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How Many Kids Are Typically in Your Child(ren)'s Class(es) at a Public School?

I'm just curious to see what the numbers are, from different parts of the country. Hearing what the averages are here, I'm shocked & saddened.

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I'm asking because there was a last minute Kindergarten teacher addition at DD's school - there were going to be 3 teachers with 30 kids each, and I thought "Wow!". I guess I should be happy that they added the 4th teacher. There will still be over 20 kids in each class, and to top it off, apparently our state doesn't have a limit on class size. I think there were so many Kinder enrollments because this particular district still offers free full day Kindergarten, which my district & one other district does not. My friend, whose son goes to a public school in a different city in our state, said her son's class only had 18. I'm not sure she realized how lucky they are, and I'm sure it's because they live in a wealthier district, though. In any event, it's just so unfortunate. I'm already emotional about DD starting K, and the thought of her being just her little old self among a sea of kids just makes my heart heavy.

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I believe FL just passed a class size law - my daughter has never had more than 17-18 in her class. She starts 4th grade on Monday.

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It used to make my heart heavy too. My son had 25 kids in his K class last year. It was supposed to be an excellent school but felt like herding cattle.
This year, we are homeschooling so only 2 kids in his daily class and small group socialization :)

K through 3 have up to 20, 4th and 5th up to around 28-30. K classes each have a classroom assistant 4 days a week, 1st through 5th classes have shared assistants. Small class sizes are possible largely due to extensive local funding (parcel taxes and family/community contributions to city-wide and school-wide non profit educational funds.

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in fl we just passed a class room size amendment. vpk and kinder can only have 18 kids. 1st grade thru 5th (i think) can only have 20 per teacher. the teachers don't typically have paraprofessionals or aides in the classes anymore either. before the classroom amendment though my daughter had 30 kids in her 1st grade class.

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I know that technically the class size for kindergarten is 22 in Texas but they will go as high as 25. 1st-5th is usually 25 students, 6-7 is usually around 30, and high school is usually around 30-35. Just depends on school district and school. Some of the magnet schools purposely limit their class sizes in order to limit the number of invitations given out.

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24-26 kids per class

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When we lived in CA our son was going to go to Kinder with 38 other kids and one teacher - 40% of those children didn't speak english at all.
In WA he went to Kinder with 24 kids in his class with a teacher, an aide, and multiple parent helpers - 3 of the kids didn't speak english.
We are hoping to go to Korea this year and he will possibly attend first grade in a DoD school with about 10 kids!

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My son's school in Georgia has 7 kindergarten classes, all with 16-17 students in them. Each class has 1 teacher and 1 parapro. I was surprised by this. When I grew up (in NJ), I think my smallest class was 25.

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For my son's class, which is Kindergarten: 22 kids.

For my daughter, who is in 4th grade = 26 kids.

However, the school has assistants, for the classes.
Kindergarten has this regularly everyday.
Then there are also volunteer parents.

What are the averages, in your kids' classes????????????
Can you post that? Too?

All I know is, in certain years, the population, can be very high.
In one grade level, in which there are usually 4 classes, this particular grade level has 5 classes. THUS, the school's teachers, HAD TO, shuffle around and then teach that grade level, which is usually not their grade level.
Thus, in a given district, kid populations, can really increase in size. IN certain years.
Then, in certain grade levels, there is a few that will leave, in order to go to Private schools. Usually in 4th grade.

Some school districts, are just FULL of grade school kids/families.
And because of that, there are MORE kids, entering school.
A school, cannot control how many kids there are living in a neighborhood.
And then, enters into school.

AND some families, have TWINS. Thus, more kids in each grade level. In my daughter's class for example, there are 3 sets of twins. Thus, each family may have TWO children, in that same, grade level.

Thus, it is not directly the SCHOOL's fault... that there are SO many kids in each class.
Schools have: limited classrooms and campus size... and a limited number of actual classrooms, available for EACH grade level.
They also cannot just BUILD more classrooms.

They have budgets... thus cannot just hire more Teachers.
And, they CANNOT control, how many kids are living in their school district and then, whoever gets a District Exception... to transfer to that school. Too.
So, schools are really burdened.

Some neighborhoods just have TONS of kids/families, living in it.
Especially in the 'good' public school districts.
Families, move to good school districts.
The school or community, cannot control that influx....of how many kids live in a District.
Nor how many kids, are at the entry age to enter school.

Some districts, also have very few kids. Hence, the school closures, They cannot justify, keeping that school open. It costs big bucks, to stay open for just a small population of kids.
Hence, the school district lines/boundaries of each district, then gets shuffled around... and the kids' from closed schools, than have to, attend the next adjacent school campus. Thereby, increasing that school's student population.
Not that the school, can, accommodate, ALL those kids.
NOR can they have or hire more Teachers. Nor can they, just build more classrooms to decrease class size.

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I teach in Kansas, and at my school enrollment is very low this year. I currently have 22 in my class, but this is if you count all of the kids who have not enrolled, plus the kids who have, and the kids they have added to my list. Most of my kids will show up during the first two weeks of school to enroll, so it's hard to say. We are a highly mobile school; last year I had 24 at one point, and ended the year with 16.
I have to say, I think 22 is a blessing, because I know that other states have WAY more kids in a classroom. I personally feel like anything over 20 is too much.

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I believe FL just passed a class size law - my daughter has never had more than 17-18 in her class. She starts 4th grade on Monday.

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