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How Much for Before and After School Care Is Reasonable?

My neighbor would like to know if I would watch her son before school (like 8am) then take hime to school at 8:40am and also pick him up and watch him after school 3:15 to 5:30 pm. I have children that are the same age and go to the same school so it's not to big of a deal, just a comitment. They would like to know if I could do this and to let them know how much I would charge. How much is reasonable? Also this would be for 4 days a week. What is fair?

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Charging anywhere between 10 and 20 a day is very reasonable for what your neighbor is asking.

Our current babysitter is paid $10 an hour. When my older kids used to go to after-care at their old school, we paid $75 a week. Before school care was $5 each child. Of course, organizations can be cheaper. A neighbor used to babysit after school and she charged $20 a day until 7 to give the couple a break because they were going through a hard time.

I pay $20/day ($100/week) for before and after school care. This includes breakfast, transport to and from, afternoon snack, and homework supervision. I use my local KinderCare. I had thought of switching to my school's program, but it actually costs more than that. So, I am keeping him where I also have my 3yo.

Will you be responsible for care on no school and early release days? If so, you might want to negotiate an hourly amount or have a separate fee for those times.

At our school, they charge $8 for before school care and $8 for after school care, so it would be $16 a day. That's the price no matter how long you are there. They also require a $50 deposit.

It looks like you would be watching a total of about 3 hours. Does she expect you to help with homework, give a snack or two or what? Does the child have any lessons/practices that you would have to drive to? I would find that out and base your rates on that.

depending on where you live, it will vary a lot. But I charge $4 an hour for that kind of service, so an hour in the morning and 2 in the afternoon - 3 hours a day for 4 days a week would be 12 hours - $36 a week. What if your kid is sick, will you still take him? What if there is no school, will you have him? Are you going to claim this on taxes? If you only do it for the school year you will make just over $600 in the year and technically would have to claim it as income, but for that little I think even I would not bother. ((but if you do claim it, you get to write off your utilities a bit and your vehicle and stuff, so might be worth it))

Not sure I helped, lol.

We pay $40/week for 3 days for after-school care at my son's school. I believe 5 days is $75. Not sure how much before-school care is. My younger son's home daycare does after-school care and I think they charge about $100/week. I would expect home care to be less (at school they get all sorts of games and activities), but don't forget you have to provide snacks and drinks.

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