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How Should I Stop Breastfeeding My 12 Month Old?

So i have heard that just suddenly stopping can be traumatic, and i dont want to do that. But it just seems like if i dont just stop cold turkey i will always be tied down to breastfeeding. My son does not feed because hes hungry, he only feeds for comfort. Any advice?

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I haven't yet stopped (and my daughter is 2.5 years old) but I have said that she can only have "boo boo" in the morning when she wakes up. That is the sole time that she can breastfeed. It has been good because I know that she is still benefiting from the comfort and antibodies that breastmilk provides and it is a concrete time that she can only breastfeed. Just an idea to start you off towards the weening process.

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This is what I did with both my babies...I just finished breastfeeding my second yesterday so this is fresh. :)

Towards the end they were only eating 3 or 4 times. One morning, two mid-day and one at night. Pick wich one would be the least traumatic to start with and drop it. Like the mid morning one, he'll never notice, especially if he has a snack, do this for about 5 days, then pick the next one. I usually did both mid day ones they seemed easier...then drop only that one for a week. At that point pick the next one, say..the morning one but make sure breakfast is ready and he has something to look forward to to get his mind off of nursing. Do that for another week, then drop the night feeding whenever you feel your ready. That one was hard for me with the first one but not the second so it depends on the kid. Doing it gradual like that helps the baby get used to it as well as your milk supply! Good luck!

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Are you wanting to quit or just doing it because you think thats what you're supposed to do?
I'd let him take the lead- he'll naturally slow down and stop don't worry. :)
If you really want to stop, then I'd suggest cutting out the daytime feedings one at a time first- and keep the night feeding for quite awhile. Its comfort, security and bonding. :)

I breast-fed one of my sons until 15 months and the other until 17. The first one I cut back to just before nap and bed time. Then I went away for the weekend and came back and we were done. My youngest son, I cut back to just nap and bed time. Then I made sure that the bedtime routine was set (bath, story time, nursing, song and then bed). Once this was really done every day, I cut the nursing part out. He didn't cry for it and did very well with it. Only a few times that he was sad did he ask for "milk" but he never did get too upset.
Good luck with however you decide to wean him.

Why do you want to stop or do you? My son just turned a year and I LOVE, love, love breastfeeding him and I will continue as long as he allows me. He's my third- I breastfed my first two for the first year, but they weaned and I let them. This time, I'm offered all the time- when he wakes, morning nap, 3-4 hours later, afternoon nap, then at bedtime. I love it and so does he! Keep it up if you can. It's so special.

as i weaned my daughter, as she was doing the same things yours is, i just stopped offering to her, and as she wanted it, just distracted her. i would drop one feeding every 3-4 days, up to one a week was dropped. So it took close to month to fully wean her, but at the same time when we got to that point, she was more than ready to stop as well.

Since he is doing it for comfort, you have to help him substitute the comfort. Maybe with a stuffed animal or a blanket could help. But trying to get him into doing another activity when he wants to nurse for comfort, will at least draw his attention away from you.

Good luck

Eliminate one feeding a week. Otherwise your breasts will hurt so bad. One feeding a week will be barely noticeable to your son.

If he is still feeding at night, cut that out first, and than replace his mid-day feeding with whole milk. Depending on how often he is feeding, try to get down to 1 or 2 a day over the next few weeks, and than go cold turkey. Is he taking milk already? If not, you can try mixing it with breast milk to get him used to the flavor change. Start with mostly breast milk and slowly increase the amount of cow milk until he is taking it straight. Best of luck with your transition!

Start cutting out feedings by introducing whole milk. If you are feeding at night at all, introduce water. Do one feeding a time.

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