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How Much Formula for a 3 Month Old??

I would just like a general idea of how much your 3 month old drinks a day. I currently have a 3 month old on formula and sometimes I feel like she eats so much. I am just looking for some guidelines. Also, would you give her any cereal in the bottle to help with her appetite?

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it isn't recommended to put cereal in a bottle as it can lead to overfeeding. There are guidelines on how much formula a baby should get based on their weight. I think it is 2.5oz per pound. the American Academy of Pediatrics has a great website with lots of info for parents. They also have some great books on babycare.

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I would totall recommend putting cereal in her bottle (at least at night). My son has had cereal since he was 6 weeks! It helps him sleep through the night and fills him up. And then during the day he eats 3-4oz every three hours!

My ped. doc. said he it was perfectly OKAY to give him cereal. I just don't want what the other moms told you to scare you. I have also started to try to feed him with a spoon. If you do do the cereal in the bottle you will probably have to make the nipple bigger. And its honestly not that thick that they can choke on it. Just put a TBLS of cereal for every 2oz! My son takes a TBLS for every oz he likes it thick! Just the first time becareful because it is different for them and they try to drink it like its milk.... but she will get a hang of it quickl just be patient!


Hello L.--my son is 3months (almost 4 ) and everyday is still very different. He does seem to eat a lot most of the time. He is eating around 5oz every 3 hours. I know the dr. will put him on cereal at 4months and I have givin it to him a few times but with a spoon and in the afternoon. I never put cereal in a bottle and never will. I dont think anything is wrong with introducing her to cereal on a spoon if you feel that would help but for the first time try for afternoon nap. Sometimes with some babies it bothers there stomache and wont help them sleep.You can also try to up the oz you give her and try to hold off every three- four hours. If you truly feel she is eating too much keep track for 2 days and call the dr for advice- he will tell you if it is way too much and should be put on cereal.

NO CEREAL IN THE BOTTLE!!!!It defeats the whole use of cereal to begin with. It's not going to make her more full and there isn't that much nutritional value to it, and can make her constipated. She's going to be drinking whatever her little body needs. Babies on formula tend to drink more ounces compared to if you gave breast milk from a bottle. She's probably want around 4-6 ounces every 3-4 hours. She's not overeating, she's just growing.

I would avoid putting cereal in the bottle. Most doctors will recommend against it, as it could lead to choking. Just wait until you're given the green light from your pediatrician to begin solids before giving cereal. Most doctors will also prefer that the cereal learn to be eaten from a spoon not a bottle (unless of course your baby has digestive issues such as frequent spit up or reflux).

Our pediatrician gave us this basic guideline - bottles should be no more than the baby's age in months + 3. So, at 3 months the maximum amount she should be drinking per bottle is 6 ounces, with no more than a total of 36 ounces per day. Of course EVERY baby is different with unique nutrition needs. I would consult your pediatrician to ease your mind.

We also noticed a big growth spurt around 12-15 weeks with our baby and he seemed very hungry. She could just be going through a growth spurt and need all the calories and nutrients to support her growing mind and body.

My baby is 4 months old now, but at 3 months, she ate anywhere from 3-4 ounces per feeding. She generally ate every 3-4 hours.
Hope this helps.

Hi L.,

My daughter at that time was on about 4-5oz's. Also, I put cereal in her bottle as well. About 2 little spoonfuls (I used the little spoons that I got for feeding her for shower gift). Then just shook the bottle up. You can also make 1 nipple a little larger by using a sterilized needle. I only did it at night. She almost always finished her bottles as well. I wouldn't worry to much about it. I would say also give her a little more bottle and see how she does.

I run a daycare at home & also have 2 kids myself.
(13 &10 )
My parents of my 4 month old pretty much feed on demand.
I have no problem with it. After all we eat when we are hungry. They also put cereal in the bottle at night and in the am. If not this baby would eat all the time. As of now she eats, 3-6 oz. at a feeding.If she only eats 3 or 4 oz, then in about an hour or so she is hungry for more,about another 2 oz. or so. Maybe she cant eat all 6 at a time, I do not believe in forcing a baby to eat 6 oz. at once. Eating habits will change all the time. It will take a bit to figure it out, and just when you do they will change again. I have been a daycare provider for more than 13 years, I have seen it often. I think if you watch your baby he/she will let you know when they are hungry and how much. They are only little for such a short time, then they are holding bottles by themselves, and running around, take advantage of that quite time with he baby while you have it. God Bless & Good Luck!

All kids eat differently, my kids were both nibblers...it's just my son was a lazy frequent eater (30-45 min, feedings every 1 1/2 to 2 hours the first four months), and my daughter ate frequently, but she got down to business (every 1 1/2/ to 2 hours the first four months, but 10 -15 min . feedings). Neither one of them ever took eight oz bottles, never more than six. My son is still a nibbler to this day (he's almost five) . My daughter is 14 months so we shall see if she stays a nibbler or not. Good luck, and try not to worry, I am sure you are doing great as all first time moms do.

it isn't recommended to put cereal in a bottle as it can lead to overfeeding. There are guidelines on how much formula a baby should get based on their weight. I think it is 2.5oz per pound. the American Academy of Pediatrics has a great website with lots of info for parents. They also have some great books on babycare.

The rule of thumb is 1.5 - 2 ozs per pound per day. So if your daughter weighs 14 lbs - she would need 21 - 28 ozs to gain and grow.

You should not add cereal at this point. It will greatly increase he r risk of allergies and digestive issues.

Talk about eating so much, my three and a half month old is almost twenty pounds and eats five 8oz bottles a day. My son is huge (was 10 pounds at birth) and neither of us are really big. The doc told me to continue feeding him when he is hungry and that he'll stop eating when he's full or had enough, and don't limit his food just because he's bigger than most babies, he won't be fat when he's older b/c of this. He said not to start him on cereal until 4-5 months old or when he's eating more than 60oz a day for 3-4 days in a row. Starting cereal can lead to food allergies in the future, just like the other lady said. So don't worry about it and feed your baby girl when she wants it. As long as she's not spitting up a ton of the milk, you are not overfeeding her and should continue to feed her.

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