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How Much Milk Does Your 16 Month Old Drink?

Hi moms,
Just curious how much milk does your 16 month old drink? How many ounces at a time and how many times a day? My son cries for milk every time he wakes up (AM, or naps) and then it seems to spoil his appetite for breakfast, lunch, or whatever snack time comes next. It just seems like he is still getting most of his nutrition from milk than anything else. Oh, and he is such a picky eater, I run out of ideas on what to feed him. He wont eat eggs, cheese, chicken, meat, etc. I now worry that he is not getting enough protein. He loves, rice, noodles, and anything green (beans, celery, zuccini - all prepared in soups). Anyway, I digress...
Any advice is much appreciated!
Happy holidays and a wonderful new year to you all.
S. =)

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I was told that 8-16oz is sufficient. MOST of their nutrition should come from FOOD. Read online for recipes, different foods, etc... There are great recipe books too. Keep trying!! :)
Good luck!

My son is almost 15 months old and only drinks 6-8oz of milk before bed. That is it. My pediatrician said she wouldn't ever want him drinking more than 2 cups of milk a day anyways. She said he needs other vitamins and nutrition that comes from food, not milk and if he drinks more milk than that, he will be too full to eat. I give him half juice/half water in his cup in the morning, and when that's gone, I just refill it with water all day and he eats great. He's usually pretty hungry come meals and snacks and will scarf down anything I give him. Try to only give him milk once or twice a day and not too close to mealtime. Good luck!

I would not be too concerned about his protein intake if he is drinking a lot of milk each day. My daughter is the same way with juice, unfortunately. She asks for it all day long and won't drink any milk - even if I try to give it to her. Kids go through picky stages, I'd just try again with those foods at later times.

Good luck

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Mine drank about a gallon a day once we switched over to solids & cows milk. This was a bit of a decrease for him, since he nursed an average of 22oz per feeding. (It was/is important to us, especially with that degree of consumption, that he not be getting rBst/pestacides... and fortunately both for our health and pocketbook, we live near a mostly organic dairy (no hormones & no pesticides, but they still had their cows treated by vets for disease, so they're not *totally* organic, which, IMHO, is all to the best).

I should say, we're also scandanavian, at 7 DS is pushing 5' tall. He's also a VERY active kid, and always has been. We intentionally hooked him on computer games so we'd get at least an hour of peace a day. Whew. MY poor mother. ADHD & Athleticism runs in our family. I AM ADHD, so it's not overly noticeable to me... but who can avoid noticing 4 hours spent up a doorframe? Or a 4 year old who can run 3 miles in under 25 minutes?

His solids intake has always varied a great deal. When he's "chubbing up" for a growth spurt he easily eats double what my weightlifter husband eats, and when he finishes that cycle barely eats enough to keep a bird alive. It's fun to watch... because he'll all of a sudden get absolutely rolly-poly, and then shoot up so that his ribs and vertebra are all showing. We've also always let him eat when he's hungry, instead of trying to have set mealtimes. He's always been rather like clockwork... milk 24/7, & meals every 3 hours.

My son loved green things, too. Broccoli was his absolute fav.

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Our LO has a sippy cup of milk after breakfast, lunch, and then one about 1 hr after dinner. So I would say about 24 oz. We would feed her lunch with a water cup next to her and wouldn't bring out the milk until after she was more than halfway done eating. That seems to work best. Kids love milk, but you just have to be the one in control since you know what's best for them. I would also suggest that you keep offering proteins. Some books say that kids get used to seeing food and start liking some of them eventually.

Hi, I have a 15 month old boy... he has a bottle with milk when he wakes up and then eats his breaky about an hour later, a full breaky!!! I give him about 6oz's... He is satisfied but still hungry - that's the key - not giving him to much milk. If he cries for more, I avert his attention to something else until I get organized for the day and then give him a scrambled egg with some fruit or just a good big bowl of cheerios with some fruit. Keep trying with the cheese, chicken etc. He will take to it one day... My boy gets three bottles with homo milk a day (6oz before break and nap, 8oz before bed) and water with meals or whenever he is thirsty. Ohh and congrats on your 2nd baby!!!!

My now 18 month old gets at most 20 oz/day. He gets 4 oz 3 times during the day and once at bedtime and possibly another 4 if he wakes up at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. During the day I give him milk between meals so it doesn't spoil his appetite. In the morning he gets milk about an hr after breakfast. Then again when I lay him down for a nap. Then his last day milk around 4:00-ish.

About eating...I agree with the other mama about beans. Does he like refried beans? My son has LOVED them since about 7 months. Make some quesadillas with the refried beans and a whole wheat tortilla (sneak some cheese inside if you want). Have you tried fish? Something white and mild would be good.

Good luck!

my son is 17 months and runs through a gallon of milk in about 1.5 days and it has to be warm or he will throw it back at you(better yet he drinks 1quart of milk per day and 12 oz of juice)... he doesnt sleep through the night(he never has) I feel it is because he doesn't eat... he does not like to be fed, so I give him foods that he can feed himself, like those gerber baby cheetos, cut up fruits, toast, and he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and sometimes he will eat mac & cheese.. I also add cereal to his milk cup because he wont let me feed it to him... he absolutely will not eat anything puree or soft, so baby food is out of the question(he gags on the stuff!). His 2 front bottom teeth came up in June and he didnt get any more teeth until last month and now he wont really eat anything because teeth are coming from everywhere and it hurts!!!! I worry about it because he is small compared to other babies I have seen his age, but the Dr. told me that everyone elses baby is just BIG for their age.. I figure he will eat when he is hungry!!

That is the age when we had the "change" the rules to milk as dessert only (and only after they have eaten a taste of all the foods offered that night, no clean plate club, but def. nned to expand that palette). Both my little ones would live alone on milk but it will not give you all the nutrition you need so they have to eat real food. I will not lie, it is a battle (in one of my kids cases, we had food on the ceiling, on mommy, and all over her, but not in the child, that was hard not to back down to but remember if you let any of your rules slide you are not teaching negotiation you are teaching that lieing is ok...) but you have to stick to your guns.

Milk is NOT what is used to be.

I am a family wellness coach and here are two of the sources that I trust:



Do your due diligence. My children are 13 and 10 and there is no milk, cows, goats NOTHING in this house, hasn't been for years.

If you want a healthy option: This is my kids breakfast. http://liveitdontdiet.isagenix.com/us/en/isaleanshake.dhtml

And as for the "breakfast cereal", you know those little circle ones you want her to eat...check the ingredients. You will see TRISODIUM PHOSPHATE. Google it. Or better yet, head to your nearest hardware store and pick up wall paper remover and see what their number one ingredient is...you guessed it TSP trisodium phosphate.

PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELF. Things are not as they seem.

Family wellness coach

Hi S.,

My pediatrician told us that our LO should be getting between 20-24 ounces of milk a day. She gets a cup of milk after she eats breakfast and with the other meals. She loves milk but we have to limit it because it can cause constipation. For the protein issue, we crush a chewable multivitamin into her favorite cereal, but check with your pediatrician first.

Good luck!!

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