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How Many Ounces Should My Baby Be Drinking??

My daughter is about 14 wks old. Until about 12 wks, I was exclusively breastfeeding but now that I've gone back to work, we've been supplementing with formula during the day. I still nurse her at night and in the mornings. I travel for work so we had to supplement. We've been giving her Nestle Good Start. She seems to like it and isn't fussy but she is SO hungry all the time! Is she having a growth spurt or should I increase her 4 ounce bottles? I suppose my question is how many ounces per feeding and how often should a 14 wk old be eating? And is it ok to feed her both breastmilk and formula or should I just stick to one or the other? Thanks!

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My pedi said the trick to putting anything (breastmilk or formula) was not to let them be able to suck it dry. He said to put more in than you think they´ll drink so they say when to stop...this can be tricky to figure out. Hope it helps.

She is about to turn two so it is hard for me to remember but i think she drank 4oz every 3 hours (32 oz a day). Heck she has been on 32 oz a day up until two months ago...now she only gets 20 oz of milk a day.

I just fed her when she was hungry if she drank more than 32 oz a day I didnt worry about it. Although my Ped didnt want me to do night feedings but I did anyway because my daughter was hungry. She let me know on her own when she didnt want to eat at night anymore.

I just went with the flow and followed her lead.

My son who is 11 wks today has been drinking 6oz for about 3 weeks now. I also use to nurse in the morning before work and once at night, but for about the last 2 weeks he's been sleeping through the night. If she still seems like she's hungry feed her another 2oz. Your daughter will let you know when she doesnt want anymore. I also used to feed both breastmilk and formula (when we where out and about.) And if we were home, I would nurse first and if he still seemed hungry then I would give 2oz of formula, which in both seemed like a win-win situation. He wouldnt get constipated and colicy AND save me money as far as the formula. I hope this helps you some.

I don't breastfeed so I don't have any advice in that area but I have an 11 week old baby that eats 8 oz every 3-4 hours and my pediatrician is fine with that. Now my baby does eat more than other infants his age(!) but I would think that you could definitely feed your little girl more than 4 oz. My little guy is also a lot hungrier at night so we often have to give him 10 oz or so before bed time.

I say if they're hungry, then feed them. If they are keeping it down and not spitting it all back up, then great!
Good luck to you and your sweet baby girl!

My 9 week old daughter drinks 45 to 50 oz per day at 6 ounces a feeding. She has been drinking that much since she was 4 weeks old. She is happy and healthy...so talk to your Dr but if it helps My littl girl eats a whole bunch and is not overweight at all. I was worried at first since my son never at that much.

If she will take both breast milk and formula then that's great because the breast milk will help her immune system develop so do that as long as possible. Also, if she is hungry all of the time then maybe you should make the formula stronger or like you said, up the ounces. Some babies eat more than others but I think it's safe to say 6 or 8 oz. bottles would be great. If she is anything like my daughter and the kids I watch, then she'll let you know when she's full and she'll stop eating.

I went back to work when my baby was 13 weeks, and I am able to pump and feed him breastmilk, but my pedi told me to give him 6 ounces per bottle. Actually - he said my baby needs at least 32 oz per day...so I guess the amount per feeding depends on the number of feedings per day. I'm not sure if he would have told me a differently if he was taking formula.
Hope that helps!

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