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How Old Should a Girl Be When They Start Shaving Their Legs??????

I have a question about what age is appropriate for a girl to start shaving her legs? I am a mother of three boys, and my step daughter has lived with us for 2 years, and she is of course maturing at a very rapid rate. I keep hearing other parents mention their daughters shaving their legs, and I think she is still too young. She is 11, but she has very dark hair, which unfortunately for her is also very dark on her legs. She is starting middle school next year, and I know that kids now a days can be cruel, and I don't want her to be made fun of. I think I started shaving my legs when I was 12, but I really don't remember. Any advice would be great. Thanks ladies:)

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thanks to ALL of you wonderful Ladies and your great responses. I did let her shave, and I carefully taught her how. She was very happy because she told me that in fifth grade(this year) people were already making fun of her hairy legs. She was a little cautious at first, but now shes good to go! Thank you all soooooooooooooooo much

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I know a lot of moms don't want thier dauhgters doing anything until 16. I wouldn't want my daughter being made fun of so if my daughter has dark hair at that age (she does now) I would let her do it for middle school because kids are cruel and you don't want her starting off uncomfortable and sad.

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Dear A.,
I have an almost 13yr. old step daughter and she started shaving when she was almost 12. She has very dark hair on her legs too. I was having a very hard time with this because girls are growing up so fast now. But I was just 13 when I started shaving, so its a tough one. I think it is better if we try to help them with it instead of saying no, because I know she would have done it anyway. I know its hard but I hope this helps.

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I started shaving my legs when I was 9 years old and I have a younger cousin who started shaving around the same time. I think a girl should start shaving whenever they become conscious of their unwanted hair.

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Well, I think that she should wait until Jr. High to start shaving her legs. I think that it is the right age to so she fit in. At 11 years old she is still a child more of a sense she might cut her self. I had a cousin that wanted to shave her legs she ended up cutting her self every badlyon her chin bone it was a nasty cut. Then when I was in Jr. high i remeber that there was some girls that would get teased about not shaving there legs. she was a close friend of mine she told me that her father would not let her until she was the age of 15 years old just because of there tradtion she was not even allowed to wear make up so she told me that i was very lucky but i also did not have my father around to tell me what i can do and can not do my mom always worked so i really did not have any one to talk to so here is my answer to your question thanks for letting speak my mind

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I had the same very dark hair on my legs when I was growing up. I finally begged my Mom to let me shave between 5th and 6th grade because it was so dark. I agree that especially now it is okay. I think it is better to let her start shaving then to have her endure the ridicule that she has such dark hair.

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Our guidelines were two of the following three:

1. The hair is dark enough to see.
2. She wants to shave her legs.
3. She is 13.

My s'daughter is a brunette - her leg hair has been noticeable since she was seven, and it started bothering her this spring break - she turned 10 in A.. She started shaving in March.

If my husband and I end up with a daughter who is as blonde as our boys, she will probably have to meet numbers 2 and 3, because I still have no visible leg hair.

You're right, kids are cruel - and shaving her legs is just one more way to make your dsd feel secure, KWIM?

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Hi A.,
Instead of shaving, wich i don't even do anymore, cause it's unconvinient.Get a gentle bodyhair colour, and colour thr hair blond. they will be less noticible, and she doesn't have to shave constantly.
i had to deal with this issue all my life. Later on , maiby she can have laser treatment.
I did waxing for a while, but that causes ingrown hair for some people.

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My daughter is 11 and has dark hair and lots of it. She shaved her legs without us knowing and I did not get on to her because I knew how self conscious she was of it. We took her to buy an electric razor and she is fine with that. Our little girls are growing up wether we are ready or not. Booo Hooo!


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As a woman who has dark leg hair, I think you should let her shave. My mom had very light hair and didnt think I needed to shave, but I was teased in junior high about my hairyness. If she feels bad about it, let her shave to keep her from being teased by her peers. Junior high is hard enough!

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I was made fun of a lot because of my hairy legs, but my motheer didn't care and insisted that I didn't need to shave them. So, one day I just took it upon myself and shaved them while I was in the shower. I did okay for doing it on my own, but I wish my mom had shown me how. I think it could have been a good bonding experience. There really is nothing wrong with it at 11. She is a girl and needs to learn how to take care of her body. She needs to be taught how to respect it as well. Anyway, I was 10 years old when I shaved for the first time. I couldn't stand the teasing and it was like my mom didn't care. It really frustrated me. Just sit her down and ask her what she thinks about it and then teach her how it's done. Make it fun, just between two girls. Good luck!

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My step daughter is 11 and will be turning 12 in September. She too will be attending Jr. High this coming school year. We allowed her to shave herlegs in the middle of last year. We were hesitant on letting her do it as well, but all of the girls at her school started, so we allowed her to.

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