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How Safe or Unsafe Is the Paas Easter Egg Dyeing Kit?

Does anyone have any information on whether or not the dyes in Paas Easter Egg kit are unsafe for handling?

What can I do next?

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They are safe. It says non-toxic on the package.
They will dye skin and clothes though, so be careful when using it.

Proof all hte living and well people in the world today. It's been around forever and we'd all be in trouble if it weren't safe....it's a classic! And thanks for reminding me that I haven't bought one yet!!

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I have never had any problems with it. If you are concerned then dye your eggs the old fashioned way with white vinegar, water and food coloring.

In reading your responses I noted that most people claim they most be non-toxic and safe as they have been around for years, etc. Most of your responses were in this vein..

Let me set your mind to ease. The pellets are simply and dried form of the food coloring you by from any store to use in decorating cookies, icing, etc). You add water to liquify them for dipping and the vinegar to cause the color to adhere to the shell of the egg. Obviously the longer the egg is dipped in the coloring the brighter the color, just as the more drops of food color you add to something you r cooking the more intense the color will be.

This is what is in the generic, inexpensive paas decorating kit (often it comes with stickers and holders). The glitter kits and others types of kits, I cannot speak to what is in them to get them to do what they do.

Good Luck, Happy Easter, and I hope you and your family hve GREAT weekend....

we always go the old fashion route, you will need at least 1 tablespoon of white vinegar per color then add regular food coloring. good luck!


Oh goodness. Paas couldn't be safer. We have all used them sinse the begining of man kind, well maybe not that long. It is just food coloring. If he is really worried, use plain food coloring and white vinegar instead. It is the same thing.
I would prefer died easter eggs to the bright colored, possibly lead filled plastic eggs filled with choking hazards. LOL. (Kidding about that too.) BIL needs to sit back and relax and enjoy the Easter Egg years. They go by too fast to worry about things that have been used for generations with no reports of injuries or deaths.
Now, if his child is allergic to vinegar, or food coloring don't let them eat the shell. ;)
Have a Happy Easter.

Tip: I was dying eggs to make ukrain eggs and it stained the counter. I used majic eraser and it took it right off. We also have people in my fam( including me alot) that arent sure. I just play it off doing the most annoying thing by saying what what are you talking about and acting dum like i never get it .They usually get frustraited and either laugh at me or give up. Good luck have fun hunting!

They are safe. It says non-toxic on the package.
They will dye skin and clothes though, so be careful when using it.

They are fine and safe. We have been using them in our family since red dye number 2! You are probably too young to even know what I am talking about.. LA

My sister ate one of the tablets as a kid. My Mom freaked out but she suffered no lasting effects. Or that really explains alot! LOL The worst thing it does is stain the heck out of anything it comes in contact with. Happy Dyeing!

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