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How to Clean a Baby Girl?

Hi Moms,
I am expecting a baby girl and can't stop thinking 'oh my gosh, how do I clean a girl???'. I am a Mom of a boy and have found baths and diaper changes very easy, there's no grooves (I NEVER had worries about cleaning him). To my surprise I was told I am expecting a baby girl this time and have not stopped thinking about how to clean her and what are special considerations I need to keep in mind. Example: As a woman I was told baths are not good for 'girl parts', using a consistent soap is important to avoid infection, lastly, I don't wear a diaper so I don't have to worry about poop getting into my grooves...how do I ensure clean girl parts without causing discomfort to my little one??? Thanks in advance!

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Baths are fine for girls, just not bubble baths every time. Keep the soap mild, don't forget to wash the area (you don't have to scrub), and ALWAYS wipe front to back (this is true for women of any age). Good luck! Girls are a lot of fun!

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Go to Better Health or Whole Foods and buy baby wipes that don't have chlorine. Baby girls aren't all that different from boys. You still clean them off. If it's okay for boys, why shouldn't it be okay for girls?

But if you don't want to use baby wipes, just plain water works too. You aren't required to use soap. But again, if you want soap, find an organic brand that isn't going to be compromising to her 'parts'.

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I've found that with all my kids (one girl, two boys), the easiest way to bathe them when they are infants, is in the kitchen sink. If you have a double basin kitchen sink, get a tub that will fit over the sink. The tub has an opening in it, so put the baby in it and let the water drain out of the opening. That way, your baby is not sitting in dirty water while clean water runs onto them out of the faucet, minimizing the chance for infections. Some kitchen faucets come with a shower that if it's gentle enough, can easily get their hair clean and give them a shower:)

Just my two cents,


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it really is easier than you are letting yourself believe. i am a mom of 2 girls and 2 boys. when you give her a bath, just a quick swipe with a soapy washcloth, and then another quick swipe with clean water, and her parts are all done. when she poops, make sure you get all the "yuckies" out of her folds with a wipe. wipes are designed to be "ok" in those places. the wipes themselves wont hurt her any. its so funny that you are worried about cleaning a girl. i had my girls first, and when i found out i was havign a boy i had the same thoughts, just reversed (how am i supposed to know how to clean a boy??) lol it worked itself out.

good luck, and congrats on your little girl!

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I had two girls before I had my two boys and I found cleaning girls easier! Just always remember to wipe front to back, then grab a new wipe. It is easy for any female to get a UTI because of E.coli climbing up the urethra. As long as you always go front to back with a clean cloth or wipe, it will be fine, and you will see it is actually very easy! Good luck and baby girls are so fun!!!

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Baths are fine for girls, just not bubble baths every time. Keep the soap mild, don't forget to wash the area (you don't have to scrub), and ALWAYS wipe front to back (this is true for women of any age). Good luck! Girls are a lot of fun!

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You'll figure it out - don't worry. Everything is visible or can be made visible by gently opening up the vaginal area with your fingers when there's poop. When you bathe her, you can pour water over those areas gently. No big deal. Relax, Mom.

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All great advice! Definitely wipe front to back and in all of her cute little folds. Don't forget that practice makes perfect. The more you do it, the better you'll get. Even now my daughter, who is 21 mos., seems to get poo in the oddest places (in her diaper of course). The power of poo is truly amazing. : )

Also, if you are worried about soap in the bath tub don't put the soap directly into the water. We use a little Method Baby Soap, squirt it onto a soft wash cloth and wash her with the wash cloth. This way there is less soap in the water and a smaller chance of irritating her skin and other lady bits.

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I used and actually still use for my girls even though they are 7 and 10 Huggies natural care unsented. I alway with the diapers make sure I wiped good all over and them put a tiny bit of baby powder for the moisture care. Good luck a follow your instincts they probably won't stear you wrong, mine didn't with my girls. I had no clue what to do but a little common sense and love you will be fine....enjoy your little girl and don't sweat the small details...good luck!

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I agree with Erin, however I think I even have a spiralbound book that shows how to clean and care for your newborn that I got from my SIL before my son was born. I am sure you can even find this at the library as well.

I would not stress too much as the nurses are pretty good about helping you or answering questions while you are in your room with the baby. At RO Beaumont, we were in the SCU for a week's time and I got LOADS of information as my son was a preemie - and I was a first-time mom. They were great to me.

Don't be afraid to ask the staff after she's here... why stress so much now? For me, it stuck in my head when I went through the steps with them.
For baths at this age - I never used baby bath as it is so drying to the skin.
You can also find an array of safer products now that what there used to be to avoid drying the skin or harming the genital areas.

You'll be fine~ :)

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