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How Much Should You Pay for an at Home Child Care?

I found someone to watch my 6 month old baby in March (she's not even born yet!!!). She has her own daughter who will be 18 months old. I will be dropping and picking up my daughter from her house. What is an acceptable amount of money to pay someone?
Thanks!! D.

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I pay $220.00 a week. I live on Long Island, New York. I can't believe some of the prices that have been posted regarding this post.

I charge $160/week for F/T care and $35/day for P/T, I live in Sterling, VA. Which is very resonab le. Most daycares charge $200+, and honestly I prefer in home daycare, if I was taking my child to daycare I would do in home. There is way less kids, they generally are much cleaner, and less kids equals more attention, and less sickness!!

I charge $15 a day for full time kids. And it doesnt matter about age unless they are in school most of the day and i have them part time. so its $75 a week. I do activities, go to the park and much more

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D., a lot depends on the area you live in and if you are using a licensed person ( which I recommend) a good way to find out a base is most states have a gov. agency called "info line" this has licensed providers home and center in your area, and ages, etc.. it should also have info about price range.. where I live south eastern ct. an average week for an infant is 150-200 per week for full care, remember that licensing is different for infants in most states only allowing 2 children under the age of two in their home at any given time.. good luck with your search

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You pay between $25-30 for new borns a day at a daycare. It is not reasonable for you pay that much. It is reasonable to pay for a newborn $15-20 a day as long as you provide wipes, diapers, formula.

I say it depends on number of factors... where you live, how many kids, etc. I run a home daycare in WIlkes Barre and I normally charge $110 per week fulltime (up to 45 hours per week) or $75 per week for part-time (25 hours or less per week). I also give the parents a good deal if they have more than one child 10% off per extra child. I have been told that's a good deal because I provide all the snacks and meals for the children.

Hi D.,
It depends on how many hours your child will be there, also, do you provide lunch, etc.. or are they provided. Another big question is....Is she licensed? Remember they are caring for your most prized possession, so if you like and trust this person with your baby, I think you should pay a minimum of $140. per week and that is cheap for someone good.

Hi D. my name is K. my daughter had twin girls and when they went to daycare at a woman house she charge them $25.00 a
day for each one.I hope that can give you a figure to work with.

I charge $15 a day for full time kids. And it doesnt matter about age unless they are in school most of the day and i have them part time. so its $75 a week. I do activities, go to the park and much more

I agree that you should call around (a LOT) and find out what the range is. Prices vary from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood.

But, most importantly, make sure you only go with someone who is licensed or registered and if you can, find one that is accredited. Being accredited doesn't mean it's necessarily better than one that is not, but if you narrow it down to only a few, this might be the deciding factor.

Infant care is usually more expensive since having infants lowers the max number of children a provider can have and then there's the issue of supply and demand.

You do get what you pay for. Don't discount someone because they cost a little more or even a lot more (if you CAN afford it). Maybe they've spent more on equipment, maybe they buy more fresh fruits and veggies (and even organic), maybe they attend EVERY class/workshop offered, maybe they've gone the extra mile to be accredited. These things cost the provider more and it's fair to pass this onto the client.

You might feel more comfortable if you can find someone who operates in a professional way and treats this is a career and a calling, not just something to do until something better comes along. There are a lot of WONDERFUL providers out there who earn every penny they charge, and then some.

I realize that some people have a very limited amount of money to spend on childcare and MUST get the cheapest provider available. I'm not faulting them, not at all. I was in that position years ago.

Good luck!

The price for home daycare really various. I have my own home daycare in Stfd. & I have found that certain towns are higher than others. For a full-time infant or toddler you should expect to pay at least $175 = $225 per week. Good Luck with your new baby girl! D.

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