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How to Be Sexy to a Deployed Hubby

How can you be sexy to a deployed husband with out being pornographic? Any ideas !

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My husband is tdy right now. One thing you can do is to send romantic cards. I know he enjoys seeing them and reading them. I did the same thing when he was deployed to Africa for 7 months.

A little about me: I'm a stay at home mom with 3 children. A 5 year old, a 2 year old and 6 week old.

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I too am in this situation. I sometimes send love Letters with lipstick kisses and scented lotion or perfume on them. I like to send homemade coupons or vouchers on holidays (IOU's for valentines and birthdays). I sent photos of me dressed up in costumes (french maid, cave woman, princess, etc, his favorite outfit, gowns that are sexy but not too revealing, Photo Shots of my back and shoulders from behind, shots of my legs crossed and propped up sitting in a chair (thigh down to toes wearing heels, nice shoes, thigh high stockings, or feet with toes painted). Take your best feature and work with it! You might think about sending a mini cassette tape & recorder with sweet nothings whispered to him in a care package. You can send him stories with fill in the blank options incorporated throughout. Or start a story and leave the ending to his imagination. You might write about experiences you have had or experiences you might like to have when he comes home. You could send an article of clothing scented with your favorite lotion, perfume, body spray (hairbow, lingere, garter, a piece of lace,etc - something he can put in his pocket or pilllow case). Wrap yourself in a sexy shawl/robe/gown and take your photo from the mirror (sit in front of a mirror and point the camera at the mirror with you in view, crop the camera out later). Make a scrapbook page/collage of different photos of you that look good with sexy or romantic comments added as captions. Take different shots or body parts all dressed up or in a sexy pose and send them one at a time on the mail every three days (hand with painted nails, then send a shot or an eye, a leg, a high heeled shoe, a shoulder, a back, etc. and drive him crazy to see if he what is next and if he can piece them together and guess where they go. It will more than double the usual mail rather than sending a single photo. Do this with three different outfits/shoes/hairstyle, and mix them up. The possibilities are endless. God Bless and stay strong, deployment are some of the roughest times, and everything you can do to stay connected is important.

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My hubby is also deployed and we have 3 daughters and it is hard for me to do anything remotely sexy while they are awake (they are nosy, lol). We usually just spend time on the web cam and sneak a few...ummm ...things in when we get the chance, lol. He mostly loves my hair so I let it fall over my shoulders and snap a picture without my shirt on and he really likes that. Sounds boring but, it works, especially where he is that country is not a place to send racy pictures on email lol. Good luck!

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When my husband was underway I would wright him in a letter what i would do to him. he did enjoy that. I know like another had said they do not have down time, but getting letters from home is nice. they can read a letter befor they go to bed. I am not sure if your division is the same as submarines, but do not wright what you would do to him in an email. On the subs there are other people that read it to make sure there are no threats and there positions are given away. have fun with it

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honestly from one military wife to another, we did iraq and korea. You can't , the last thing from those guys minds is sex. they work 7 days a week. My hubby was working 18 hrs a day 7 days a week. he had no down time. And the last thing you want to do is get him all strung up horny over there when you aren't there.

and a reminder added , they can get into some big trouble if they are cought with anything pornographic, Wife or not.

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Maybe you could do some sexy pose pics without showing too much skin. Just make him imagine....
or maybe you could write him a lucious love letter.
I know this issue has to be tough. But be fun and creative.

Good Luck

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A friend of mine went to Glamour Shots and they took some fabulous (and sexy but not sleazy) pictures of her. She sent them to her dh and he loved them! If you need more specific information about the poses and clothing, send me a private message.

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I have been in your shoes before, so I understand how you feel. I would say you should think about your relationship with your husband. You know him better than anyone and what he thinks is sexy. You could send him a picture of you in one of his favorite shirts or team jersey with a note saying I love you. Good luck and I wish you husband a safe return.

K. Jenkins

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My husband is deployed too. I understand.
Have a friend help or set up your camera on a timer and take some black and white pictures of yourself. Only don't show your whole body, just specific parts. Like a leg, your back, belly button, hip, or neck. Don't show your face in any and you don't have to get totally naked. I think it's more sensual and artistic than smutty. Another idea of course is writing a made-up fantasy, or just a favorite sexy memory for him to reminisce about. Little things go along way. Hope that helps.

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