How Much Formula for 7 Month Old?

Updated on October 17, 2008
E.H. asks from Royersford, PA
7 answers

Hi Moms! I am just curious about the average number of bottles your 7 month old baby gets each day and how much formula in each bottle. My baby girl had been taking 4 bottles each day, but recently has shown no interest in her early afternoon bottle. She is also getting cereal and fruits and veggies throughout the day as well as juice. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

HI E.,
How many ounces per bottle? I think if her total is about 24 oz per day that's probably good. You will see as she increases her food intake, the bottles may diminish a bit. Give her yogurt, etc to make sure her calcium intake stays steady. Hope this helps!



answers from Philadelphia on

Just make sure you are not giving her too much juice. It can be quite filling on little tummies. Also, I agree that her main source should still be the formula until she is one. It is fortified with a lot of things she needs for her growth and development, including fat. :)



answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi E.!
By 7 months my daughter (who is now 11 months) was transitioning into eating 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and she nursed or had a bottle about and hour before each meal. She also got one more bottle or nursed in the evening before bed. I nurse so it's hard to say how much she drank, but when we gave her bottles we would do 8 ounces. She seemed a little more full than usual with that and just wouldn't eat as much food for her meal that followed. Something I had to learn with my daughter as she keeps growing is that how much (or how often) she is eating stops becoming so important and what's more important is her cues. If she isn't hungry I don't force the issue. Hope this helps!



answers from Allentown on

no more then 4 oz of juice
28-32 oz fluids a day 6-7 wet diapers.


answers from Pittsburgh on

Hi E.. If you are feeding cereal, veggies, fruit and juice, 3 8oz bottles a day (or around 24 oz of formula) is great. Don't be surprised if she starts giving up those mid-meal bottles as she eats more and more. She just needs them less. She doesn't need juice if you are giving her fruit though. Formula/milk is much more important and full of the good stuff. Best wishes!


answers from Philadelphia on

the more food she eats the less bottles she may take. give her some water also. this is fine for her to have at this point. watch it with the juice. look at how much sugar is in it. the baby juice is pretty low in sugar. make sure to do it half juice and half water. try some yogurt also, she may like it plus that will give her some calcium in her diet besides the formula.sounds like you are doing well.
do not worry go with what makes common sense and you will be fine.


answers from Harrisburg on

Until a year old, her formula is her #1 source of nutrition. Four bottles sounds pretty good to me if they are six ounce bottles. Every baby is different. She is exploring her food, and it is very possiable that she may start to loose interest in bottles(better sooner than later). That afternoon bottle that she shows no interest in, try and give it to her in a sippy, and teach her to use it. She is still young, but in no time will figure it out.

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