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How Soon Can I Take My Newborn Swimming?

I really like to go swimming and I'm planning on bringing my son who is going to be one week shy of three months on Saturday. Is that ok?

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On Saturday I took mini me over to the YMCA in Puyallup. As usual when we got into the water he got real quiet but then he just started shivering. His core felt warm but his arms got pretty cold. Also, the life guard came up to me about 30 seconds in and told me he doesn't recommend my baby being in here for too long because he can't regulate his body temperature yet. Needless to say we didn't last long since he was shivering. I can't stand to see that anyway. I'm very gratful for all the advice. I am going to check with my dr's office tomorrow and check out waterbabies programs. Thanks for all your help.

2/23/08 Today we went back to the pool. We met a lady there that had a six month old girl and she showed us how to swim underwater. It was fantastic! We only stayed for a half an hour but Joe Joe really started to like it!

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i think it should be fine = i know that Good Sam in Puyallup offers mom and newborn swimming classes....

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My son was about that age when we started going and he just loved it, just be careful not to get water into his ears...good luck and have fun

Hi E.
I took both my children in the pool before they were three months they were both very comfortable in the water I don't see the harm in it. I did although rinse their skin off with fresh water after being in the pool because chlorine can be drying have fun!
L. k Mommy of 2 Boys 6 and 2

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As soon as possible! Check out the book "Water Baby" by Lauren Heston....great pictures of babies swimming underwater. According to this book, babies have the natural ability to hold their breath underwater. The book includes step-by-step instructions for acclimating your baby to the water for swimming. Heston says that babies often get afraid of water at about a year old (even if they've been accustomed to the water at a younger age). I wasn't able to get my son to the pool and he's 13 months now. I hoe you can get started sooner than I have.

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Hello E. -

Babies can swim within days after birth, so long as their navel has closed and they have no open wounds. The problem is that chlorine is toxic, so try to find a salt water pool, or one that uses solar powered "zappers" for purification.

My husband, the microbiologist, has done lots of testing on public pool water samples and they are full of everything - strep, e coli, salmonella - everything! Chlorine takes a long time to spread through that large a body of water and in the meantime there are lots of living critters in there looking for a host.

Also, chlorine exposure, even the amount in tap water, can cause eczema, psoriasis, and.....ASTHMA! Yep, it causes respiratory illness.

So swimming is great, but chlorine is not.


P.S. Bainbridge Island has a great salt water pool!

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i think it should be fine = i know that Good Sam in Puyallup offers mom and newborn swimming classes....

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I had my daughter in the water as soon as her belly button had closed. She loves the water. We go to a Mommy and Me water exercise class at the Northshore YMCA in Bothell, WA. That instructor had both her kids (now 5 years and 9 years) in the water shortly after they were born.

If you do go to a chlorine pol the longer you can keep your son in the shower water, the less chlorine his skin will absorb.

If you want to, you can also check out some Parent & Tot/Water Babies classes at your local YMCA. Those are some great classes as well.

Hope this helps,

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According to our pediatrician, 3 months is plenty old enough. To keep him from unwanted germs, be sure he doesn't drink the water any more than he has to. You won't be able to keep his hands out of his mouth, so there's no point in trying. To protect his delicate skin, bathe him about 6 hours or so before hand and slather him in tons of lotion afterward. This will ensure his skin is very hydrated and it will not soak up so much of the clorinated water. Shower him off immediately afterward with soap. Other than that, I'm sure you'll both do just fine.

Have fun!

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Our daughter has been in the water since she was 2 months, with no side effects on her skin, as most parents are worried about. Just make sure to wash him off afterwards and apply a really good moisturizer.
Mostly have a great time! He will!
T. S

Dear E.;
Three months is way to young..Around the age of 2 1/2 and 3 years of age for swim lessons..

Anytime. Babies are born with a reflex to hold their breath in water. This reflex wears off, so to speak by 6 months old. They basically know how to swim at birth and gradually forget. You can also buy a sling that works in water (see www.hugofjoy.com for an inexpensive good one)if you want to walk or exercise in water. You can stay in water longer.
Hope this helps.
J. (mother and grand-mother; childbirth educator)

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