How Much Should My 5.5Month Old Be Eating at Every Feeding??

Updated on July 07, 2009
A.W. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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I'M JUST CURIOUS B/C I went from BFing to doing both due to poor weight gain for a few months! I currently give my DS about 4oz every few hours and nurse him to sleep at night. he gets 2 other BM bottles during the day as well and the rest is formula. Ima part of another forum who looks downupon giving formula to my LO but he has been supplemented from day one since he was in the NICU for a week b4 he came home with us. I just want to know how much he should be eating....we do also do some solids once a day already too...

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So What Happened?

Another decreased appetite an effect of teething?? lately my DS is not interested in eating as much as sleeping??!! Growth spurt?? Im a little worried each feeding is hard 3oz now when just a few days ago we were doing about 5 to 6 oz??!!:help

ps I got hyland teething tablets and they seem to be thank you for your advice!!

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I think my daughter may have been eating closer to 6oz. but it totally depends on the baby. I'd say anywhere from 4-8oz. every few hours. He knows when he's hungry or full so just let him guide his own way.



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My son was having 6 ounce bottles by that age....but it depends on the baby. If you have to feed him a bottle every two hours and it still doesn't seem to be enough, then you'll know he needs more.
All that really matters is that he is having plenty of wet diapers, pooping regularly, keeping up with the charts on growth, and steadily gaining weight.


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Here is a great article with some guidelines:

I think a lot of it has to do with the individual baby. My 3.5-month-old has been taking 6 ounce bottles since 2-months, but drinks more if it is breast milk. Even his doctor said that is a LOT for a guy his age, but it's what he needs. We're not doing any solids yet. I have friends with older babies that don't drink nearly that much.



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Our little girl is 5 months old and only taking 4 oz per feeding. A lot of the literature I've read says the "average" feeding for this age is 5-7 oz, but 4 works for us....more and she spits up...less and she's left hungry and crying.'s really does depend on your little one.



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According to the information I have from my Dr., between 4 and 6 months, infants should have 4-6, 6-8 oz. servings of Breastmilk or Formula. My 4 month old consistently eats 6, 6 oz servings of Formula a day so we are now going to begin incorporating solids. He also shows signs of interest in feeding, by intently watching us eat and by sucking on food objects when offered.

Regardless of what the "experts" say i've met many other mothers and talked to my daycare providers and it seems like more people are moving to the actual solid foods quicker and sooner than before. My son has a 7 month old in his "class" and she's already eating actual table food. So it really just depends on the child, their development and their interest.

Hope this helps!

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