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How Often Should I Give My 4 Month Old a Bath?

My husband and I can't agree on this subject - he thinks me giving our 4 month old a bath everynight is not a good idea, but I think just giving her baths 2 times per week is not enough. Even though she is very young she seems to like bath time, but I don't want to overdo it either. I wash her face and hands several times per day but she gets a bath 2 to 3 times a week. Is that enough?

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Babies are just as washable as we are! I have a five-month-old baby girl who absolutely adores bathtime as well. I've been bathing her every single day since she's been home from the hospital; sometimes more than once a day! Babies get sweaty and sticky, and this can make them fussy, so I've found that it is very soothing for her to take a bath especially right before bedtime.

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HI L.,
I am a mom of 3 grown children and a new gradma:) I used to give my kids a bath every night before bed.....they loved it and so did I!!! It relaxes them and makes them sleep better. It is also a fun time for the both of you. Even my daughters doctor says it is a good thing...hope that helps.
G. M

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I gave (and still give) my son a bath every night as the beginning of his bedtime routine. After his bath, I put lotion on him, his diaper and pjs, then we settle down with a story on the rocking chair. It's great bonding time, but it also helps them get into a routine so that bedtime becomes super easy. I really think that is how I got him sleeping through the night at such a young age (6-8 weeks old). It's to the point now where my son (2 1/2years old) will tell me he's tired and wants to go to bed if we get started a little late.

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Babies are just as washable as we are! I have a five-month-old baby girl who absolutely adores bathtime as well. I've been bathing her every single day since she's been home from the hospital; sometimes more than once a day! Babies get sweaty and sticky, and this can make them fussy, so I've found that it is very soothing for her to take a bath especially right before bedtime.

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We wondered about this too when our son was just a few months old. He had issues with dry skin. I thought bathing every day would dry out his skin. We have continued bathing him daily, which he loves and his part of his nighttime routine since he was just a few weeks old. I make sure I lotion him after every bath to ensure he doesn't get overly dry skin. It has really helped and worked. Especially when they love it, I see nothing wrong with it. If your baby tends to have dry skin, maybe talk to your Pediatrician and they can recommend a lotion or soap that would be best for dry skin. Good luck!

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If she likes it, why not? Giving her a bath every night isn't going to hurt her, and it will make her happy and is a nice bonding experience.

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I was giving my daughter a bath every night by four months-as part of the evening "routine". It's no harm to them, and why deprive yourself from that sweet fresh-from-the-bath baby smell every night??? And in a few months when your baby starts baby food and crawling, you will want to put her in a bath every night, believe me, she will be dirty.

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I gave (and still give) my son a bath every night as the beginning of his bedtime routine. After his bath, I put lotion on him, his diaper and pjs, then we settle down with a story on the rocking chair. It's great bonding time, but it also helps them get into a routine so that bedtime becomes super easy. I really think that is how I got him sleeping through the night at such a young age (6-8 weeks old). It's to the point now where my son (2 1/2years old) will tell me he's tired and wants to go to bed if we get started a little late.

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Bath time is not only for cleaning. It is a wonderful play and bonding time for your child. If your daughter loves bath time...give her a bath every day...just don't use soap and shampoo every day. Put a little baby oil in the water if you are worried about her skin drying out...but plain water shouldn't do that to her skin. 4 months old is not too early to start a night time routine with her that she can become used to to help her go to sleep at night. She should start sleeping longer hours at night when the house is quiet if she understands it's time for bed, and a nice routine at night will help. Bath time is fun for babies, the water is warm and relaxing and I think it helps them relax. Use the bath to play with her, and talk to her. It is a good way for her to expand her brain with the sensory input from the feeling of the water and your hands on her bare skin.....

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I have always given my 3.5 a bath everynight and I wash heer hair every other night. My 8 week old gets a bath everyday also. Wipes just don't all the poop out so I have to let her soak for a while. I think it sets good habits if you get the kids use to a nightly bath.

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My babies puked a lot! They were really fat too so the rotten milk in their neck folds would send me to the tub. I cant stand stinky babies! But I also dont want my babies smelling like perfume (fragrances from baby soaps/washes or lotions). So despite all that we have heard and read, we bathed everyday! I wouldnt necessarily slather them in soap or really soap up their hair but just soaped up their stinky areas/folds. My recent baby got so smelling in the folds behind his knees, it was so gross! I chose sesitive baby washes or ones that were not over powering with fragrance. I try to use all natural or organic products, I liked Earths Best by Jason, and Burts Bees baby bee, Johnsons has a Milk wash that was mild and not overpowering with fragrance. And I never used lotion. Their skin didnt dry out from it either.

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Dear L.,

Tell your husband that bath time is a special time for bonding and for her to learn more about play - nice to have one's clothes off in warm water, and it relaxes babies just like it relaxes us. Ah, so.....it makes for an easier bed time and the routine will be helpful for her sense of cooperating. Yes, really. C. N.

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We gave our baby a bath everynight as part of a routine. It became a signal for him to settle down and relax. I never used baby care products on him but used Cetaphil soap and lotion which is very moisturizing without perfumes. He never had problems with dry skin. This was also a time for dad to bond with him as he was gone all day. To this day, dad does bathtime and its a time for them to have alone time without me hanging around. (its a nice break for me too)

I really think that nightly baths also helped to keep him from being sick. The germs were washed away. He was a very healthy kid, still is. He has never had an ear infection or been on antibiotics and is 2 1/2 now. I think you have to do what you think is best for your own child.

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HI L.,
I am a mom of 3 grown children and a new gradma:) I used to give my kids a bath every night before bed.....they loved it and so did I!!! It relaxes them and makes them sleep better. It is also a fun time for the both of you. Even my daughters doctor says it is a good thing...hope that helps.
G. M

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Water itself will not dry out your skin, it's the chlorine in the water. Have you considered buying a shower filter? The shower head attachment costs about $50 and the filters cost about $25. They also have a bath tub filter that you can stick around the tub head that collects the chlorine. You will definitely notice a difference in your skin and in your baby's.

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You should really give your child a bath every night. It is hot out so it cools them off. Plus she is eating more and developing more. A bath each night will help promote good hygene (sp) later in life too. How often do you take a bath? Babies need to be clean especially with everything they do in their diapers each day. Letting them soak in the tub after is a great idea!

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I gave my kids baths almost every night at 4 months old, mainly because they enjoyed it. I doubt your baby is in any way "dirty" or needing a bath...unless you've had several terrible blow-outs in a day...which we all know can happen...but even so they love it so I just went with it.

I think every day, or every other day is best, unless they don't like it...and then just as often as you can get it done at 4 months old!

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How often do you and your husband enjoy feeling clean and I'm sure shower every day?? Well a baby, even newborn, they enjoy feeling that clean feel just as much as us adults do! They just can't tell us,,, they sweat just as we do, feeling clean also makes them feel comfortable and sleep better too!!! Think of your baby as how you feel??

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I gave my son a bath every night - same routine...
bath, pj's, bedtime story, bottle and bed....... :)
I just washed his hair e/o day....his body was what need more cleaning (b/c of those blow-outs!!! :)
Bath time was always fun!! :) Have fun w/it! :)

We did bath 2-3 times per week with both my kids at that age. They both had pretty sensitive skin though. You could consider doing a bath more often, but not using soap or shampoo. That might be a good compromise!

Over bathing dries out baby's skin. 2x week is fine unless a poop explosion necessitates an extra. Another gauge is how sweaty your baby gets -- when its hot, a bath is refreshing. When she is older and crawling around you might need more baths. You and your husband should compromise.

I am probably waaayy on the left side of this as I give both my kids a bath every other day and then additional baths when necessary.

Since my son is in preschool we give him baths on the days he is in school.

My DD is 15 months and I give her a bath every other day.

Obviously if they get dirty on another day, they get a bath.

I would just do what you feel is best and what works for your lifestyle.

If DH thinks you are bathing your baby too much, maybe you could compromise by doing a wipedown every other day and a full bath every other day. And maybe DH can be the one to give the full bath to be involved in the process.

bath time is great for babies. you're right.gets them ready for sleep and they love water play. its a good thing. what is hubby's problem.? if in doubt ask pediatrician. i think your fine. gave my three daily baths and they turned out just fine. good luck. m

I bathed both of my children every night "ritually" from the time the belly button was healed. It helps to create a set schedule and also soothes the child for a better nights rest. If you are concerned about the skin drying out -use Johnson & Johnson's sensative skin baby lotion following the bath .

Bath time is actually a nice way to bond & play with the child while enforcing good hygiene and "setting a schedule".

Should be fine. It is hard on your babies skin to bathe more than that. She needs the oils. She isn't getting into enough stuff right now to get too dirty either.

When my oldest son was an infant, I bathed him every day until at about 3 months the doctor said even with the mild baby soaps he was getting too dry and to only wash the diaper area carefully and of course the hands and face. I did this doing complete baths only about twice a week. Once he got big and was playing in the yard and getting muddy and sweaty, he took baths almost everyday.

If the bathe time is part of a routine and it relaxes her and her skin is not dry, there is no reason not to bathe her once a day:) I did with my other sons.

The main thing is not to make it an issue between your husband and yourself. Does he think it takes too much time away from your time with him? If so, give your baby a bath before he returns home. Sometimes men don't say what they really mean.

What we did for our son is baths every other day...we would just do infant massage with lotion right after and he skin stayed so soft!

The main problem with frequent bathing has to do with the soaps and chemicals. Even the products marketed for babies are loaded with chemicals and perfumes that lead to eczema and other problems. The skin is the largest organ in the body,and is the means by which their little bodies attempt to eliminate the chemicals and toxins.
Bath time is certainly a fun activity that is also soothing at bedtime. My suggestion would be to just use water. When you do need soap, try a line like California Baby.
Babies don't need baths for the sake of getting "scrubbed". They don't get that dirty. It is important to be careful of their skin and not robbing it of it's oils.
There are also a lot of good things about bathtime, like playing and setting up bedtime rituals. And they are just so darned cute playing in the tub!

I was told to bathe my son 2-3 times a week. I usually try for every other day but sometimes (like today) he gets one on the third day.

My doc told me twice a week is enough too and thats what I did. If you want to make it part of a bedtime routine, then everyday is fine, just maybe don't use soap all the time. So what you are doing is just fine and enough!

I have a 4 month old boy (first) and have had this same debate with my sister who was pushing a bedtime bath on us :-) In my parenting magazines I read that it is not necessary to bathe an infant everyday - it can dry thier skin out. At my pediatrician visit we discussed and she cautioned us to be careful of drying out.

Since birth I have bathed my son whenever I felt he needed it. It could be 2 days in a row at times or every 3-4 days. Sometimes it was a spongebath, a baby bath tub, and now I even hand him to daddy in the shower for a quick rinse. The one thing is for certain whenever a bath is involved it is followed by lots of pink baby lotion and then cuddles b/c he smells so good :-)

All babies are different, ours doesn't poop several times a day or even every day (that could warrant more baths). Ours doesn't spit up or drool formula all over when feeding (that could warrant more baths). My son does go in stroller outside for runs with daddy though and when he returns he smells very funny so he always gets a bath after that no matter what.

Bottom line, it is your baby and you have do what is right for you - don't let anyone tell you what do. It is good to educate yourself but follow your instincts. Just be aware of the baby's skin and don't let it dry out. Good Luck!


I think this is kind of a personal preference thing. I've been bathing my kids daily since they were born (they are almost 5 and almost 2). I think it is a nice, soothing part of our bedtime routine. As infants, I didn't soap them up every day. Even now, I primarily only soap them up if they are particularly dirty. I tend wash their hair probably every other day (although realistically my 2 y.o. gets washed more often because he's almost always got food in his hair!). I personally like to take a shower before bed. I feel like I sleep better if I'm clean. I don't like to go to bed sweaty or stinky so I don't put my kids to bed sweaty or stinky.

I do use California Baby Super Sensitve wash on my kids (you can get it off the internet or at Whole Foods and probably other places). It doesn't have all the chemicals in it that the other baby washes have - most baby washes and even shampoos, etc (kid and adult varieties) are a soup of toxic chemicals. They also have a Super Sensitive lotion and all sorts of other great products (no, I don't work for them but I love their products including a non-toxic sunblock). They are pricey but worth it.

My younger child has eczema and our allergist told me that daily bathing is okay and actually desirable because eczema is an itch that rashes not a rash that itches. So keeping my baby itch free is very important. She said to soak him in the water for 15 minutes or as long as he'd stay in and then absoutely slather him with cream (aquaphor, cetaphil or eucerin). It works really well. He is literally soft as a baby's butt. LOL

Between the sweat, dirt and pollution as well as the chemicals they come into contact with in their diapers, baby wipes, and even laundry detergents, etc.. I really don't see any harm in giving them a good rinsing each day. And my kids love the water and love getting in the bath. They look forward to bath time each evening.


Everyone does something different but I make it our routine, ever since we brought both of our daughters home from the hospital, they've gotten a bath everynight with night time soap and lotion, it relaxes them. My in-laws thought I was nuts giving an infant a bath so young but the day we came home I started and it has worked since, my youngest is now 1 year old and you say bath time after dinner and she comes running.

There is nothing wrong with giving her a bath everyday or only a few times per week. Just make sure if she is dirty she gets a bath and make sure she is clean when she goes to bed. I believe she will be healthier and sleep better. This is my opinion.You two could draw straws to see who gives the baths for the week and maybe this would help with the stress level between the 2 of you on the subject.It also is a petty thing to be disagreeing on. As long as she is clean and healthy that is all that should matter.

Super question!

I had the same issues when my son was little younger...we were told when we left the hospital that it was not necessary to give babies a bath EVERY night because there skin is so delicate that overwashing can strip it. This was not easy for someone like me who takes a shower before bed and in the morning before I go to work.

At my son's six month check up, our doctor said that every night was fine, but he could do with a bath every night if he was playing outside a lot or out and about. So, at six months old I started increasing the amount of baths.

Little one's don't require a lot of bathing because their skin is so delicate, and it can dry their skin requiring lotions, which I believe aren't to be used until about six months old anyway.

If you still aren't sure, the best source is your child's doctor. They love answering first time Mom questions...it's what they are there for.

Whatever works for you is best. I bathe my children once every three days, sometimes every other if they really need it. (They are 4 and 1, and I've been doing it that way since both were born.) We all have very sensitive skin... If you do daily baths, maybe just use water every other time since soap is drying. I do it in the morning because it's easier for me and that way they are clean for whoever they see that day. I didn't want to make it a part of their bedtime ritual in case I was too tired or we were out - I didn't want them to rely on it to go to sleep...
Good luck!

I have four kids and did not bathe them daily until they were about 6-7 months old. Before that, the pediatrician said it can dry out their delicate baby skin and he recommended every couple of days unless they had a huge diaper blowout, etc. This issue is something that should not be a big deal, because it really doesn't matter at all in the long run. Funny that your husband is chiming in on this, but since he is, you are going to have to compromise. If he thinks twice a week is best, and you think every night is best, go with every other night.

Hi L.,
I was told by my son's doctor to only do it every third day. During this time i wiped his face, hands and feet in the morning and before bedtime. Now that he is eating solids, I bathe him every other day. His skin is not dry, it's actually quite the baby skin, and he doesn't sting or get that yucky stuff around his neck. I do wipe his face and hands after every solid feeding.
Good luck,

Although our son at 4 months had mild eczema and many books said to give short baths, I gave him a bath everyday..
I didn't use soap everyday and sometimes the bath was very short, but as you mentioned babies love to play in the water and I also found this to be a good way to begin his night time routine

I am sure he was not necessarily dirty or needed a bath every night, but it was a good activity for him every night.
I just made sure to put on extra lotions and other creams for his ezcema, I would reccomend to use lotions, just in case it dries out her skin.

If her skin is not dry or affected by baths, I would not stress about it. Why not compromise and bathe every other day? My kids always got baths everyday, but they have robust mixed race skin. We don't use much soap or bubble bath or anything, just let them soak in plain water and splash and play and at the end a quick soap and rinse. My nephew has eczema and only bathes every other day with special soap. Your daughter is probably not too dirty at her age, but she will get very dirty as she gets older, so it is really not a big deal right now.

L., both my sons have gotten baths everynight since they were newborns. Besides the fact that they love them, like other moms, I do feel it helps establish a good bed time routine. I have just always felt that a good bath helps relax you after a long day. If we enjoy it as adults, why would a baby not? Good luck.

Hi L.. I think its all up to what you prefer to do, or how hot the day is. When my daughter was four months old we gave her a bath anywhere from everyday to every other day sometimes 3days with a little sponge bath in between. Somedays are worst than others judging by how much they soil their diapers or spit up all that good baby stuff,lol.

Babies love the bath. Indulge and take advantage of that! My baby has been bathed everyday since she could be immersed. Her diaper area NEEDS at least to sit in fresh water (you can compromise with your husband and only soap her every other day). Choose a gentle, organic baby wash and you won't have to worry anyway. Bathing is a good, quiet wind down before bedtime. Many, many specialists recommend it as part of a daily night time routine. Tell your husband that! It's not just about "cleanliness."

I would get some professional advice on this one. Check with the doctor and see what they say. Personally, I think a daily bath routine is a good thing. Southern California is hot! And this is summertime! Your daughter could use a nice cool down at the end of the day. It helps people unwind and relax before they go to bed, babies included. Would you like to go to bed sweaty and stinky and only get a bath twice a week? Who would? Ask your husband to try that out and see what he says.

We integrated a bath into our nightly wind-down routine for our son when he was just a few weeks old, and still do it now (he's 11 months old), although occasionally we will skip a night for whatever reason. He likes bathtime, we enjoy it, so that's what we do. Every family is different! It sounds like what you're doing works for your family :)

If you're worried about too many chemicals from soaps, etc, I highly recommend the Method Baby wash and lotion - all natural ingredients, smells great and you can get it at Target. FYI - the wash doesn't lather the way you're used to soap lathering, its missing the chemical to do that. Works just as well!

bathing baby every day will not hurt...it's a great way to establish a wind down, end of the day routine as well. If your baby likes the water why not do it daily. Obviously though on days where you are just too busy there is no need to stress over it. I found with both of my young ones that the bath was so fun that it provided a nice break in the action for the entire family! Good luck

Until kids are moving around more on the floor or playing outside, they really don't need too many baths. 2-3 times a week should be good. Every night only dries out their skin. But, if you want, you should ask your pediatrician.

I give my four month old a bath every night. He really loves the bath and it creates a good opportunity for bonding and it establishes a night time routine for bed. I don't think there is anything wrong with doing it more than a few times a week!

At 4 months old, 2-3 times a week is fine. With our kids we always started the daily baths at about 6 months -- coinciding with starting them on solid foods -- which tend to get everywhere, including their hair! So daily baths at this point aren't necessary. However, they won't hurt either. So if the baby enjoys it and if you feel it helps as part of a sleep routine, then that is fine too.

When my first baby was born, I had read that daily baths are unneccesary as long as you keep the diaper area real clean and daily baths can dry out their skin. So we did baths every other night, unless the baby got dirty somehow (not real likely when they're so young, but more likely when she starts to crawl). We used a mild baby soap, and even when baths occurred two nights in a row, we never had a problem with dry skin for our babies.

If she really likes the bath and you want it as part of your nightly routine, I don't think it is a problem - you don't have to use soap every time, and keep it fairly short. If her skin seems to be getting dried out you can use a natural baby lotion or baby oil (we liked Calendula oil by Weleda - you can find it at Whole Foods).

Happy Bathing!

I bathed all three of my children nightly as babies because they get to know the routine and it helps them sleep when they know what to expect. It's not bad for them :)

My son loved bath time too; I gave him a bath every day, but only used soap every other day or so. A water bath is fun and relaxing, and at four months, it's enough to clean her off. Have fun!


Wow... so many responses about a bath! LOL I'm a first time mom too so I know how it feels to not be so sure.

The doctor told me every other night to not dry out their skin and they dont get that dirty. This is a doctor question though. Some moms are old school and research has proven that somethings you do back in the day arent that great of an idea today.

Young babies can get a wipe down more often. I started giving my son a bath every day when he turned about 6 months.

This was my personal contribution......

Hi L.,

Two to three times per week is plenty. My five month old currently only gets a bath about once or twice a week. My ped even told me my four year old only needs a bath no more than three times per week because it dries out their skin. They need those natural oils to work in order for them to not have cronic dry skin later in life or any problems currently. You are doing the right thing with limiting the baths and only washing her face and hands several times per day.

I know that it seems to be a great idea for a bed time routine but you can have a great bedtime routine even without the bath time. My four year old goes to bed great and he almost never gets a bath before bed. His showers consist of jumping in with mom or dad or even having one on his own.

Have fun with this little one, it goes by fast.

I have always thought of my children as "little" people, just like you and I. I take a shower every day, why shouldn't they get a bath every day. Besides, I feel that by the end of the day it relaxes them and they are now ready for bed.

Hi L. -

Well, I definitely agree with your husband - every night wouldn't be a good idea. How dirty can a 4 month old get? I think I did less than 2 x a week when my baby was that little. Of course, I washed that little sour milky neck more often than the full bath :-). What you're doing should be plenty, unless something occurs that requires cleaning up. Nice that she enjoys it; bath time is no doubt a happy time for her.

All the best,

I think 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient. You don't want to dry out their skin.


Hi L.,

I am also a first time mom of a 4 month old. We usually bathe him every other night. I would like to start bathing him every night to establish a before bed routine. He loves being in the warm water and usually sleeps very well after a bath.

Good Luck!

We give our daughter a bath every nite. It seems to help her sleep. We also use the Aveeno Calming soap and lotion. The few nites that we didn't bathe her she didn't sleep as well. I think 2-3 times per week is enough until they are old enough to play in the sand and get dirty. I know my SIL does Tue, Thur, Sat (and Sun). Also it depends on what you do during the day? My daughter wears sunscreen most days and I feel like it has to be washed off before bed. We only wash her hair twice a week. hope that helps.

We did baths every 2 to 3 days or so. You don't want to dry their skin out. They don't really do to much at that age so we did not feel like our little girl was dirty at all. In fact we always had people comment on how good she smelled all the time. : ) If she had a poo poo explosion or something we would alter the schedule a bit though. LOL I would say whatever works for you. I have a cousin that does a nightime bath ritual every night and that works for her. It was to much on hubby and I. She was so small and slippery then I was scared to bathe her alone so hubby always helped. Now she is 8 months old and we bath every two days(barring poo poo explosions of course, which happen more now) Just find out what works best for you guys, but I don't think a daytime bath is necessary.(leaves you and hubby a little more time) : ) I should also say I am a freak about wipes. I use them all the time to clean her hands. I also use a washcloth on her face, but that is now that she is eating solids. Just wanted to add that.

Hi L.
At 4 months, a daily bath is too much. ~2-3 times a week is plenty. The more they are active (crawl/walk etc.) the more frequent their baths should be. Too many baths strip the protective oils from her skin. Everyday is not recomended. Ask your pediatrician or his/her nurse they will confirm this for you. You may also find more info on WebMD or Babystyle.com

My son is 3.5 now and he's been taking daily baths since he was born. It became a routine. It might be a burden on some parents, but its defiently beneficial for babies and kids. Water is soothing to babies and puts them to sleep, and young kids run around and sweat. Don't you feel better taking a shower after a full day of activities? Same with kids. They sleep better.

I gave our babies a bath every day from day one. If you think about all of the germs that babies (and people in general) come into contact with on a daily basis, they need a bath.

I gave my kids baths almost every night, the wore diapers right !! it relaxs them, its bonding time, helps them to sleep better, I did not use heavy soap on them, its up to you I dont think there is a rule of thumb on this one,

I didn't read all the responses you got, but I did not see any about water conservation. If you are comfortable with not bathing your baby every day, why not do it to conserve water as well as preserve her skin? I bathe my 5-month old about every 3rd day b/c she is rarely "dirty" and I figure it saves water as as added bonus! Happy bathing!

First time mom also, for what it's worth. Here's what we do:

Right now we do a bath almost every day, but we don't use much soap, and I don't use soap everywhere (mainly hands, hair, and the spitup zone under her chin). The daily baths are because 1. she is now in day care and comes home "sticky", plus I worry a little about what germs she's sitting around in, and 2. she really enjoys it and we've made it part of the bedtime ritual (next we listen to lullabies in the rocking chair and then she's out).

Before day care, we felt good about every 2-3 days.

yes its enough, but there is nothing wrong with daily baths if its part of your routine and you both enjoy it.

Hi L.,

Since it's summer, I don't think that bathing her everyday could hurt her especially if you take care to moiturize her afterwards. If you do it before bedtime, it could develop into a nice routine. If your husband is still leary, try ever-other day. That would give her 3-4 baths per week. Good luck.

Is her skin dry? That is the only reason I can think of for limiting baths. If you rehydrate her skin with lotion after, I would bath her as often and you and she enjoy it. Bathing isnt just about getting clean, nor do you have to be dirty to bath. Its relaxing and a pleasant break in what can be a boring day for a 4 month old.

Every day!!!! Great job, Mommy!

I gave my now 7 month old a bath every night at 4 months he loves it and it got him into a bedtime routine. Now after his bath he is quite happy to go straight to bed.

I think as long as you and your baby are enjoying bath time then there is no harm in giving them a bath everyday. But it isn’t necessary they can have a bath every other day and a sponge bath the rest of the time.

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