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How Old Should Your Child Be Before You Transistion from Crib to Toddler Bed?

My daughter will be a year old in July, and we just found out we're expecting our second in December. (Yikes!) Our daughter by then should be just shy of a year and a half. I was curious to know how old were your children when you took them from their crib to a child's bed?

Thank you =)

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My son was 2, but he had started to climb out. And also, we had to put a gate on his door...so he had to stay in! A few times he ended up sleeping on the floor, but he got used to his bed rather quickly... *note* he was in a toddler bed, so it was much more his size. Good Luck & Congrats on the new addition!


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I don't think there is an age for transitioning to a toddler bed - it's based on the child. My son was 14-months old when I had my daughter, and we didn't want him to feel the pressure of being put in a "big-boy-bed". We felt he wasn't ready especially because it is a huge change adding a baby into the mix as is. I'm glad we did not force the transition, because although he handled a new sister well, there were definitely moments where he felt like he was losing part of his "mama". I would've hated for him to feel like he was being replaced by this baby & she was taking his crib too. Also keep in mind that 1 1/2-2 1/2 is the big possession years - "that's mine".

Hi there, we were in the same situation 8 years ago:) Our daughters are 17 months apart. What we did was we got our 17 month old a toddler bed and put it in the same room. The girls were going share the room anyway. We got the toddler bed a few months before we had the baby. That way she could get used to it, play in it and take her naps in it. Whe we had the baby, the baby slept with us for a few months so we still had time to get my older daughter used to her new bed. Then when we felt it was time to transition the baby into the big crib...we played up the fact that she was the big sister, and she was so nice to give her crib to her new baby....etc...."the baby cannot sleep in a big bed...only big girls:)" We had no problems at all....good luck! and Congratulations!!! (We were like.."yikes!" also but they are bset friends now!)

Both of my sons were in regular beds by 18 months. I was lucky to have children that didn't jump out of their cribs or keep getting out of bed during the night (for a while anyway). I suggest trying it out and seeing how it goes with your daughter.

My second son was in a regular bed at 18 months. My 4th, my daughter, is 18 months now, and we just transitioned her about 2 weeks ago to a regular bed. You should have no problems with the age. We never had luck with the size of the toddler bed. It was too small for the kids. They like the size of a twin bed. It worked better for them. We just don't have a box spring under the mattress, and we put a bed rail up. The only other suggestion is that at night time, you should put a gate on the doorway, in case your daughter does decide to get up at night! Good Luck!

Congratulations on your news! My first two boys are 14 months apart and I kept the oldest in his crib way past when the baby was born. I just had two cribs set up in the baby room until my oldest was almost three...he loved his crib and there was no reason to move him. (I borrowed both cribs...cuts down on cost!!)

Hi J.,
As a mom of 6, I can say that there's not really a set age to transition. It's more the consistency when you do make the switch. However, I was recently reading the sleep book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child," (which I highly recommend), and Dr. Weissbluth was saying that it actually might be better in your situation if you waited until after the baby is born, and had the baby sleep in a cradle or bassinet until at least 4 months, at which time your baby and your toddler will be basically adjusted to the baby's schedule and routine, and the transition will be smoother. The baby then moves to the crib and the older one graduates to a "big" bed. Or you could leave the crib empty for a couple months if the baby can still fit in cradle/bassinet, so it won't seem so abrupt and displacing for the older child. The reason he suggest this is that if you make the transition before baby is born, everyone's schedules get thrown off, and the toddler is often a little confused/insecure, which can throw off what you worked so hard to establish. Either way, though, as long as you are consistent, making the transition before baby or after will work out. Good luck, and congrats on your new baby.

I asked my pedi when it would be a good idea to transition to a toddler bed and she said at 18 mos. But I know a couple moms that have done it sooner because of your same situation. I dont think it would hurt to purchase the toddler bed, get your daughter used to it being there (that way its not a shock - when the baby comes you take away her crib - ya know?)
Good luck & congrats.
FYI - I have a 15 mo that I am thinking about gettinga toddler bed for too.

I had the same situation. My son was born in August and I had a girl the following December. They were 15 mos apart. I would suggest buying a bassinet. That will buy you about another 4-5 months and it will give your son a little more time. He should be ok for a bed by then. I would also suggest buying the side rail for the "big" bed just as a precaution until he gets used to it. I hope this helps.
Also, be prepared for a tough time the first few months until your son adapts to the new baby, but as they grow, it's the best thing for them to be so close. My 2 kids are able to entertain each other and it ended up being easier having them so close.

My son was 2yr 4 mo when I put him into a bed. My daughter is now 22mo old, and I'm hoping to hold out til then as well!!! That is just what worked for us.

I think it depends on the kid. Our daughter actually hated her crib, so we wound up letting her sleep on her crib mattress on the floor starting around 12 months. Now she sleeps in this bed from IKEA, which (I think) is an awesome alternative to the traditional toddler bed:


She's been sleeping in it since she was 16 months old or so. I like it because it extends to a twin so grows with her and it is strong enough that I can sit on it and read her a story even when it is at the shortest length. The sides also serve as bed rails if you use the (thin) mattress that Ikea sells to go with it, so she doesn't fall out and it is close to the floor so she can climb in and out of it on her own. I think the main reason a lot of people keep their kids in cribs longer is that they don't want the kids climbing out of their beds in the middle of the night - our daughter never even tries to do this so I guess we're lucky.

As for timing the change, I would say either make the change a couple months before the baby comes or wait until a couple months after - the one thing you don't want to have happen is for your daughter to feel like the baby kicked her out of her crib.

Good luck - with the new baby too! Ours are 21 months apart and they play together great!

My son was 2, but he had started to climb out. And also, we had to put a gate on his door...so he had to stay in! A few times he ended up sleeping on the floor, but he got used to his bed rather quickly... *note* he was in a toddler bed, so it was much more his size. Good Luck & Congrats on the new addition!


My daughter transitioned at 17 months as she threw herself out oof the crib. That is how they let you know. Then you switch over so they don't get hurt per our Pediatrician.

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