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How Old Should Children Be Before They Shower Solo??

My daughters still take baths together... however, they have both been asking how old they have to be to take a shower by themself like mommy does. They are very independent little girls, and very responsible kids (they clean up after themselves, get themselves dressed, put their dishes in the sink when theyre done eating, brush their own hair and teeth, put their shoes/socks/jackets on themselves, etc)... I know they wouldn't get into anything like the 'grown up shampoo' or anything in there, and they do a relatively good job of washing their own hair in the tub... they are just still my babies at heart, and taking a shower by themselves is such a huge step to me! So how old do you think a child should be before they can take a shower by themself??

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THANKS LADIES!! everyones stories and suggestions were great... i guess i just need a second opinion. starting next week, i'm going to supervise the little ladies and let them try doing it themselves... they did a great job last night (the 5 year old washed the 3 year olds hair for her, but whatever, she did a great job!!) hopefully this newfound step towards independence will give their poor mommy... ME... a teeny bit more free time!! THANKS AGAIN, you guys are great :)

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I am interested in what people say about this, because I was wondering the same thing myself. My daughters are 6, 4, and 2, and I still bathe them all together because that is the easiest thing. But they are running out of room in the tub and my oldest has asked about showering herself. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on this, but I will be interested in what other people think.

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my, now six yo(today) dd, has been taking a shower "by herself" since she was 4. I turn on the water to the right temp, she has learned how to adjust it. I would wash her hair for her, and stay near the bathroom, folding laundry or something. At first I had to turn off the water for her, but she has learned how to do most things for herself. I only have to turn on the water now, her brothers adjust thing to ridiculous temps and positions, and make sure that she has a towel. Have fun, and watch out for the water fights when they discover that they can "throw" the water at you. :)))

I think it all depends on your children. My oldest didnt started until she was 7 just because she thought that the water was to "hard", but my 2nd oldest wated to started at 6 and she thought it was fun. I still hand out around the bathroom ro close by so I can check on them and make sure that all the shampoo was washed out but they do great. Making sure all the soap is washed out is the hardest thing for them.
Now my 8 yr old takes a shower with my 3 yr old and they do great and its a huge help for me. All girls of course.
There is nothing that says if you try it a few times and if it does not work out that you cant go back to baths. Give it a try and see.

Dear R.,
all of the above advie is great! But just b/c they may be ready to shower alone does not mean you have to leave them alone in the bathroom. My almost 4 year old LOVES to shower by herself. But I am the one to start the water and make sure it's not too hot etc. I also stay in the bathroom while she's in there, you NEVER can be too careful even with a 5 yr old, better safe than sorry. I bring in a book or magazine to read or talk on the phone to a friend. You child's shower time is great for catching up.

I was 5 when I started showering alone. If I recall, my older sister would check to make sure the shampoo was fully washed from my hair when I started to shower on my own.

It started by my joining my parent or sister (she is 11 years older than me) in the shower and they would wash my hair, then I would shower while they dried off. Then I went to showering on my own. Basically, once I was in school it made sense for me to be able to get myself ready.

i don't think there is a specific age. like most things, it depends on the kid. if they're old enough to want to, i'd definitely let 'em try. you can always insist on checking hair to make sure it's rinsed, and rescrub any bits that aren't up to your standards.
might as well get used to it, dang kids just keep taking steps away from being our babies!<G>
:) khairete

I am interested in what people say about this, because I was wondering the same thing myself. My daughters are 6, 4, and 2, and I still bathe them all together because that is the easiest thing. But they are running out of room in the tub and my oldest has asked about showering herself. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on this, but I will be interested in what other people think.

my 6 y/o son actually started showering by himself a few months ago. He started showing interest in showering instead of me giving him a "baby bath" as he likes to call it. He does a pretty good job of washing his hair and all of his parts. I would definitely suggest letting them try, but for the first few showers, keep an eye on them to make sure they're fully cleaning themselves and not just playing. Its crazy how early kids are becoming independent!!!

my 8 year old was like 6 i think but i was mostly woried about her getting all the conditioner out and not using too much. you could try to let them bath themselves by doing their own everything as far as pouring the soappp and shampoo and seeing if they can wash everything and get it all out. if they can do that then the only other thing is how long do they take. you will more than double your water usage by letting them shower. mine takes 10 minutes....have no idea what shes doing in there. my youngest is 3 and i think she is in no way ready for a shower...shes still afraid of getting ater in her eyes. she does sometimes take a shower with her sister who is 8 and she washes her well. cant hurt to let them try if anything for fun. just dont go far the first few times incase they need help.

It really depends on the child. My oldest is 6 and showers mostly by herself, we check that everything is rinsed out ok. The most important safety thing is that the child knows not to play with the hot water, and what to do if it gets too hot! Like get out of the water stream right away, turn it off, anything but not stand there getting burned! Mine don't play with the faucets and I have shown them where they can stand in the shower and not get wet if they have an emergency an need out of the hot water.

Our boys are 2 and 4 and shower by themselves:)

My 3 yo has been showering with me since she was about 17 months old (long story). Now we still occasionally shower together. For the last 8 months or so she's been showing interest in "doing it myself!" and I've been encouraging it. I run the water for her bath or our shower, give her her scrunchy or washcloth, put baby wash on it and walk her through washing herself. She does a not so good job, so I usually have to go behind her. We do this w/ teeth brushing too. In fact, I bought some of that blue stuff that tints the plaque and she knows that if she doesn't get all the blue off, Mom will brush her teeth.

So, I think getting to showering solo is a process. Start working on indepent skills now and then you can gradually get your child there.

I think encourging independence is so important and is going to serve your girls for a lifetime. As they get older they will feel so empowered to know that they can do things for themselves. I think this is a perfect age to turn over some of their self care to them. It's hard because they are your babies and it seems like one step closer to them flying the coop but the biggest service we can do for our children is to sometimes step aside and let them do it.

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