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How Often Do You Clean Your Home?

I am asking this because i live with my MinL, 4 kids (2 most of the time and other 2 part time)hubby and pets. We have a two story home and 2 1/2 baths. restrooms vaccuming sweeping and moping are done about once a week. Windows and dusting about once a month (or when I remember hehe). Is this often enough? should I clean the other stuff more often? I pick up stuff laying around on a daily basis and counters are done daily. what do you think? how often do you clean and what do you clean when you do? please be kind on critism, Im sensitive. thanks

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I gotta say that im very happy and laughed quite a bit at some of the responses I recieved. they were funny cause i see my family and cleaning stuff in you all and i think its great that I can relate.

I think I wrote this mostly cause my mom in law (MinL) and hubby were inadvertintly (sp?) putting the pressure for me to clean more but because of all of you i thought eh, who cares what they think. hahaha I do plan on looking up the website you all suggested.

ok and I have to be a little more honest, dusting and outside windows get done when im in the "mood" so about once a month or two, if then, i guess is what I should have said.

The kids help some but in a way im so picky about the way I like things done that the most they do is empty the trash and dishwasher, then load the dishwasher, pick up thier rooms and make thier beds. My 13 and 10 year old sometimes does laundry and maybe do the bathrooms, but since they share with my MIL that makes it hard cause she is picky about the way things are cleaned too. I guess i need to relax and let them help anyway, but I hate to have the house dirty when they come..it makes me feel better when its clean. Plus with them being here every other weekend it makes it hard to have that kind of routine with them so any help on that would be welcome.

I wanna mention that I dont mind vacuuming or sweeeping or moping. its that darn laundry that gets me and for some reason I have the hardest time getting myself motivated to clean our darned bathroom and room too. :)

we have a running joke that we want our maid to come back and do her job but then we remember that she quit on us. We have never had a maid but its fun to pretend. hahaha

thanks ladies :)

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Hey, that's actually about how often I do everything and am always questioning myself too. I guess they only thing that might make a difference is that you have pets. I have severe pet allergies and know I always appreciate it when I can tell a friend with allergies has run a vacume over the floor right before I came because it helps my allergies a lot.

You're working way too hard, dear. Mopping once a week? Oh, my...that's way more often than I do. Dust? Ha! It's back the next day so I don't do much of that either. My house is always tidy but cleaning is a never-ending job. It's like shoveling snow while it snows....everyone needs to be helping you out, too. You're not the only one living there honey so get everyone doing several chores.

Here's my simple rule of thumb. Clean when it starts to look like it needs it. When I can't walk across the kitchen floor without getting crumbs in my toes, I vacuum. When there are more spots on the floor than I can wipe up with a quick swish of the paper towel, I mop. Dust? I can't keep up, so I don't try to. Bathrooms? We use one more than the others, but I clean them all as I notice little things that need attention. Windows? Inside, about once a year! Outside even less...

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Honestly!! GIRL, you are doing fabulous!!! I agree with everyone. I have good weeks and bad weeks. WINDOWS?? I just recently moved from a 3 story home to a 2 bedroom and I have been thankful ever since. I didn't once clean those windows!! I figured if it rained it was clean enough..HAHAHA!!

I'd have to say I sweep at least once a day ( my son and I have allergies, mop twice a week( I have hardwood floors and my daughter is crawling or else it would be once), clean the bathrooms about once a week, kitchen and random pick up house is daily, and luandry(including towels and sheets. I do mine at the luandry mat that way I'm not doing luandry all week and forget about it and it only takes me 2 hours to do 8 loads..BAM!! HAHA) once a week!

I used to be really anal about cleaning everything all the time and "what if" someone came over. Then i realized it was taking sooo long to clean that i wasn't spending as much time as i wanted with my children and husband. So I figure if someone wants to come, they can think whatever they want about my house, and "if" they say something, I'll tell them they can have my job for a week or two(well see how clean it stays)!!!HAHA

I think as long as it's clean enough that know one is getting sick, then it should be clean enough!! Besides you have enough on your plate with the family..

One thing though, do your 2 older girls help with the cleaning??i know by the time I was 13 i was already cooking 3X, kitchen 4x, vacuum once, bathroom once, and doing my own luandry once a week. If not it may be an idea to get them to help they live there too, HAHA! I REALLY hope this helps, and don't worry about it.
oh yeah, I started the "flylady" and it's pretty cool, it's getting easier :-)

SAHM of a 3 year old boy and a 9 month old girl

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I think you're doing just fine. I just try to clean from my baby's point of view meaning anything I think that she will need or get into I clean daily. (ie tidy, do dishes and swiffer every day. All other stuff I do weekly. My daughter will eat ANYTHING. Therefore, I have to make sure there is nothing around that she shoudn't eat(like a clump of dog hair). Somehow there are clumps of dog hair DAILY! She tried to eat one...totally freaked me out. Sorry. I don't know what MinL means. Maybe I could have been more helpful. All said, I think you know what you are doing. So don't worry to much about what others think. At least you care enough to ask right?

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How often you clean depends on what your definition of dirty is :) To me, it sounds like you are doing a fine job, I would suggest dusting every 5-7 days, especially if you have allergies, and vaccum every 2-3 days for allergies as well. I'm impressed that you clean your windows every month, I'm lucky to get to mine every six months :-}
I agree, that FlyLady has some great info on cleaning and schedules. It's worth checking out her site.

It sounds like were in similar situations. I'm a SAHM with 3 kids 4 and under. My parents live with my hubby and I as well in our 2 story house. My perspective on this is that you do what you can to get by. I try to clean whenever I get a little time, but that is few and far between. Like many others have said there are good weeks and bad weeks, but the key is that you've done what you've needed to do. I try not to stress over the cleaning, it will always be there. If you forget to vacuum today, it will still be there tomorrow... and you know what, even if you vacuum today, it will still need it again tomorrow. You haven't lost anything by putting another priority first. When it starts to get pretty bad (which for us mostly means toys and things strewn about) I will declare a clean up day. The kids don't love to clean, but they know I don't make them do it every single day. So they're good helpers and they know once we're done it is time to relax snd do what they want. We hit each bedroom and the living room and they get all the toys put away, pick up any trash and laundry and whatever else we come across. Then once they've done their share and get to take a break the floor is all picked up ready for vacuuming or mopping or whatever. I try to build some time for me to clean up into every day. Example: Send the kids outside after lunch so I can take care of the dishes. We do what we can, but bottom line the kids are the most important. It sound like you're doing a terriffic job. I think many of us are just proud to get any one of those things done and if you're getting most of it done, it is commendable.

I vacuum every 2-3 days because we have an indoor dog. I hate it, but my husband wants a nice looking yard. (He doesn't get the irony of the whole situation.) I do a big clean once a week and try to tidy up the rest of the week. It is a little hard since I work full-time. My husband doesn't really help around the house all that much...I've tried discussing the inequity, but I'm still trying to train him :) It sounds like you are doing a good job.


Clean? What's that?

Sorry...I couldn't resist :-D

I have 4 kids (3,3,2,1) and our house is similar to yours size wise and petwise. What you describe is about what I do. I basically clean up clutter and wipe down my counters daily, I vacuum daily because of my dogs and I have to do dishes and laundry daily to keep up with everything. After that, I clean what looks dirty--its all I have time for! I actually wrote a blog about this once based off of a Parenting article I read:

Neglecting to dust or vacuum.... apparently, "the dust you see isn't what causes allergies or asthma. The real culprits are dust mites and other microscopic particles that settle in carpets, bedding and upholstery." They go on to say, "forgetting to vacuum may be a blessing in disguise. Vacuums stir up irritating fragments, like animal dander and other allergens." So in other words, the dust you see all over my tv and bookcases is left there ON PURPOSE so as not to stir up irritating fragments...

You asked, "Is this enough?" It's completely up to you and your family. It's not a right or wrong answer. Some people don't care about cleanliness very much, and so what's enough to them isn't enough to someone else who may be more fastidious. Balance is personal for each one of us.

But since you asked, from an outsider's opinion what you do sounds pretty good and it's about what I do. I wish my floors were cleaner, but they get messy as soon as I clean them and it feels pointless to clean them every day (my SIL sweeps/mops her floors every day, but the rest of her house looks cluttered and messy, so what's important to one person isn't to another person). Of course your husband's desires and comfort is important too and needs to be taken into consideration. And hopefully he helps out as well. My level of cleanliness is higher than my husbands and so I don't expect him to be held to my standards since it isn't important to him. But since it is important to me, he helps out. Kind of a mutual respect that works out nicely.

Also, check out www.flylady.net for good ideas on routines and cleaning schedules to help streamline your cleaning and keep the house looking nicely with minimal effort. I do a super quick clean of my bathroom more than once a week, and then I rarely have to do a deep down clean.

Hi R.,
Sounds like you're doing a great job. That was how much and how often I cleaned my home when I lived on my own! Now that I have just one baby and one husband to look after, I'm lucky if I get the vacuuming done once a month! Actually, I need to revise that. When I lived with cats and dogs the vacuuming, sweeping and mopping was done once every two days. Oh, that shedding hair! Can you farm out jobs to the kids? A 13-year-old should be a good vacuumer (as long as the other kids do their bit, too!)

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