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How Many Shots at the 3Yr Checkup?

Hi there, I am just trying to get an idea of how much trauma there will be when I take my daughter for her 3yr checkup this week. Anyone know how many shots are typical at this one?

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We had been in the Dr office so many times in the past few months for strep cultures that I wanted her to have one visit where nothing bad happened. She still needs one more Hep A to complete the series but we are going to do it with the flu shot at that time. So no owies! If anyone else is wondering, my dr only does urine if there is a reason and there was no blood draw either.

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None! My doctor said no more, other than flu shots, until kindergarten. I'm not sure why so many are different so definitely ask!

My three year old just had is three year old check up. He didn't get any shorts. They are finished till the start school.

I have a 3-year-old as well, and from what I was told at the last well-baby appt, she won't have shots again until she starts public schools. I don't know if that varies or not from doctor to doctor, but she should be done for a few years , I think (except for flu shots, etc., that you may elect to give her). If you want to be really mentally prepared (!), call the office before you go and find out what is typical for her age, or even ask them to look at her chart. Good luck!

I believe that my son had one or two shots. My doctor also tested his urine. I picked up a sample cup beforehand so I could bring it with us. I didn't feel like I'd have much luck getting my son to pee on demand.

I just found a site that you can print out a list of what to expect. Very handy! Here you go: http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/growth/medical/checkup_3...

Good luck!

I don't remember... But I do remember my son having a blood draw at his 3 year check up and a urine sample.

Needless to say he wasn't too happy about the blood draw, but I think the worst part for him was being restrained, he did better when I held him and kept his arm straight.

Hi N.!
At our 3 yr check up we I think only needed 2 shots. My dr. is a family friend and doesnt see the need in blood work or urine tests in little ones unless they have ANY symptoms that point to something else going one. Because of this I adore my Dr. He also was the one to recommend only 2 shots per visit with my kiddos. My oldest had horrible times with 3 shots at once, especially as she got older. I have read that blowing bubbles while getting a shot tricks the brain on pain. Hope that helps somewhat. Best of luck and hugs to you two!

Hi N.,

My kids had all of their shots by 15 mos. check up, then didn't need any more until before kindergarten. I'm sure they got ALL of their immunizations because my oldest went to Kindergarten with no problem.

I guess it's the discretion of the doctor you use.


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