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How Much Did/does Your 10 Month Old Weigh

I am the mother of a 10 month old peanut (17.5 pounds) and I just wanted to ask other moms how much their 10 month olds weigh. He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 6 pounds 1 oz. He had a severe case of reflux that he outgrew at about 8 months so I know he has some catching up to do. The only thing that worries me is that he has beasically stopped eating solids on me for about the last week and a half. He has had a really bad cold and now is top teeth are coming in so I know that is part of the issue, but I know that he really can't afford to not eat because he is so small to start with. Actually the only thing he will eat is goldfidh crackers. Does anyone know of any high calorie snacks that I can try to give him to make sure that he doesn't lose any weight? Thank you

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I have 10 month old twins. One is 17 lbs, the other one is 21 and a half pounds.

I will swear to you that my daughter, the 17 pound wonder, out eats her 21 pound brother every day of the week. But she is really active.

I wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck!

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My daughter weighed 14.5 lbs at 10 months. She's now 18 months and 19 lbs. She's perfectly healthy, just small. She also had reflux that she didn't outgrow until recently. Some days she eats a lot, some days barely anything except milk. With her, we offer a variety of foods each day, and she also eats more if she sees us or another child eating the food too. I wouldn't worry too much about your son's weight. As long as he still has energy and you keep offering food, even if its goldfish crackers for a week until his cold gets better and his teeth come in.

Hey hun, i am in the same boat. my some is 10 mo and weighs 17.5 lbs. my ped has me weighing him every month and calling them to report, to make sure he is gaining. he has also decided to stop eating solids, we are back to baby foods. but as long as hes eating, right. I dont know what to do for him, I really dont want them to put him on any sort of growth hormones. How tall is your son? Mine is 26.3in. So height and weight combined hes fine! hes just going to be short :) I'm 5'3 and my husbands 5'4 my mother in law is barley 5 foot!

my 10 mth old is 26 pounds he has 4 teeth at top and 3 bottom try cut up banannas high n calories

My son is about 22 lbs, but is really long and slightly skinny. He was really chunky at birth at 9 lbs 8 ozs and 20 1/2 inches. He won't eat baby food or baby cereal, but will eat small amounts of table food (gotta find another baby to eat the all the baby food I bought!). He doesn't seem to eat much either. Those little pieces of freeze dried fruit? Are they high in calories? Harder cheeses (cut in mini cubes)? Whole fat cottage cheeze? Maybe some of little snack crackers (similar to goldfish) that are higher in fat - you'd have to look at the dietary info on each box... :P Teething can ruin an appetite because of all the saliva that goes into the tummy. My guess is that it is a very temporary stage (and not to worry), but if it continues too much ask the doc., if they aren't worried, try to wait it out and if you can't, get a second opinion.

I have 10 month old twins. One is 17 lbs, the other one is 21 and a half pounds.

I will swear to you that my daughter, the 17 pound wonder, out eats her 21 pound brother every day of the week. But she is really active.

I wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck!

I have a 10 1/2 month old. He is only 15lbs, he had a reflux problem when he was lil to 7 months we have been to the gastroligist, we have had x rays, ultra sounds,been to the genetics doctor and soon to be going to the endocrinology doctor, he has had blood draws and the only thing they said was to pump him full of calories he is on 4 scoops of formula for 6 oz bottle, he has a scoop of formula in a jar of baby food and he has to eat a jar of food with the scoop in it with every meal! My son was 18 days earlie and he weighted 5lbs 3 ounces he was 17 3/4 inches long. I have come to the conclution that all babys grow at their own size and he will be just fine. He also was sick around the first of the year and didnt wanna eat he was teethin and just a cranky lil boy! Good luck to you and just cherish him cause know matter what he will always be perfect to you!

At 10 months, our son weighed 24 pounds. I'm 5'9" and dad is 6'5". He's followed his growth curve and our pediatrician is not worried. Lucky for us, he eats anything put in front of him but hasn't seemed over- or under-fed.

All kids are different, so if you pediatrician isn't worried you shouldn't either.

My daughter is 16 months and weighs 18 pounds.

My little guy is just over 10 months and weighs 20lbs 12 oz.
The most important part is your baby is gaining weight.

An easy, high calories food...try baby or whole milk yogurt.
No artificial sweeteners. I use Yo Baby. I think it's by Stonyfield Farms. As long as its the whole milk yogury...you could try stirring in unsweetened applesauce, very mush bananas.

The cool yogurt will probably feel good in his mouth.

Good luck!

Has your baby started eating again? I have a 10 month old (19 1/2 lbs) who was going through almost the exact same thing: horrible cold & fever before new years with top teeth coming in, so she ate hardly anything except breast milk for 12 days or so. It was troublesome because she is usually a great eater, but our pediatrician didn't seem worried as long as she was well hydrated and getting enough milk. She finally started eating again and just last night we couldn't believe how much she packed in at one meal. Good luck!

When my oldest was 5.5 mons old I was told to "diet her" every other feeding was to be water.. LOL Yea RIGHT, she was furious!!! At 5.5 mons she weighed 25 lbs and now at 11yrs old she weighs 103 lbs BUT she is also almost 5'4" (Dad is 6'3", Uncle is 6'7" and I am 5'2")
I was "skin and bones" my whole life (59 lbs and age 11yr old, I was in gymnastics) and until the birth of my second I never weighed beyond 103 lbs (except pregnancy, gained 22 with my first and 86!!! with my second) I now weigh 130-135 and have never felt more healthy than I do now.
I say that if she is healthy, then she is just gonna be yer lil peanut, I would not worry too much about it.

My daughter was 17 pounds at 10 months and barely 20 pounds at 1. She'll be 2 next month and only weighs 25 pounds, doc says she's healthy, just petite.

My 1st son weighed 18lbs 6 oz at his 9 month checkup. He was always long and so thin. Even now at 2.5 yrs, he NEEDS adjustable waist jeans as his waist is probably 12m, but his length is almost for 3T.

Our 2nd son is 5 months and weighs 18 pounds. He's also long, just not thin. Both boys were over 8lbs at birth.

My point is they come in all different sizes. We were concerned about our 1st son being so thin. But as long as he stayed on track, the doctor was fine with it. For some extra calories, she suggested Carnation Instant Breakfasts mixed in with his milk. But, I'm not sure what age. There is also Pediasure (or something like that) that you can give him while he's on his eating strike. That should supplement the missed calories.

He'll be back eating in no time, I'm sure.


Both of mine were early and small, 14 and 16lbs at 10mos. As long as they are growing they are usually fine, my oldest caught up at 2.5 (just as my ped said she would), my youngest is now 24 lbs at 18 mos, so getting there. Its hard with colds and teething, just give him whatever he will eat and keep offering different things. The full fat baby yoghurt was always a favorite and you can get higher calorie additives for his formula or pumped breastmilk if you're really worried, they used them for my breastmilk when my youngest was in the NICU.

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