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How Much Did You Spend on Your Wedding?

Hi Mamas,

We are in the midst of wedding planning and I'm trying to get comfortable with the budget. I originally wanted to keep it below $10K but we decided to have it on a Saturday with ~130 people - so, the price has gone up (we're in the SF bay area). It is turning out somewhat traditional. I am doing a number of DIY stuff and other cost saving things (e.g. ebay ring and used dress) but it is still ridiculous. The wedding is important to me but I am having a hard time swallowing the price tag.

How much did you spend on your wedding?

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Thanks for all the responses! Especially those that spent a lot of money, lol! The average cost of a wedding is $27K (in NY it's $65K)!!! So pat yourselves on the back ladies ;) I spoke to my fiancee last night, reviewed all of our decisions and feel better. My first wedding cost $50 but my family was disappointed they weren't a part of it. We both want our families to be there, which ruled out the best cost saving strategies (low guest count, destination, weekday etc). My fiancee wanted to do dinner since he has a lot of family coming in from out of town. We are making our invitations, centerpieces (mostly from the dollar store) and favors. All our vendors work out of their homes and are the cheapest we could find. No decorations, save the dates or programs. We couldn't find a backyard or any other cheap building to use (the one state park that was available would have costed more!). Our venue is a (very beautiful) picnic grounds so it is BBQ buffet. I am feeling like we are making the right decisions for us - it's just crazy we have to spend this much to include our whole family for dinner. My fiancee makes 3x as much as I do, which is taking time to get use to (not that I want to spend more regularly but that we can handle some extra expenses). My parents are contributing and we will not be in debt. It's just bizaar how much these things cost!

I appreciate all the advice! I also appreciate no one bashing me for the high cost - it is easy judge other people's financial decisions...

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We spent around 25k. If I had it to do over again, I would have just done a destination wedding (which my friend did for under 8k). I just think of all the stuff that I could have used the 25k on instead of one party on one day.

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Under 1000... we were very young and pregnant. It was very small.

I wish we had a nicer wedding. You wont regret it after. You will have such beautiful, special memories :)

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My son is in the process of paying / saving for a wedding which is in april of 2013. It is at this point up to about $14000 they have aprox 220 guests. doing a sitdown dinner w/beer / wine. dj, photo and they are renting the center pieces. that does not include the dress, tuxes or fresh flowers or rehearsal dinner

we are paying $5000 her mom is paying $5000 and the kids (my son and his fiance are paying the rest)

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Back in 1994, my dad gave me $30,000 to spend on our wedding and told me that anything left over was my wedding present. Had I been a smart, savvy 40yr old (like now), I would have gotten married at the courthouse and treated my closest family and friends to lunch at a local restaurant. Instead, I was young and living in a dream and wanted my dream wedding. It cost $24,000. I ended up with $6,000, when I COULD have almost had a down payment on a house! Oh well, I DID get my dream wedding, but I think I would rather have kept the cash...

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$111 for the licence. I eloped and bought a house.

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Most people would choke at how little we spent at our wedding. There would probably be a post about how cheap we were. (If a potluck affronts you, quit reading!)

We had a very meaningful handfast ceremony eight years ago, and got married three years ago--nearly two years after our son was born, and frankly, because I had some health issues and we decided I needed to get on now-husband's health insurance. I know, not romantic, but we were pretty happy with the 'partners in life' arrangement we'd had going up until then. So, we decided to do a quick wedding. Our favorite pub opened an hour early for us and our friends. Because people knew our situation and our friends are pretty chill, we basically (re) exchanged vows and then people ordered their lunches and drinks.

So-- I am sure most women wouldn't want to go that route, but I think we spent money on the wedding license, two lunches and a bottle of Pere Noel. (And we insisted on NO GIFTS-- the best gift of all is our marriage certificate, signed by all our friends.) Kiddo attended on my back, in the pack, and the rest is history!

And yes, we have AWESOME, Understanding Friends!:)

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$100 and we are still married decades later.

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About $500, 3 yrs ago. If you think it's hard to swallow now, think how it will feel AFTER the wedding. Your thoughts will soon turn to all the things that money could have gone towards.

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We spent less than $500 17 years ago. I decided it was more important to buy a house than have a big party, so the money we would have spent on a wedding went to a down payment on a house. (Being just out of college we didn't have money for both.) We had the wedding in the new house and it doubled as a housewarming party. I bought a used dress, my husband wore a suit he already had, we had flowers from my sisters garden, my sister baked a cake, my sister-in-law took pictures, we had simple food, and we had a good time.

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We had a great wedding. I planned it along with my Hubby, and we both had the same take on it.
To have something nice and small and private, while not putting ourselves or anyone into debt.

We had an Afternoon High Tea wedding. Therefore, we cut down on costs for a full meal, ie: lunch or dinner. We kept the invited guest list small. Only close friends and relatives. We had a friend, who is a professional Video guy, film our wedding. Another friend was the Photographer. We had it catered, and I worked with the Caterer, who also worked so nicely with me, to meet our budget. We had all the fixings for a nice "Afternoon Tea" reception. Food and drinks. No alcohol because that costs more. The wedding and the reception was held at the same place. At a person's very large and pretty yard overlooking the ocean.

I found my dress at a wedding boutique, sale rack. But I LOVED it.
Our rings were bands. Which we both wanted. I am not a diamond person who wants rocks on my finger. I wanted a wedding band. Me and my Hubby's rings, matched.

A friend, who is a Florist, did my wedding bouquet and the flower decorations for our wedding. It was beautiful and just what I wanted. Again, all within our budget.

And we had our Pastor, do our wedding. And we gave him a good monetary amount.

All of this, was $1,000

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10 years ago it was $49 plus my dress was $24. We were not, nor are we now hurting for money, I just didn't think it necessary. Oh yeah, my husband and I and his twin and bride were each given as wedding present $5000. We used ours for a down payment on a house, they used theirs to put a very small dent in their wedding day debt. Guess who's still married...

Congratulations and enjoy your marriage!

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