How Much Do You Pay for Trash Pick Up?

Updated on October 01, 2008
K.B. asks from Riverside, IL
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Our suburb has two pick ups weekly for trash and everyone has to participate. I'm collecting data to see how our pricing and amount of service compares to other Chicagoland areas so that I can approach leaders in our community to rethink a trash plan that is easier on our pocketbook, but more important gentler on the environment and make our streets less congested and safer.

How much do you pay monthly for trash pick and what does it include (i.e. one or two pickups, recycling, yard waste, etc)? Please include your suburb name.


PS We pay $45 every other month for waste pick up (twice each week), recycling, and yard waste. That includes renting one trash bin.

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We rent our trash can and we pay $44.85 every three months. This comes to $14.95/month. We live in Darien (Dupage County) and this includes recyling. We have pick up once per week.


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I live in Oak Park and we have 4 payment a year. They include trash, water and sewers. My bill is about $100-$120 every three months. I just pulled out the last bill and the breakdown was this: $46 for water, $18 for sewer service and $46 for refuse. Hope that helps.
We have garbage and recycling pick-up once a week.



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I live in burbank and we pay 68.52 for 4 months recycles get done every other week garbage & grass every week they also give us cans but you have to pay if you want more than one 49.00 or 27.00 not bad. Allied waste in crestwood picks ours up



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In Lombard we pay $40 every other month for 1 container of trash per week, and unlimited recycling. Each additional container of trash needs a $1.35 sticker, and yard waste stickers are 1.50 for a paper bag or container. Bundles of yard waste are picked up free. Our provider is
waste management. Hope this helps.



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Bolingbrook residents pay for their garbage pickup in their property tax to the Village. It is once a week for trash & recyclables in blue containers but you need to purchase bags for yard waste. The company will pick up large items such as sofas or chairs but you need to call them first.

The Village would be able to give you the rate. The assessed valuation of the property counts because it is included in the Village part of the property tax bill.


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We live in unincorporated Glen Ellyn and we had two choices for garbage pickup until the three generation family-owned Roy Strom came to our area.(they serve most of Cook and Dupage)
We think they do a great job!
We have what is called the "Dual-Collect" collection system.
We have two 96-gallon hinged lid carts with wheels.(One for garbage and one for recycling)They also have 34 and 64 gallons carts, as well.
They pick up the recycling in the morning and the garbage in the afternoon.
We pay 19.00 per month, billed quarterly, one pick up a week. (I couldn't find a current bill, so the price may be a bit higher now)
If you need more carts or special pick-ups they do that, too. (for extra fee, of course)
Last thing (you would think I am getting commission of this)they have really cool trucks that have arms that come out of the side of the truck to grab the carts.

Here is the website



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I live in the city so I can't help you on price, but are you sure that your suburb's waste removal isn't franchised? Many suburbs today are, including Hoffman Estates, Oak Brook Terrace and Evanston. If you don't know, you may want to find out before you go through the effort to collect this information. If a franchise agreement is in place, there is unfortunately nothing you can really do to make a change.

If it's not franchised, then I say go get 'em! It is a very noble cause that you are undertaking. More people in their communities should be as concerned about this. If they were, we might have better solutions available to us.

Good luck!

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