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How Much Formula/food Should a Ten Month Old Take?

I preface this with I know that all children are different and are ready for things at different times. I was just wondering what your children ate at this age. I'm having trouble balancing the meals with the formula and getting everything in during the day. My daughter has a very slow digestion and doesn't seem hungry for 3 - 4 hours after the last feeding, be it a bottle or solids. This is what her eating schedule has been like the past couple of weeks:

8:30 breakfast 2-3 TBSP Cereal mixed with 1 oz juice, 2 oz yo-baby, 15ish cheerios and 1-2oz formula in cup
10:30 - 11:30 anytime in here there is a 6 oz bottle and naptime
1:30 Late lunch 1/2 slice bread, 1/2 slice cheese avocodo slices or 4 oz gerber dinner or 1/2 - 1 veggie, 1/2 - 1 fruit, 1-2 oz formula in cup
4:30 6oz bottle, short nap
6:30 dinner, variation of lunch
9:00ish bedtime bottle 6 oz

The reason I ask is because it seems that my daughter wants to discontinue her night bottle. I can't imagine that she gets all the nutrients she needs from 14-16 oz of formula, or is this the time that she drops a bottle? My daughter has had problems with reflux and not wanting the bottle in the past so this change makes me wonder if something else is going on. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi K.,

Let me start off by telling you that youi are doing great with the variety of healthy foods you offer! Awesome! But to the point... my son went through a spell where he wouldn't drink his bottle, my doctor told me that 16-20 oz of formula is the minimum (28 being the target #). She advised me that at this age solids are helping keep him fuller, but at this age they are more for introducing foods and not to make huge meals for him. He will get all the nutrients he needs from his formula. I tried this and just gave him a few bites of solids. He started drinking his bottle again, I don't know if it was the less food or just him, but he went up to 24 oz. Also, my doc said to just make sure he was having 4 wet diapers a day, any less and he could be getting dehydrated. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

My ten month old son is doing the exact same thing! Your post made me feel a lot better...He is taking in a minimum of 20 oz. and a maximum of 25 oz. of formula in addition to his three meals. It just seems like lately he wants NOTHING to do with formula in a bottle. (He has reflux, too.) I am making my own baby food and freezing it in ice cube trays. In addition to the formula, he eats 15 - 18 cubes of fruit/veggies per day. Is this enough?

I would try to keep giving her the night bottle if she'll at all let you. It sounds like she's eating fine, but I know our pedi recommended that our son have 18-24 oz of formula per day through the first year (and then the same amount of milk after that). I know that about 7 or 8 months, my son started refusing the bottle, and it took me a while to figure out that he just didn't want me to hold him while he drank it anymore. So then I laid him down on the floor and let him go to town, and he went back to drinking well again. I do know other babies close to the same age as your daughter who are drinking about the same amount she is. She just may not need a large amount of food and drink.

Sounds like she's eating lots of solids! If you're concerned that she is not taking enough formula (as pedis recommend 90% of their diet is breastmilk/formula until 1 year) try giving her a bottle right before she eats solids to boost her formula intake. I did this with my son when he went through a spell of really enjoying solids.
Best of luck! :)

I agree - I think you should try to have her take some, if she will let you. I also know the recommendation is 18-24oz/day for this age. Either that or try to sneak in more during the day (maybe at naptimes) Otherwise, it sounds like she is eating well!

It sounds like she is taking in plenty! By age one when you transition to cow's milk, she will only need to take in about 14 oz of milk. So sounds like she is heading that way. But she gets a lot of nutrition from the other foods she's eating.

Hi K., I think that is actually a good thing. My son actually stopped taking a bottle all together at 10 months and it was very healpful in the weaning process. Some babies just perfer eating more solid food and drinking out of a cup. I yhink its a sign of her maturity.

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