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How to Care to Daughter's Curly Hair

My 2 1/2 year old daughter was born with A LOT of curly hair. It never fell out and is now waist length. It is beautiful. Unfortunately, her hair is awlays tangled and we rarely leave it down due to this. It is always up in a bun, or ponytails. My husband has suggested cutting it since we can't enjoy it anyway. I see his point, but I REALLY don't want to do this. I always dreamed I would have a little girl with long curly hair. I have considered cutting a little bit to see if it helps. Maybe layers??? Before I chop off her hair and do something I might regret I thought it would be worth asking for your advice. Any suggestions for products, hair do's, or even a hair cut to help would be much appreciated. TIA!

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All good tips so far! In addition, brushing causes frizziness, so use a wide tooth comb to detangle. I also use Garnier Fructis serum to help control frizz. I don't know that she'll need that now, but she probably will when she gets older.

Learn to french braid it. Then let her sleep in that. A well done french braid can last for 4-7 days. It is pretty and doesn't get caught in anything!


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My entire family has curly hair. We go to a natural curl specialist to get our haircut/trimmed (sounds expensive and fancy, but I'm in Abilene..there is no such thing)! She trained in NYC and has done a fantastic job cutting, styling and teaching us! She also referred us to www.naturallycurly.com. It is a very helpful website with some great tips. I'd be happy to chat with you some more. Just send me a message anytime! Good luck.

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Don't cut her hair. Enjoy the lenght for as long as you can. Definitely keep it trimmed though so there is no breakage.

My 2 daughters have curly hair and just this past year I've found the absolute products for their hair. Here are two websites to follow.


Once a month, wash her hair with Tresseme's Deep Cleansing Shampoo.

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I know others have told you not to layer. But, I myself have very curly hair as does my daughter. After 37 years of curly hair, I have tried just about everything on the market. The best advice I can give you is DO cut it in layers...long layers. This totally helps with the tangles and you as well as your daughter will enjoy her long hair for a much longer time. My daughter has a very sensitive head and after shampooing and conditioning her hair in the shower, towel dry then I use a hair serum and run it through her hair starting at the ends and working my way up. I am then able to brush her hair, I let it air dry which takes minutes with curly hair. It is always beautiful. I hope this helps...

Mom of three beautiful children: my curly haired 6 year old girl, my red haired 2 year old girl and my little man who is 13 weeks old.

Just trim the ends, don't layer it!

Get a boar bristle brush!!!!!!! & brush before you wash it, not after, unless it is dry, and you are going to braid it.

You could braid it at night if it gets tangled while she sleeps.

I have super curly, long, thick hair and it took until high school to find something that worked for my hair.
This may sound odd, but here's what I do:
I wash my hair every other day at the most. I use Herbal Essence products. They are the least expensive products I've found that work for me.
I use a ton of conditioner. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb when the conditioner is in and I don't rinse it out.
I squeeze out the excess conditioner and then towel dry my hair.
Quickly after getting out of the shower I use a generous amount of leave in conditioner in addition to the regular conditioner that is already in my hair. (Bio silk works even better, but is expensive. Note the biosilk shampoo and conditioner are horrible. I only like the clear de-frizz solution.)
Let towel dry.
When I sleep, I put my hair in a loose ponytail on top of my head so I don't get too many tangles during the night.
Good luck!

I have had curly hair all my life...really curly. Always thought of it as a curse, though everyome else loved my hair. Out of my six kids only one got my curly hair...of course hers is beautiful golden blond ringlets!!!! But her hair got tangled all the time. I layered it...didnt help, then cut it shoulder length and regret set it. didn't matter, curls get tangled no matter what length. But the key is conditioning!!!!!!!! In the shower AND out. Infusium 23 is a great leave in conditioner (I believe suave makes the "generic" form of it). It's wonder at keeping her hair from knotting up and we can leave her hair down. Just remember no matter what curls get knots...the hair is twisting around itself...can't do much about that but conditioning helps tons!!!!!!!!

Learn to french braid it. Then let her sleep in that. A well done french braid can last for 4-7 days. It is pretty and doesn't get caught in anything!


hi there,
you dont have to cut off all of her hair.
i have naturally curly hair too. you really have to keep the ends trimmed, and layering is a good idea too
also use a conditioner like biolage conditioning balm, leave it in for 10 min.
Also try using a leave in conditioner, i use mega silk, you can find that at sallys for about 10.00 for a huge tub.
anything with a deep condioner in it is good too. it also helps to use a wide tooth comb on her hair after you wash it while the conditioner is still in to get the tangles out.
If there are knots you may want to cut those just a little. {my hair gets knots all of the time if i dont keep it trimmed} I hope this helps you. A.

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