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How Much Should a 10 Month Old Eat?

I know every baby is different, but just in general, what is the usual amount of solids that a ten month old should eat at one meal? My baby has a good appetite and if I let him he would probably eat a whole 3rd foods jar of the meat and vegetables as well as another 3rd foods jar of fruit (12 ounces total). This seems like a lot to me and I don't want to overfeed him because he's a pretty big baby, but I really don't know what the norm is. He also drinks about 4 ounces of formula a little while after eating the solids, but today he missed his afternoon bottle because he ate so much in solids at lunch. I know this seems silly, but with the first baby everything's a question! Thanks for any advice...

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Hi S.,
I think he is doing really well for eating. I would let him eat what he wants at meals. It would not be any different then what you would feed him for table food - a meat or dinner, a fruit and a vegetable and then a bottle.
He is doing great and eating really well. W. B.

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HI, I agree with other moms about letting him tell you when he is finished. If he is not wanting that bottle afterwards, can you give it to him later so he is still getting those nutrients he needs in formula? Or, give him the bottle first? Anyway, I like one of the suggestions about feeding him certain table foods that he could have. On that, I have two great articles that may interest you either now or for when he is a toddler and eating mostly table food. The first one is for parents of a picky toddler, and even though he does not seem picky, it has some fun ideas. The second is about great/fun ways to introduce healthy foods and help your child learn about health and nutrition so they make healthy choices on their own later on.

http://www.askdrsears.com/html/3/T030800.asp "Feeding Toddlers: 17 Tips for Pleasing the Picky Eater" .

http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/T040200.asp "ABC's of Teaching Nutrition to Kids" The article talks about referring to "grow" foods for kids.

Also, a great book to read is "If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It" by Kelly Hayford, C.N.C. It is really interesting and tells how to make healthy choices for your family. This would be important as your son grows and is eating what you eat. I loved reading it.

Best wishes!

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Hi S.,
I think he is doing really well for eating. I would let him eat what he wants at meals. It would not be any different then what you would feed him for table food - a meat or dinner, a fruit and a vegetable and then a bottle.
He is doing great and eating really well. W. B.

My thoughts on this after 2 kids is that kids eat when they are hungry just like us... and they arent going to eat when they are full unless its just a comfort thing. My son is 15 months old and acording to our doctor he is the healthy size of a 23 month old child. He was born at nearly 10lbs and has always eaten alot. I usually let him eat until he decides he is done and no he really isnt chubby at all anymore. My daughter is 2 and she eats very little portions and she is in the 75% for her age. Im not sure if this helps but good luck.

I agree that he should be able to eat what he wants. Just so long as he isn't spitting any of it up or getting a tummy ache after. Even if he starts to pack on some pounds, at this age it really isn't a problem. Most kids will run it off just as soon as they are walking. My 2nd daughter was HUGE at her 1 year old baby pictures. She was still really chubby in the face at her 3 year old pictures. But she's been a skinny kid, teen and young lady all these years since. She's 21 now.

The only time I worry about kids is when I see parents letting them stuff themselves with too many cookies, crackers and other really unhealthy junk. I've actually had parents send ho ho's and twinkies for their kids and then belly ache to me when I didn't feed them to them! I'm not a prude. I'm just overweight myself and feel if I can keep the kids in my life from following in my footsteps, then I've done them a big favor.

I agree with Wendy. A meat and fruit and veggie at every meal is a good pattern. I believe our food pyramid has been very wrong for many years. I believe the bread should be after the fruit and veggies and the fruit and veggies should be the largest part of the diet.


I am not sure, as at that age my daughter ate table foods, but she would eat a little plate of food (maybe a slice of cheese, two slices of turkey, and half a banana) then follow it with a 6 oz bottle. But she was also very skinny already by that age because she started walking and burning more calories/energy at 9 months, and that seemed to really up her calorie intake. Perhaps give him the bottle first? as 4 oz seems like not to much. At his age you don't want him filling up on baby food, as most of his nutrition should be coming from formula until he is 12 months. Perhaps give him a little bottle first, then let him eat as much solids as he wants.

Hi S....

I pretty much agree with the other responses, and I too have a fairly chubby 10 month old!:) My only suggestion is, if he's ready, start giving him solid meats and veggies like from your dinner, or sausage patties, lunch meat, etc. and let him feed himself. I noticed that my daughter decreased her intake when she had to do it herself but was still full and happy. She of course has days where she eats more or less, but it's way nicer when they can do it themselves!

it sounds good to me. especially at that age, before they're truly mobile, they do tend to get pretty chubby...mine did! he started walking at 9 months and now at 23 months he's just now starting to get a little slimmer. i worried too, because my son has always been very solid so any extra weight worries me. we call him the tank! he's in the 97th percentile in height and weight. anyway, my problem was my son never seemed to get full, and i asked his dr. on several occasions, but he said he was fine. if you still have worries definitely ask his doctor, but i think what he's eating sounds fine. try not to worry - we can't start curbing their calories and fat intake this early, it will do more damage than help. just try to give him the healthiest foods you can. sounds like you're a great mom. good luck!

well, of course i'm not sure, but my 9 month old eats 3-4 8 oz bottles a day, plus a 3rds jar and a 2nd jar with oatmeal or rice cereal. so i think that what your 10 month old is eating is fine! let him guide you!

At 10 months your baby's main source of nutrition should still be breastmilk or formula. Solids are extra at this point and mainly used as practice.

So, give your son his normal amount of breastmilk/formula and then after that give him a jar of fruit/veggie/meat or cereal. At 10 months I was giving my daughter cereal mixed with a fruit in the am, veggie in the pm, and then maybe 1/2 a jar of veggie or meat around our dinner time, but breastmilk was still her main source of nutrition until she was 1 year old.

My advice is that if he's eating that much solid food, definitely cut back on the formula. Ask the doctor if you can start cutting out the formula and going to regular milk because he seems to be ready. And as far as the amount is concerned, you are as good a judge as any...if he seems to be full and just eating to be eating then stop feeding him. Maybe offer some water or a beverage after half a jar of the fruit and he'll be satisfied. Maybe he's thirsty. If you're still not sure your best source is your pediatrician.

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