe 24 hours?) so in order to have an effective cleaning product they throw out the old every night and make new every morning. Perhaps there is some specific info on the internet about that.

Hi J.,

You've received a lot of great suggestions here, and I hope you go with some of the more eco-friendly alternatives (i.e. no clorox wipes) like the Shaklee Basic G. I love the vodka, peroxide, baking soda, vinegar posts.

I just wanted to mention that if you're concerned with the raw meat, be sure to not cut it on wood. I've been told (so someone may correct me) that the grooves are more likely to hold things like salmonella, etc. and you're better off using plastic cutting boards. I think this is something my Dad once told me though, so take it as you want and maybe someone will post an affirmation or properly advise me on my holding onto a myth;)

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