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How Often Should I Vacuum / Sweep?

We have a 2000 sq feet home and a 3 year old and 2 hairy dogs. We try to keep their hair trimmed & brushed but they still shed. I have a cleaning lady who comes in every week for a thorough clean up but by the time she comes, the house is typically looking pretty messy with the doggy hair and crumbs / bits from the kitchen counters. My question is how often should I sweep / vacuum my floors? What do other Moms do? Do you sweep every day if you have dogs? Is every other day or twice a week more practical? I have joined flylady and am learning a lot from her web site but I haven't found any mention on how often must I sweep with dogs at home. Any suggestions would help.

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Really? There is dirt/doghair on the floor....clean it. Dont like the dog hair? Get rid of the dogs.

See it dirty...clean it...its that simple.

Good Luck to you,
M. :)

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I have a husband, 2 girls and 2 dogs, I have to vacuum at least twice a week sometimes more if things get really messy. hopes this helps

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Really? There is dirt/doghair on the floor....clean it. Dont like the dog hair? Get rid of the dogs.

See it dirty...clean it...its that simple.

Good Luck to you,
M. :)

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I would pass a quick dust mop every afternoon; 10 minutues max.

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I am a single mother with a 5 yr old daughter and a oversized 30lb cat who sheds terribly. I work full time and do not have the luxury to pay someone to come to my house and help - even though I wish I did.... Lucky you - and this is not meant is a rude way....

To answer your question - I make things as easy for me as possible. I have a vacuum cleaner thae does carpets and wood floors... - I leave it tucked behind the door and vacuum every other nite - very quickly.... I also tend to use it in the kitchen after dinners when I see things have been dropped on the floor.
As far as mopping - I also have a Wagner Floor Steamer - with all the fu little attachments that I use to clean my bathroom and floors... I use it in the Kitchen about one a month and steam clean it from top to bottm.
I hope this helps. good luck fighting the never ending battle....

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I vacum everyday and sweep once a week!Just makes it easier when you are chasing little ones :)

My mother and father in law have a big black lab. They vacuum, sweep and do wet swifer sweeper every day and we are always amazed how much fur he sheds especially in this weather. They live at the lake so he also brings in lots of sand and dirt from the gardens.

In our house we have all wood floors and a cat. I try to vacuum every other day. With all of the dust from the dry weather I need to do it every day, but just do not have the time. If I had a child that spent time on the floor, I or my husband would do it every day.

I have two very hairy dogs as well, and it is just a matter of what you can handle. We sweep and vacuum daily. We mop every other day. I know it seems like a lot, but with dogs, the alternative is to have a big hairy mess all the time. If you do that then your cleaning lady can concentrate on other things. Maybe she can be the one to tackle the hair that builds up behind furniture and in little corners that you don't get. At first I was bad about keeping up with it, but my dogs are 5 and 6 years now, so in that time we have just gotten it down to routine. Good Luck.

My dogs are not allowed in the house but I do have 2 cats indoors. If it bothers you, then sweep and vacuum more. I have dark carpet so I sometimes have to vacuum every other day. I usually only sweep once or twice a week.

Hi A.
If I were a SAHM I would be sweeping daily so my little one would not have to deal with the pet dander and dust- but since you work full time and with a 3 yrs old I would sweet at least every other day in the kitchen and baths..in fact he may be old enough "to help". most kids at age 3 can push the vacumm a little bit and every little bit would help.
good luck and blessings


I know Fly Lady does vacuum/sweep once a week during House Blessing, but we also sweep and damp mop the kitchen every evening after dinner and as needed. We're just getting used to having a dog, and this puppy sheds! I go over the main hairy spots (under the piano is a magnet!) every time I notice a build up, at least once a day. We generally keep him out of certain rooms and that cuts down on hair in those rooms. We're pretty busy but try to keep up with it all!

Grace to you :)

When I don't do it eveyday I regret it - I have dark wood floors and with two kids and a dog, those floors get messy. I try to get away with mopping 3 times a week. Wish I could have the time to cleaned them everyday.

I have three terriers and two children. I vacuum every day and mop every other day.
Here's one suggestion regarding the dogs. Find a groomer who will use the de-shedding
treatment on them and do it regularly. I use it with one of my dogs who has longer hair and it really does work. It cuts down on the shedding and that means less work for you!! I now take my dogs to Natural Pawz in Sterling Ridge. It's an awesome pet store. Hope that helps.

I have a husband, 2 girls and 2 dogs, I have to vacuum at least twice a week sometimes more if things get really messy. hopes this helps

Its common sense. You should vaccum and sweep daily especially with a small child. I would not want to be breathing in all that dust along with the dog hair. Dogs bring in the house all sorts of things in their hair.

I have a dog and cat, and I sweep just about everyday, sometimes twice a day. I also vacuum 2 times or more a week. I don't think there is a set number of times, it's whatever works for you and your house. If there is stuff on the floor sweep, that's all. Vacuuming once or twice a week should be good, just do it as needed.

Everyday! The more hair and pet dander left behind, the more pet hair and dander your family is breathing in!

Hi A.,

I once was a nanny for 5 childern and they had a cat and a dog, and I also cleaned their house too. I vacuumed every day, and mopped everyday. They had a two story house about 4500 sq.ft. It really does make a difference to do those every day. Since you have someone that come in and cleans house for you, then all the better. You will enjoy the difference that it will make not only with the carpets and floors, but it will help keep dirt and dandrif from building up and causing allergy problems. Just make sure you change that filter...:) Good luck,
Mrs. C

I have owned a cleaning service for 12 years. Since you have pets and children in the house, a daily routine of sweeping and vacuuming is necessary. If you can keep the pets in a section of your home, it will cut down on your daily mess. I know that life happens. If you can only clean floors weekly, then do that. I know that your cleaning lady appreciates you performing maintenance floor care between her visits. It is recommended that carpets get vacuumed once per week to prolong the life of the fibers. Happy Cleaning!!!

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