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How Often Do Married Couples (With Kids) Have Sex?

Currently, my husband and I have sex about 1 time a week. My husband thinks that this is not typical. He seems to think married couples with kids have sex 2 -3 times a week. We have 2 kids ages 4 and 1. I enjoy sex, but I am not unhappy with our 1 time a week. How often do you have sex a week? Do you think once is normal. Be honest. Thanks.

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How wonderful that you have a loving husband who wants to be with you. It's easy after a long day to push sex aside but you both deserve the closeness and the wonderful feeling of it. Men are simple. Give him a little pleasure and you'll get bounds in return! Sex is kind of how men recharge themselves and fill them back up. Men want to be wanted by their wife-it makes them feel like THE MAN and want to provide more for you and the family.
My hubby loves it every day though it always doesn't happen. My goal is for every other day to have an intimate encounter of some kind.
Remember it always doesn't have to the be the whole shabang, so to speak. Enjoy cuddling, a shower or bath, massages, make out sessions, etc. All of those are intimate activities that can be done daily. And honestly, most of these lead to the fun stuff! Feelings always follow actions.
On nights when I'm just not in the mood, I'll make it his night to relax and just be taken care of. It also doesn't have to happen at night-grab him when you can. I work in the AM and am out of the house by 6. If I was home I would love to start each day off with a quickie-which we try to do on the weekend. Set your alarm clocks 15 minutes earlier and go for it.
As your kids get older it will be easier to fit in more alone time. In the meantime, get a lock on your door to prevent unexpected visitors and have some fun any time of day! You'll both reap the benefits.

Life is very precious. Sex is an important part of a marriage - it is a time when you and your husband can share something alone - without your children. Yes, it is a physical need for him, but for you too! It has a relaxing effect for both of you.
I don't mean to sound preachy, but my sister just lost her husband and I have learned how precious our time with our spouses are. Any time you can share with your spouse should be grabbed and embraced.

Hi C.,
I'd say once a week is realistic for a couple with young children. Most of the year you both work, then it's dinner, bedtime, housework. Kids definately play a roll, they add to your daily chores which can make anyone, man or woman, exhausted.
I think that the ethics of a wife have changed a bit, and if my husband needs a "release" every 3 days, well he doesn't necessarily always need me! LOL!
We believe much more in quality than quantity. We shoot for once a week but sometimes don't get it. But when we do it's well worth the wait! ;)
I say no worries, you're "wifely duties" seem to be right in the norm based on other Moms I talk to.


I have been married two years, and we have a seven year old and a one year old. We take it when we can get it, if both kids are napping we take advantage of the time. If Im tired at night we set the alarm early and have morning time fun. You've got to make time for your marriage and keep it fresh, you've got to remember that before the kids there was you two. And without you two there would be no kids. Just do what works for you guys but if he wants it more than once a week, try to make an effort. Good Luck.

You are getting a lot of responses and we al seem to be saying the same thing...once a week is about average for us parents with small kids. Truth be told, after having kids mu libido is nill now. I try and apease my husband and have it 2-3 times a week (on a very good week for him) if I had my way, I could do it once every 2 weeks. I enjoy it, it just isn't important to me. I would rather have a long conversation and curl up nest to him while sleeping. I think you are among the norm here. Hope this helps.

Well I have a similar situation. My husband thinks that we should be having sex at least 3 times a week, I think one or two would be plenty. We are currently having sex 2-3 times a week. I am honestly exhausted though. We have kids 2 and 6 years old.

Once a week is normal, my hubby would like it 3 times a day. We aim for 3 times a week, but depending on our schedules we probably average twice a week. I think sex is an important part of a healthy marriage, so although I'm happy with once a week or even once every two weeks, I still try to keep him happy with frequent sex. My in-laws have been married for almost 30 years and I'm pretty sure they "do it" twice a day. Its pretty common knowledge that when they disappear into the bedroom you better stay in the family room.

Realistically, I think anywhere between 1-3x/wk is probably normal and okay, but it really is a question of what else is going on in your world that week.

Hubby and I would love to have it 3-4x/wk but that hasn't happened since the second trimester! LOL But when we were moving, and doing all the packing and planning and everything else, I think we went nearly a month or so without, because we were soooo tired and every waking moment was consumed with things we had to do.

I have never agreed with the idea that a man's sexual appetite was my responsibility. No one ever tells a guy that if his wife wants sex more often, he'd better put out and keep her happy. Sex shouldn't be an obligation. If a wife or a husband wants sexual activity more often than the partner, well, there is a lock on the bathroom door for that.

Now, that being said, I do agree with the idea that sex is one of those things where the more you do it, the more you want it, and the less you do it, the less you think about it. And I also agree that in a good marriage you make time for each other as people and leave the parents out of the picture for a bit. Sex is a good way to do that. I think what happens though, is that men start focusing on the sex and forget about all the things they could be doing to get a woman in the mood to have sex. Romance, a little emotional attention, talking about what he loves about her, or reminiscing about things/conversations/activities/etc that happened when they were falling in love... these are good ways to put a woman in a mood to feel loved and become sexually intrigued.

When it's just about getting laid, it's not as high on the priority list. But when it's an emotional re-connection that is expressed physically, I think both parties get more into it and then will start making time for it.

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