How Much Is a Fair Price for Tutus

Updated on March 14, 2009
D.P. asks from Macomb, MI
7 answers

I usually just make tutus for my children and was approached by someone who wants to buy a few of them. How much do you think is the fair pricing. 25 yard rolls are around $6 . I will need at least 2 to make one and 4 if she wants it super fluffy. What do you think is the standard percentage of cost that is fair for pricing?


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answers from Grand Rapids on

Can I see your work? I am always looking for some props/dressup stuff for my photography business...


answers from Grand Rapids on

I know someone who sells things that he makes at arts and crafts fairs. Typically he adds 25% for something that is easy to make (less than one hour start to finish) and up to 50% for more labor intensive. Figure out how much you want to charge for labor (the minimum wage idea is good) and then find out how full she wants it before you quote her a price, that way you can adjust for your labor involved.


answers from Detroit on

Depending how many she wants if she wants one I would charge her half. But if she wants more than one charge her half for one and than maybe half off each one after so like charge 6 dollars for one and 3 dollars a piece for everyone after. I don't know. By the way what are tutus? Just curious to know I like different things and different stuff from a cultural expect. It sounds neat.


answers from Detroit on

I would charge $20-25, plus your cost. Google TUTU-- there are lots for sale online.



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I have an online boutique where I sold tutus that I made. Mine had elastic waistebands with satin. Are you sewing or tying the tutu? If sewing, I'd charge $50. I tying $20-$30. Hope that helps!




answers from Grand Rapids on

I'd charge for the expense of the goods and minimum wage for however many hours it takes you to make it.

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