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How Much Should a 7 1/2 Month Old Weigh?

I have a 7 1/2 month old daughter that weighs only 13 lbs and 15 oz... her doc says shes underweight but to me she has a good size belly on her.. she dont act like shes starving.. and she eats alot... her height is 26 3/4 inches tall

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Well on Tuesday I took my daughter to WIC.. and since it was a week since she was last weighed they weighed her... I put her on the scale and it came to 14 lbs and 15 oz.. and WIC measured her out to be 22 1/2 inches long.. which sounds right becuz shes not a very big girl... Well her docs had her measured at 26 3/4 inches tall.

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My 7 1/2 month old daughter weighs only 15 lbs which is the 28 percentile. However her cousin who is 1 month and 3 days younger weighs almost 25 lbs.
The docs really are of no help they just go by their charts. My 3 year old son only weighs 29.7 with shoes and clothes on and they think that is fine.
This is a battle we all go through wether under or overweight with our kids. If she looks healthy to you and she is actually eating food, maybe she burns all her calories through playing rolling, and crawling.
Good luck

It sounds like you need more information from your Dr. I have finally learned it is ok to drill your Dr. until you understand what this means to your child.
The questions I would ask your Dr. are, "Is her weight to a point of concern? and Are there other issues I should be looking out for?" My almost 6 year old weights 34lbs. after a big meal! I noticed yesterday she was wearing a size 2T swim suit. When she was a baby she weighed below the chart… a negative number?! The Dr. wrote down that she had failure to thrive. I have a degree in Special Education and knew my verbal, alert, energetic baby was not failing to thrive. I pushed the Dr. on this, and we worked together to get a little more weight on her, though we were both less concerned once the weight was balanced with her normal areas of mental growth.

Hi E.,

honestly I couldn't answer that question completly. b/c when my daughter was that age she weighed that much as well. the doctors said she was fine. but also if your daughter is crawling or trying to walk on hher own then she is more likely to burn more calories in her body which would mean that she would be loosing weight. don't worry too much on what they say as long as she is eating well you shouldn't have much of a problem.

Every child is different. I swear, those percentile charts are the worst things ever invented. Your little girl just may be petite. I was always very small for my age. People still think I'm younger than I am and at my age, I'm not complaining! As long as she is eating regularly and not showing any signs of dehydration or malnourishment, why worry?

Well put it this way i have 3 kids ages 9 and 6 and 5 and my dr told me to watch my 5 yr old cause it is looking like she will be my porker she just turned 5 in may and she weights 20lbs and im seeing heavy spots on her her chest is looking like she has boobs already she has hips and thighs she is built right BUT SHE WILL BE SMALL she dont fit into the clothes i saved from my other daughter AND SHE IS PETTITE that she wore these clothes when she was that age I THINK IT IS A GOOD SIZE FOR YOUR DAUGHTER

I think girls must weigh less than boys, but my boys (have 3 of them) were around 20 pounds or so at that age. They also were BORN 27 inches long so I'm sure they were much taller as well. So you might just have a little girl for now. I wouldn't worry too much unless she starts acting hungry or something. Just offer her food more often and maybe she'll eat more?

My daughter is a "stringbean" and has been since birth. Now at 20months she's still 0% for weight and 60%height. It's perfectly fine and healthy to be on the lower end of the curve. As long as she's eating, seems healthy, and hasn't jumped dramatically from a high curve percentile to the lower end, she's perfect! My daughter was probably the same weight at 7 1/2m, and now she's healthy and happy, just petite!

Honestly, I wouldnt worry, I have a Kailey also, she is 4 years old and is barley 30lbs. my son is 14 months old and olny 19 lbs. I was worried too about my kailey, and I had some dumb Dr. telling me she needed to eat more, this girl was a bottomless pit, you put something in front of her, she inhaled it. she was 14lbs at 6 months old and the nurse said she was fine, they say babies should gain an ounce a week. I worried until I found a great Dr. whop sat me down and explained to me "if you know she's eating, and there no signs of malnutrition, go to the next step, look at genetics." Thats when it hit me.... my husband is 5'8, but his family is tall,and skinny his mom is like 5'10, his uncle and cousin are about 6'5", 6'6" and his grandfather is about the same, he comes from tall skinny people. So I dont worry anymore, I know my kids eat, and I know what they eat. If you know that your baby is healthy, you have ruled out any problems, and she is eating well, just relax.

Your daughter is fine. My mother says I was so skinny when born that IF they had cabbagepatch doll diapers then, they would have been too big around the thighs. She also says that I barely weighed 15lbs at 1yr. Now I am a heathly 200lbs (still losing from last baby born in May). If she is eating and is on a good growing curve, don't sweat it.

Hi there. I've heard of some rule of thumb that states babies should double their birth weight by six months and triple it by one year. Depending on the weight your daughter was when she was born, she may be right on track for her own growth. I do know of a woman with a very petite daughter who weighs about 16-17 lbs. at 18 months. She has great large motor skills and was crawling at 5 months! Every child is different, but definitely take the advice of your pediatrician and if you don't feel comfortable with your pediatrician's advice, definitely seek another one.

Dear E.,

My great grand daughter was born two weeks early and the doctor always said that she was under weight even though we felt the same way that you do. Did the doctor say anything about giving her iron supplement? My grgrdaughter is 5 years old now and doing fine, though still doesn't weigh very much.

Why don't you go on www.drgreene.com they have a lot of aswers to questions may they will have another view point from your doctor, or at least some help. There is a Vincent Iannelli, M.D. whose website is a bit odd, About.comPediatrics Guide, so you could try those to see if they help you.

C. N.

POSTSCRIPT. I went on About.com Pediatrics Guide and I think that it will help you. that is the one with Vincent Iannelli, M.D. a Pediatrician. C.

You may want to get a second opinion on the weight issue, but for your daughters age, weight and height it does seem she should be weighing a little more, i had the same issue with my 2yr old, but i dont agree with the statement about going to wic for help on the weight issue, they are not much help, my 2yr old is 4 lbs underweight, wic tells me she is fine, yet she only weighs 21 lbs and is 31 inches, she should be at least 24 to 26lbs by now, but isnt, i have had 2 drs look at her and they both say she is underweight especially since she is only on the 10th percentile.You can try giving her some pedi-sure each day, and feed her food high is protein, try giving her real chicken if you only give the jar food. good luck

You should call wic. -Women Infant and Children- It it a great resource for undewieght children. Your pediatrician can give you more information about them. I myself have no experience with them. I, however, have a friend with a child that was very underwieght at your daughter age and recieved thier sevices. They informed her of many ways and foods she could use to get her son to a healthy wieght.

What does your little one eat?

Im not an expert and dont know,but I can say my twins born at 34 wks were only 2 1/2 and 4 + lbs, now 4 mo they wweigh 9 and 11 lbs and are in the teens for percintile.(they are small for their age)However my premies are catching up to your 7mo old. My biggest girl is 23 in long??? Has the doc any ideas why or just says shes small? maybe see a new doc.If she seems happy and healthy she probably is,although I would say she is a bit small.

Well, I can't relate to having a small child (my son was over 21 pounds at 7 months!), but I would say that you might want to get a second opinion. If you don't agree with your doctor, ask another doctor what he or she thinks. If everyone agrees that she is underweight, then listen to what they suggest. Maybe they will need to run some tests on her to make sure everything is ok. She is most likely fine, but you never know. You wouldn't want to take any chances with your kids.


My daughter is on the small side too for 7 months - she is 15 lbs and 25 and 3/4 inches long. If the Dr didn't seem concerned about her weight - I wouldn't stess over it. As long as she is healthy that is all that matters. The height and weight charts are just an idea of where they should be. My son was always at the 25th percentile up unil he turned 2. He was in the 90th for height and 75th for weight. She may catch up later and if she doesn't it isn't that big of a deal if she's a little small. It's cute for girls to be petite.

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