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How Soon Is Too Soon to Take a Newborn Out?

I am wondering what is the average in taking a newborn out around people? I believe I waited atleast 2-3 weeks, and there were no flu concerns then. My daughter is being pressured by her in-laws to bring the baby to a birthday party at their house this weekend and the baby will only be a week and a half old. With all of the flu concerns right now, she is very uncomfortable. I feel that it is just too soon...are we over reacting?

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Thank You for all of your responses!! It helped my daughter to feel more confident when she let them know that she will not be attending the party! She has no doubt that she is doing the right thing...the close relatives (Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie) have been to the house to see the baby, so she doesn't feel as if it is necessary to risk the baby getting sick or to even worry about it! Again, thank you for all of the GREAT advice!

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I just asked this question last week to my doctor. My baby is due in mid December and everyone think's he'll make his appearance to all of them at the Christmas and Christmas Eve parties.

So my doctor said a babies immune system, breastfed or not, isn't ready for at LEAST two weeks. He said he personally wouldn't take his out till it was at least two weeks old to anywhere.

So I guess the family will have to wait unless he makes an earlier appearance than expected. It not worth a sick baby. I've had two kids and one that got RSV even... it's just not worth that... and you know they'll all think they are playing pass the baby around! So not going to happen.

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My first response would be for her to follow what she is comfortable with. The fact that she has reservations means she shoudln't in my opinion. I do agree the flu concerns add extra issues and the fact it is a children's party escalates that concern. When my son was born we were at a family party after he was a week old but I was okay with it and the H1N1 virus wasnt a concern. Again she should do what she is comfortable with and not what other people want. Good luck!

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Do not take the baby out this early. There's just no reason to risk coming in contact with any sick germs. You are not overreacting. Everyone should understand that the health of the baby comes first!

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According to the health department in our area, a child under age of 6 months has no immunity to the h1n1 flu and cannot get the vax. We are told the best defence is to have the child in contact with ONLY people who have had the h1n1 vax to protect the infant. Since it is in such rapid rise at this time I would stay in home with your infant. Since any illness to an infant can be serious I would not risk visiting at this time.
a day care center owner,
in Wisconsin

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She AND the baby should stay home. If she's at a loss for a way to convince the in-laws the party and big crowds is a bad idea, she can say that neither she nor the baby has been vaccinated for H1N1, and the doctor has recommended she avoid big gatherings because of the risk to young children.

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I'd say she should stay home. If she doesn't want to go - she shouldn't. SHE might not even feel up to a public event at that point.

My daughter (my third baby) was born last year on the 21st. I had ENORMOUS pressure to attend Thanksgiving, since EVERYONE was going to be there that year. All the cousins, aunties and uncles... I opted out since Rebecca was only a week old and frankly I just wasn't up for the crowd. This year, with flu concerns, I would for sure stay home. She can probably get her pediatrician to give her backing - mine did. She even wrote me a note recommending that I stay home.

ALl the best to your daughter!


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I would not take the baby and your daughter would probably rather stay home, too (who else would watch the baby, anyways?). It is too soon. We are currently dealing with the flu (all 3 of my kids have/had it) and I am a big "germaphob" so I am often disinfecting our hands, the house, etc, yet all my kids got the flu. You can't be too careful with a newborn. In a large group of people, everyone is going to want to see and hold the baby and people will not be washing their hands. If people have not seen the baby yet, they should, one at a time, go visit your daughter at home. I would be more concerned about the baby's health than hurting people's feelings.
Congrats on the new little one in your family.

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I always heard babies born during cold and flu season should not be unnecessarily exposed. I think we were told with our December baby to stick close to home or large open spaces for 2 months.

But it doesn't matter, does it? Sounds like she doesn't want to go and that is good enough. If she doesn't feel like defending her decision, simply wait a few days and then tell the hosts, "Gosh, we can't make it. I am not feeling well. My breast are engorged and and am bleeding like a sieve." That outta keep 'em quiet.

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Dear J.,
This flu season is nothing to scoff at. My son was 3 weeks early at the beginning of summer in 2007 & I didn't take him out around people for a good 6 weeks. I don't think there's anything wrong with you & your daughter taking extra precautions in staying healthy. Even if she's breastfeeding & the baby's getting antibodies from mom, it takes a few weeks for those antibodies to really kick in. My next baby is due around Thanksgiving & I've already told my husband he better back me up when the baby comes because I am not dragging a newborn out in the cold with this awful flu stuff going around & having the entire family & all the kids handling the baby! It's just not worth it...always better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck,
S. =0)

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I agree with all the other moms. With the threat of the flu and it being extremely contagious, she should just keep the baby at home. It is NO fun taking care of a sick baby---so why expose them to germs and people unnecessarily? The people who are pressuring her to come won't have to deal with the effects of taking care of the sick baby. I'm not taking my 7 month old baby out to public places because it's not worth risking their health! You (and your daughter) are doing the right thing! (Congratulations!)

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If your daughter is breastfeeding that will provide the baby with some immunity (although not necessarily immunity to H1N1), but I agree with most of the other posters that she should stick to her guns and keep the baby home. With a pandemic going on, people should be understanding. My family had the H1N1 virus a couple of weeks ago and it is nasty. My husband was the sickest I've ever seen him and my 13-year-old with asthma is still coughing. Play it safe and keep the baby home. I like the idea of getting the support of the baby's pediatrician. Sometimes it helps people to hear it from an outside source. Oh--this virus is really hitting school age kids and running rampant in schools right now. She should especially stay home if there will be school age children at the party. The kids are most contagious the day BEFORE they come down with the symptoms so the baby could be exposed by what seems like a healthy kid who is actually carrying the virus or about to come down with it. Good luck and congrats on the new grandbaby!

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