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How Much $$$ to Donate for Baptism

I have never attended a Baptism and next month we are having our son baptised. We met with our Faith Formation person for our Baptism Preporation Class and we were given papers explaining how to choose the right Godparent and along with that was a "Baptism Donation Envelope". Being that this is our first time I was curious on how much others were donating. I don't want to give too much but I don't want to not give also. Thanks

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I had my three grandchildren baptized in November of "06".
We gave $50 per child. It seems most people give that, but it really depends on what you are able to afford. You will be fine with whatever you are able to give for a donation.
May you have a blessed event.
Maggie S

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I believe that $50 is appropriate, some give more. Remember that they do provide the candle, and the batismal vest thingy (sry dont know the name). Give what you feel in your heart is best and if you financially are unable to, ask the Godparents to help in the contribution.

The church is requesting a donation, not a set amount so go with what you can budget for this special event. I believe DH put $100 in the envelope. Ours was a private baptism done as a favor on a Friday evening (not when they normally perform baptisms at our church), so we may have given a bit more for the priest's time.

Hi, there is no set amount for a baptism donation. I recommend donating what you can. You are not going to be judged by the amount.

I had my three grandchildren baptized in November of "06".
We gave $50 per child. It seems most people give that, but it really depends on what you are able to afford. You will be fine with whatever you are able to give for a donation.
May you have a blessed event.
Maggie S

When we baptised our first daughter we were asked to donate $100.00. The second time was for our twin daughters we were asked to donate $100.00 each but I got a two-for-one special and they reduced it to $100.00 for the both of them. Not sure if this is the norm though.

Hey girl, any donation no matter what amount should be ok, me personally, $10. I am sure other people will be donating as well.

I gave them $50 per each child. And that was only a few months ago.

just to let you know a Baptism should NOT be done on an infant, you should have him dedicated back to Christ, a Baptism is a choice he will make we he accepts Christ to be his savior and turn his life over to HIM. Number 2, Baptism is a free deal done in the name of the Father. God doesn't ask you to pay for anything especially is LOVE and Forgiveness. Choosing the RIGHT Godparent: please!!! You pick the person that you TRUST to raise your child in any event that should take you away from that reponsibility. This could be your best friend or someone in the family. Someone you know that will love and discipline your child as if he was their own flesh and blood. But this is my opinion and some of what I have been taught as a follower of Christ.

Religion is a personal choice. Please don't let anyone persuade you differently if this is your choice.

I baptized both of my kids at the age of 3-4 months. I donated $50 for each because money is tight. Some friends have donated up to $100.

Catholics believe that your soul goes to heaven only after baptism, so most Catholics baptize their children early in age. I personally did it sooner b/c I prefer it. I was raised and remain Catholic. My children will too, until they are of decent age and they can decide for themselves.

Hope this helps.

okay, baptisms can be done on babies, but it is more of a dedication. it is a choice of the parents AND a vow to God to raise them Christian while living a Christian lifestyle that is modeled to the children. Nowadays, baptism, dedication, and christening are used interchangeably. I am Catholic, I go to an awesome rockin Christian Church. My boys were baptized before 3 weeks of age. I will encourage them to get baptized when they are ready. pre teen, teen. I would pray about the amount. Maybe 5-10% of your weekly pay. Pam

You donate what you believe is fair for you; in my case when my grandson was baptized, our budget was not that big, so we gave our pastor an envelope with $25.00 and that was sufficient, since they do not ask for much. We are told to give what we can. So, just do what you can and feel is right for you and your family. Take care.

Hey N.. I had my son baptized last year and I just asked my parish how much is a typical donation. They told me most people donate $50, unless they are in a situation to donate more. I gave $50!

I donated $50. I don't know if this was too much or too little. This was the amount that my friends recommended at the time. God Bless.

Shannon J, who are you to say what is right and wrong? Do for your family what you believe is right and do not tell others what they should do.

I am giving $50 for my daughters baptism tomorrow.

Don't you hate it when you ask for monetary advice and people start shoving their beliefs at you telling you what you are doing is wrong? Geez!

If you are getting your son baptized, then you know all about confirmation which is when he'll be able to confirm those promises you, his father, and sponsors make when he's around 13...if he so chooses.

Anyways, it's really how much you can afford, I think we donated $100 (last September) for our son's baptism. But I think that was generous and something less than that would also be fine--it really depends on your income.

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