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How Much Milk a 16 Month Old Need

Hi all ladies,

I am just wondering am I giving my almost 16 month old boy too much milk. As I look at all the guide for how much to feed, most of them is about 1 1/2 to 2 cup which will be around 12zo to 16zo. Now I am feeding him a total of 24zo or said 3 cup a day. Beside milk, he eat almost anything and eat well. Any advise.

Thanks all

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I will like to thank everyone for the advise. It is not easy to be a mom not to said a first time mom. But with all your help out there. I feel much better that knowing I can always have someone to give me the advise I am looking for.
Thank again. Best wishes to all.

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I have a 16 month old girl and i do feed her about 18oz a day or three bottles of 6oz.
Plus her three full meals a day, brkfst, lunch, dinner on the light side.
I think 24oz is a bit too much.
Try water and juice in between.
Good luck!

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My pediatrician told me at 12 months that 12-16oz a day is perfect. Since I still like to give a bottle at night, I give my baby an 8oz bottle then, 6oz of milk in the morning (in a cup), and water throughout the day.

I have a 16 month old girl and i do feed her about 18oz a day or three bottles of 6oz.
Plus her three full meals a day, brkfst, lunch, dinner on the light side.
I think 24oz is a bit too much.
Try water and juice in between.
Good luck!

I've heard and read 16-24 oz until they are 2. My son is 16 months and drinks close to 24 oz a day.

i think hes ok with what you give him. most pediatricians say that they need 16oz a day. i give my 17 month old between 16-24oz. but she also drinks other things -- water (all day), juice (1 cup a day), and v8 (for extra vegies) she is also a good eater. i think you are just fine with how much he drinks as long as hes hydrated thats all that matters.

I think 24 oz is on the "high" end of recommendations. I think this was about the same amount that my youngest was drinking when we had his hemoglobin tested at 18 months and he was anemic. The doctor told us to limit his milk intake as he was probably filling up on milk and missing out on the nutrition he needed from foods. We limited his milk to about 2 cups a day, and tried to feed him a lot of iron-rich foods, and that took care of it. He is fine now. I would be sure you have your son's hemoglobin checked at his next well-child visit (if it hasn't been checked recently). If he is still eating enough food to get the nutrition he needs, I don't think it is a problem to let him drink as much milk as he wants.

I had my three kids on goat's milk and they consumed about a pint a day each from about one year to four years. I made one pint per can per day for each child and had a container in the fridge for each one labelled with their name. That way I knew how much each was consuming and I gave them their milk with each meal in a bottle or sippy cup. They finally graduated to cow's milk around Kindergarten. Since the goat's milk was expensive, believe me, I monitored consumption very carefully. I think you are probably in your kid's comfort zone. As long as he isn't having any food allergies. 2 to 4 cups a day would seem fine to me. Good luck

Hi E...Ironically I had just printed out Babyzone's Daily baby and Toddler nutrition needs List. You can do a search for it on their website. It lists as follows for a 12 to 24 month old:
Breastmilk/Formula: 16-24 oz.
Cow's Milk:2-3 (4-8oz) servings ( 1/2c whole milk, yougurt)
Cereal's & Grains: 6 or more servings(1/2 slice bread, etc.)
Vegetables: 3 servings (1/4-1/2 cup cooked or raw)
Fruit: 2-4 servings(1/4C canned or 1/2C fresh)
Meat/ Protein: 2-3 servings (1srv= 2tbsp cooked
Water: 4 or more oz.

That was word for word from the guide for more info look it up on their website <www.babyzone.com&gt;
That is apparently what your child needs so your 24 oz of milk seem fine to me. My daughter loved her milk and still does. She is almost three and still drinks 3 sippy/ cups of milk that are about 7-9oz each. If they like it then go for it. WIC just advised us that it was better for her to drink 2% than whole and when she turned 2 they told us she could switch to 1% since she drank so much. Hope that helped.

E., My daughter is also 16 months and she has about 3 of her sippy cups a day of milk. I also buy her the V8 infusion juice that she may have maybe two sippy cups full. I really don't think you can give them to much milk. This is my fourth baby and all my children are very healthy with no tooth decay. Make sure you brush his teeth also.
What a fun age our little ones are at!


My Dr says 16 oz a day, all kids are different so you should ask your Dr but the my daughter is 16 mo old and our Dr says 16 oz is enough. She also drinks water in between meals.

Hi E., there is no set amount, every child is different, as long as he is healthy and not over weight, i would not worry about it. J. L.

Pediatrician friend told me 16-20oz to leave room for other healthy foods and water.

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