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How Many Outfits Does Your Child Have??

It seems like my kids have a lot of clothes.. and with as fast as they grow through sizes.. Some things barely get worn before they have outgrown them.. So I am taking a poll of all the moms ... how many outfits do your kids have??? How much clothing is enough for a child..?? I think my duaghter started last fall with about 15-20 outfits.. but as she grew - by spring she was down to about 7 or 8 that still fit..

I have been fortunate to recieve lots of handmedowns.. so I dont buy her 20 outifts per season... that would cost a fortune..

I have a girl and a baby boy.. so nothing is handed down in my house... boys cant wear pink!!

What can I do next?

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I am kind of the wrong mom to ask. I have tons and tons of clothes for my kids but my Mom is a shop aholic and so are lots of my friends, so i take their handme downs, plus I shop a year in advance ( I just got done getting almost everything for next winter at Childrens place at the Howell outlet. Sweaters were on sale for 1.99, pj's 3.99 etc

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I have three kids so to keep the cost of clothes reasonable I do keep track of how much I get them. For each size and season they each have 10 outfits, 2 of those that are dressier and 3 pajamas. I have enough that if I only do laundry once a week I have enough.
I did have more for the infant stages though becuase I had to change them more frequently.
Hope that helps you out.

About 30, but I notice she can wear dresses longer....no bottom for feet , so we are trying to go for long dresses and skirts. Hop it helps1

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I am kind of the wrong mom to ask. I have tons and tons of clothes for my kids but my Mom is a shop aholic and so are lots of my friends, so i take their handme downs, plus I shop a year in advance ( I just got done getting almost everything for next winter at Childrens place at the Howell outlet. Sweaters were on sale for 1.99, pj's 3.99 etc

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I just make sure my boys have enough so I can go a few days without doing laundry. Luckily boys don't care much about the latest fashion. Unfortunately, 5 year old boys wear out pants really fast. I rarely buy them anything new, usually it's from a mom-2-mom sale or the resale shop. When they start wearing clothes longer, I'll invest more.

I too would have to say that my step daughter has too many outfits, but 99% of them were bought at Goodwill or similar stores. We are lucky to have a number of younger girls in our extended family, so any outfits that are still in good shape get handed down to these girls.

Ugh... I think I may be the wrong person to ask about this. My daughter has a RIDICULOUS amount of clothes. She has 8 winter coats, 2 snowsuits and 14 pair of pajamas. I dont want to count her outfits. Her closet is totally full, where you can't push the hangers to look at the clothes and the pants are doubled and tripled up on hangers. She also has 2 drawers in her chest of drawers full of clothes and our spare bedroom closet is dedicated to her woredrobe for next season.

Now... with that being said. I totally shop on sale. I got most of the pajamas for less than $2 in the off season. If there is a store closing I go up there when everything is 70% off. I shop at Great Lakes Crossing, so everything there is clearance or super markdown. I've also been known to go to mom2mom sales and buy a whole outfit for $2 or $3 that is almost new or a pair of pants for 75 cents. She is the only grandchild AND great grand child on both sides of the family, so everyone is always picking up a little something. My grandmother particularly goes a little crazy and buys her a lot of stuff, & she lives out of state, so I come home with a suitcase full every spring & fall when we visit.

So... your question of how much is enough? How much do YOU think is enough? If you're comfortable with her clothing, then let it be. Kids are expensive! They'll only wear those clothes a few times before they grow out of them, so why spend a ton? Shop the sales and relax...

Probably way too many. My 3 mos old has at least 21 outfits, plus about 10 pairs of pjs. I didn't buy most of it...

My son (4) has fewer outfits-- but still a lot. 6 sweatsuits (nice GAP and Osh Kosh); 3 pairs of cords; 2 pairs jeans; 4 pairs cotton pants and matching tops. Again, many were gifts.

I am trying not to buy as much, as they don't wear everything for long (esp the baby). But the girl stuff is so darn cute!

I just finished school shopping for my 7 year old daughter, going into the 2nd grade. My daughter is a size or two bigger than all of the girls that we have around us so we rarely get hand-me-downs, but there are 4 little girls who I give her hand-me-downs.

I think my final count on my daughter's clothes to start out the school year is 30-40 outfits and 7 or 8 pairs of shoes. I shop clearance racks, yard sales, thrift stores, and actually received a few hand-me-down jeans this year from a friend was given clothes that were still too big for her daughters. If I had to guess I'd say 10-20 of those outfits are brand new. There are still a couple of clothing items that fit her from the end of last school year, too.

I DO NOT buy unless it's on sale. My daughter grows too fast for full price, but I do shop at Justice, GAP Kids, Children's Place, and JCPenney's. Occasionally, I'll pick up a couple of items at Wal-Mart, but Target is the only place that I buy clothes that are not name brand.

I know that I overindulge my daughter, but I'm pretty sure it's because of how I grew up. Growing up I rarely had new clothes and what new clothes my mom did buy were not in style, cheap brands, and didn't fit me right. I was made fun of and had hardly any friends because of it. I remember actually getting into physical altercations with my step-father over clothing as a young teen. I wasn't asking for much. I just wanted enough jeans to get me through 1 week of school that fit me correctly and were in style. Once I was old enough to have a job, I bought all of my own clothes and didn't even bother with them. I promised myself that when I had children they would never have to go through that.

I about fell over when I read your request!! Ok, both of my kids have WAY TO MUCH!!! I hardly buy anything new though. Everything is bought off of eBay or at Mom2Mom Sales. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get new outfits there though. Plus I sell all of it that way also. So in the end I feel like I'm actually renting my kids clothes and sometimes depending on the brand, I can make more selling them than what I paid for them. I can't even begin to count how many outfits they have. I just know I don't spend a ton.
J. in Macomb

My son has tons of clothes. He has 10 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of khaki's, 5 pairs of cords, 3 dress pants w/shirts & vests, 40 shirts, 10 sweatshirts, 15 top and bottom sets (including hoodie running suits), 10 pairs of PJ's, I'm not even counting summer clothes, swim suits and shoes. My son is 3 and very messy. He can easily go through 2 changes of clothes p/day. The number increases as it gets warmer and he's outside all day. I have a friend who gives me hand me downs, but I do a lot of garage saleing and http://www.mom2momlist.com/ shopping. I buy new shoes - most of the time, and socks/underwear/undershirts. Here and there I'll buy new clothes, but pretty much it's the gently used. I've done this since I was pregnant.

You hit the nail on the head. They grow so much so fast that sometimes they don't get to wear clothes that you buy. Clothes for $.25 to $2 is the perfect price.

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