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How Much Do You Spend on a Bridal Shower Gift?

I family friend's daughter is having a shower in another town and I have been invited. I can't go, but I do want to send a nice gift. How much do you spend on something like that?

Also, I will be attending the wedding in the summer. We have to travel quite a distance and will spend a good amount to get there. I do want to give a nice gift as I have known this child since birth. How much do you spend on a wedding gift?

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You All are great! You helped tremendously. I understand that it depends on what you can afford, the closeness of the family, areas of the country you live, social morès for the area, etc... and your answers really helped me pin point what I think is best for us. Also, fyi, I read online that you decide how much you want to spend totally. About 75% of that should go to the wedding. The rest to the shower. 60% to the wedding if you also buy an engagement gift. This article also suggested you spend a little less if you have the expense of traveling to the wedding. Thank ya'll so much! This is why I love Mamapedia!

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I think a $25 gift, in this case, would be perfect! And, I disagree with the person who put you don't have to send a gift if you are not attending. You need to send a gift--you were invited. That's just my opinion!

Shower - $50-$75 (more if it is a really close friend)
Wedding - $100-$200

But, that is just US. It totally depends on what YOU can afford. If you want to spend what I suggested above, I think you are in a great range. Not too little (yes, I think $20 on a shower gift is far too little, that is like a package of diapers and a bib!), and not too much. Just budget for it. Cut out a few things here and there just for that month and you can get a nice gift.

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Um, I want Chicago mama as my friend!

About $35 these days.

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Since you are not attending the shower, but will be attending the wedding, just check out her register and buy one nice gift either to be sent to her home (parents home), or placed on the gift table at the wedding.

How much to spend? check out her wish list and buy what you can ACTUALLY afford. It doesn't matter how long you have known someone, if you can't afford it, buy something you CAN afford. The card you write should say much more then the cost of gift you send.

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Shower gift around $100 and wedding gift $200.

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I spend about $25-30 on a shower gift, and maybe up to $50 if it is one of my closest friends.

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It really depends on your own budget. Last year we went to a wedding shower for a close friends daughter and I bought them 2 sets of their china. now that is a huge thing for us $200. For the wedding we gave the same amount only cash. Another friend who is a friend but not nearly as close we gave $100 at the wedding and spent about $40 at the shower. My own son is getting married next month and I have spent nearly $500 just on shower gifts alone. but it is really only what you can afford. for a shower out of town I would send a gift card for whereever they are registered.

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up to $25 ish. The last shower I went to was for my cousin. I bought her a trifle bowl and etched her new last initial "a" in a really fancy font on it. We are huge "Friends" fans so in the bowl I put a box of yellow cake mix (for the lady fingers), a jar of jam, a box of jello pudding (for the custard), a can of peas, and a can of all beef chili. Its from a thanksgiving episode where rachel made a traditional english trifle that has all these layer: "first there is a layer of lady fingers, then a layer of jam, followed by a layer of custard, which I made from scratch, then beef sauteed with peas and onions..." It all had to be shelf stable hence the can of all beef chili for the beef. I also added a few kitchen towels and serving utensils. I had to fly to her wedding and rent a car and hotel room so I did not bring an additional gift to the wedding.
For another cousin-in-law (cousin was the groom) I was not able to go to her shower and it was more a personal shower. I had bought a coach purse online and was $8 from free shipping and my shipping was $15 so I thought I would see if there was anything I could use as a gift. there was a small little zip purse for $12 that retailed for $68 so I thought done! It could hold her essentials for her big day. This wedding was local so I bought a pyrex dish and etched their last name on it in a cute font and put in kitchen towels, serving utensils lasanga noodles, speghetti sauce, parmesean cheese, etc. for their wedding gift. So they were also thoughtful and personal.

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Shower 50 wedding 100 here.

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Shower: $25 to $50. Wedding: $50 to $75.

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