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How Many Jars of Baby Food?

My daughter is 9.5 months and I was just curious how many jars of food your little ones eat at each meal. At her well check up, her pedi. mentioned that she's eating on the "lower end", but nothing to worry about. I guess I just never wanted to over feed her, so I typically would give her 1-2 Tbsp. of cereal mixed with a few spoonfuls of fruit for breakfast; lunch and dinner consists of 1/2 jar of veg. and 1/2 jar of fruit....along with 5-7 nursing sessions. Does this sound right? Thanks in advance!

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Hi since my son was 8 months his schedule is 8oz. formula in the morning 4 hours later 1 jar of dinner with a whole veg. 4 hours later 6 Tbs oatmeal mix with a whole fruit and 4 hours later 8 oz formula. Also in between meals I would give him juice in his cup. It works great! I also just transitioned him to drinking his formula from his sippy. So you can try this and see if it works. Good luck!

I have a 9.5 month old too and he eats about the same amount you daughter does. I think it depends on the baby and what they are ready for. My son isn't ready for much more than that yet, we just stop when he shuts it down. He takes four or five bottles of formula per day which is about 28 ounces and then the baby food is a little cereal at breakfast with some fruit mixed in; lunch is one jar of veggie and dinner is one jar of meat or veggie depending on whta he ate at lunch.

My daughter always eats less than average babies in general as she is quite a petite baby. My ped. says she should eat 16-20 oz of formula until she is 1 year old. Solid food should be on top of that. In order to achieve 16-20 oz formula, I end up only giving her about 2 jars of baby food. And I started giving her yo baby yogurt.

She does not eat unless she is hungry, like what the other moms says. So in order for her to have enough formula for the day, I cannot feed her too much baby food.

That doesn't sound like very much to me. My 9.5 month old eats mostly table food, but a typical breakfast for her is 1 whole nutrigrain waffle, 1/2 to 1 whole banana and a veggie sausage. For lunch she will sometimes eat a 1/2 sandwich (grilled cheese) and a whole piece of fruit and a handful of shredded cheese. She also nurses several times a day. If we are somewhere that I can't do regular food she will eat a whole container of applesauce, a whole thing of yobaby yogurt and some cheerios or something. Our pediatrician said to feed her until she's not interested anymore because a baby won't overeat.

Good luck!

This is going back a few years (34), my son ath that age would have a bowl of baby cereal mixed with 4oz of formula and half a jar of fruit. He would finish off with an 8oz bottle of formula. (His lunch was at day care and he would eat with the toddlers). At night he would have dinner (homemade food) which consisted of veggies and a meat (junior size jar) and a juice. Before bed he would have an 8oz bottle. In between there was water. However, he was the type that would eat until he was full and looked like a watermelon in the tummy area and you could "thump" his tummy otherwise he was unhappy until being "stuffed". At 6 months he weighed 26 pounds and sat up and would feed himself part of a pancake.

It is best to go by what your child will or will not eat. As said before they will not over eat food. Some babies will or have been known to drink extra formula and become overweight but as soon as they begin to run around they usually burns off.

My son is adopted and he came to our home when he was 5 weeks old along with some instructions on what baby likes. Well, I looked at him and I looked at what the instructions said and decided that 2 tablespoons of cereal in a bowl would NOT fill up the child and so corrected the amount and he was a happy baby. He did have an allergy to lactose in regular milk and we went to soy milk which was great for him.

Just take cues from your child and don't worry about what the book at the doctor's office says as it is an average of what children do. Your baby will be fine.

At 9 months old your baby should be eating a whole jars of baby food. For breakfast, 2 ounces of milk mixed with oatmeal cereal and with a whole jar of fruit and then about 30mins to an hour later take with a 8oz bottle. For lunch, should have a whole jar of meat and a whole jar of vegetables and them the same 30mins to an hour later 8oz bottle. For dinner the same as lunch.


I have learned that they won't eat if they aren't hungry, so I always fed them until they were done. But I think on average at breakfast I fed them 1 jar of fruit with their cereal, at lunch and dinner they ate 2 jars (1 fruit and 1 veggie). I never made them eat more than they wanted and I knew they were done by the way they acted. My son would spit it out and my daughter wouldn't open her mouth. You just have to figure out what her sign is. I also fed them cereal before bedtime too. I hope you figure out what works for you. Goodluck!

According to the minimum standards for child care, I offer each child under a year of age....3/4 cup of cereal mixed with formula with a 4 ounce jar of fruit for breakfast. For lunch I offer a 2 ounce jar of meat, 4 ounce jar of vegetable and a 4 ounce jar of fruit, 1 or 2 whole wheat Ritz crackers. For supper I offer the same as for lunch. There are lots of variations...but basically that's what I've done for 23 years, following state guidelines. They don't have to finish it all....but need the variety. Whole grains are very important during their day, whether it be in the form of enriched crackers, bread, muffins, or bagels. But it doesn't take much for a one year old or below. Finger foods are great, but I suppliment with the jar foods until they are eating what is required for the 1year-3year range. I give water with the meals but offer an 8 ounce bottle of formula mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before the child goes home in the evening. I don't usually serve the suppers; so instead, they receive a small snack before their third bottle before time for them to leave my home...to get them home in a good mood. I can send you more information if you email my website http://www.missbrenda.com

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