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How Often Can I Give Tylenol When Teething?

Max is teething, I'm pretty sure it's his two top front. He already has his two bottom front. The baby oragel doesn't seem to be working at all this time. How often can I give him tylenol? He sleeps well at night although it takes him forever to fall asleep. Sometimes I give him a dose so he can fall asleep faster. But how about during the day. Thanks in advance for you advice!

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Thanks so much to all of you for your great responses. I should have put Max's age in, he's 8 months. I hate giving him medicine and really don't at all except when I have to so the other ideas were great. Max has had a few nights where he couldn't sleep for an hour or so, I've been rocking him and nursing him and giving him lots of love. I have found the Tylenol is good for a last resort, I'm scared to try the motrin because a lot of people in my family are allergic to ibubrofen... Anyway, thanks again, you are all great!

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I don't know how you feel about homeopathic treatments, but my DD is 10mo and has 8 teeth to date. With DS i used orajel and always wished it wasn't such a temporary pain-reliever. So since DD got her first tooth at 5mo, i've been using 'Camilia Teething Relief Single-Use Oral Doses' made by Boiron Homeopathic Medicine (I buy it off Amazon.com, very inexpensive). The medicine is clear, tastes like water and is divided into single-dosages so there's never fear of giving too much (I also toss a couple doeses in my diaper bag in case she needs it while we're out). DD actually gets excited when she sees me pulling one dos out of the box because she's come to associate it with immediate relief from her teething pain (I usually give her a dose right before we brush her teeth so that she sleeps soundly that night). There are plenty of online reviews about the product, just thought i'd share. Good luck!

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Use Hylands brand teething tablets. They can be found in the vitamin section at Walmart & other stores. I have 2 girls, now 3 & 5 that I gave these to when they were teething. The tablets dissolve easily in the mouth, so chewing is not really required.

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Dear Kim, Tylenol effects the kidneys. It is a chemical and like all drugs it sets of a negative reaction. All the organs of a child develop in the first 7 years. So do not mess around with them. Use oil of cloves. I have used them for my children or go to a health food store and ask for a teething remedy. Those are less harm full and work well. B.

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Double Check with your pediatrician but mine always had told me I can give Tylenol Infant Drops every 4 hours and Motrin Infant Drops every 6 hours. He also told me that you can overlap the two so there is always some type of pain relief in the system, such as Tylenol at 2 and Motrin at 3 so you can give Tylenol again at 6 and the Motrin again at 9 and then Tylenol again at 10. I am not sure what the max dose a day for each one is, so that is why I say double check with your pediatricain. Good Luck with the teething. Also anything cold that can go in his mouth and he can naw on should help too.

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i know that infant tylenol can only be given every 4 hours. when my children are/were teething and were uncomfortable i put a dose in their last bottle of the day. usually about an hour before bedtime. i would onlt give another dose if they woke up in the middle of the nite screaming pain or if they were extremely cranky during the day. sometime just massaging their faces along the jaw line helps also.

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Honestly, we found that with out 3 kids Tylenol didn't work well and it kills all the good bacteria in your colon, Oragel never worked. We used good old fashioned brandy. Just rub a little on the gums with your finger and no more crying or discomfort.

Good luck

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Just this past week they released a study that too much tylenol can cause a baby to develop asthma and other allergies. Be careful how much you give.

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Poor Guy - teething stinks!! If you can, use motrin. It works faster and lasts longer. Tylenol can be given at 3-4 hour intervals, but motrin is 6-8 hours. If it is that bad you can alternate the two but you have to wait at least 2 hours to give the next medication. Check with your Pediatrician for sure. When my son was sick I thought that I could only give him .8ml of tylenol but when I called and the nurse pulled his chart, based on his age and weight I could actually give him 1.2 mL. Basically - call the Dr, they'll know best. Good Luck. It seems like an eternity now but It will be over for the poor guy soon!!

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We're going through the same thing. Try Motrin. I helps with the inflamation better than Tylenol. Good luck!

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I found that with all 3 of my kids, Motrin works the best. 15 minutes later and they are back to their old selves again, whether they had a fever, or pain of some sort. They have Infants' Motrin, check with your ped. just to be sure about correct dosage...

I also know from other posts on this board that some moms use a teething tablet...I never knew they existed, but they seem to work, judging by the posts I've read.

Back when I was teething (40 years ago, LOL)...my parents and grandparents rubbed brandy on our gums...hey - whatever works!! :-)


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How often to give Tylenol is a question you should be asking Max's doctor. I personally used another method which worked for my children and grandchildren as well, we'd keep chew stuff like carrots or baby biscuits in the refridgerator not freezer and when they'd chew on it that would help. You might also try a wet washcloth that is put into the fridge freshly washed in a ziploc baggy, you want to not reuse the cloth again and again as it will then breed bacteria. Good luck with this issue and enjoy his growing years they go by so fast.

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