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How Soon Did You Let Your Baby Spend the Night Out?

I am curious about responses because I am leery about letting her spend the night out as she is only 4 months old, however, my husband sees no problem with it. Oh, and so you know, I attend to her 24/7, he's getting plenty sleep, and sex is not the issue for me because at this time I'm not interested. LOL!

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I am not going to let her spend the night away. She is too young and I am NOT comfortable with the persons asking because they simply don't spend quality time with her to know her. They think it's as simple as a well-stocked diaper bag, but it's not. It's about relationship building and trust and neither exists.

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I think 4 months is too young , unless it was an emergency and you had no choice. I have 3 kids (ages 7 , 4 & 2) and they have not slept anywhere overnight without me except at my mum's , and that has only been once.

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My kids were closer to 2 before they spent nights away. My first was older (like 2 1/2) and my second was about 18 months the first time my husband and I were both away from them.

I think you can wait without being considered overprotective! :) Sometimes husbands just don't get it.


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4 mo, i would not do it. It was hard at 3 years. getting them used to it sounds like baloney to me, they aren't going to "get used to it" unless you do it consistently, and that just doesn't sound right to me.

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Here's another way to look at this...
If it's with a trusted relative (grammy, aunt, etc.) and you think that in the future your child will want to/need to spend the night, then the sooner they get comfy there the better! (I used to stay w/my grandparents, both sets, for several nights in a row over the summers.)
There's nothing worse than having an emergency arise and--BOOM--at age 2 or 3 all of a sudden they've GOT to do it. Then they're old enough to FEEL strange about it, know what I mean?
I know when they're little, it's tough to let them go for a night, but in reality, it's easier for someone to watch a baby than a toddler or young child.
It will pay off later if your daughter feels comfortable somewhere else.

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My son was a month or two old I believe. My mom takes him one night a month so we can go out to dinner or do something together and have the night to ourselves. I am pretty much there first thing in the morning because I miss him so much! I am a stay at home mom and with him 24/7 so it is nice to have a break. I have friends that have a daughter and she is rarely ever with them, always spending the night at grandmas house, and then I have friends who have never spent a night away from their baby. Whenever you feel you are ready, go for it. It will probably be harder for you then it will be for her.

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We went out of town for a weekend when our daughter was 4 months old. She stayed with my mom, who came into town for that specific reason, was a great eater and I was able to leave her TONS of breast milk, slept through the night and was just a generaly easy going baby. She did just fine without us, but pumping/dumping was kind of a pain for me and I missed her SO much the 3 days we were gone. I wasn't hesitant about leaving her at all, however, but I did leave pretty specific lists of her schedule, bedtime routines, etc.

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my kid is 3 and hasnt spent a night away from me yet. :-)

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If you are breastfeeding... then you can't. Because you need to nurse her. ON-DEMAND. And if not, and she is away from you and does not feed from a bottle.... then she will starve or your milk supply will diminish.
So tell your Husband that.
It is not so simple.
Your baby is still very young.

That is how life is with a baby.

At most... maybe get a babysitter, so you/hubby can go out. But I personally would not send her out over night or longer, at this age.

I have never sent my kids out... and they are now 7 & 3.5 years old.
Then, I know parents who send their kids out every single weekend. I think that is just too much. But of course, these are kids who are much older and in grade school. Not 4 month old babies. But then that means the parents are only actually with their kids during the weekdays... because on weekends, their kids are at the Grandparents. So they never spend weekends together with their own kids. Kids/babies are not like laundry that you can send out and then pick up later.

all the best,

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I think 4 months is too young , unless it was an emergency and you had no choice. I have 3 kids (ages 7 , 4 & 2) and they have not slept anywhere overnight without me except at my mum's , and that has only been once.

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If you aren't breastfeeding and your daughter would be going to a trusted family member, then I say let her go! Our son was very little (about a month old) when he started staying at his grandparents' houses over night. He has no issues sleeping anywhere, and loves them to death, and I honestly believe both are because we trusted that they could do a good job and give us a night off! I have to agree with your hubby on this one! :) Good luck either way!

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My son was two before he spent a night away from me -- and it was two nights in a row! He did fine. He saw so much of his grandparents already that extending it over a weekend wasn't a shock for him. He often fell asleep at their house and was carried out to the car to go home. Good practice, I suppose.

He's four now and I just went away for five nights. He handled that well, too.

It all depends on your comfort level, and your child's personality.

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