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How Many Hours of Sleep Does Your 7-8Yr Old Get?

Just wondering! My son goes to bed at 9pm, but it is not unusual for us to see him several times before he falls asleep at 10! Then of course he is difficult to wake up in the a.m for school. I don't think he is getting enough sleep, so I'm wondering how much sleep other kids his age are getting!


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My 7 yo goes to bed at 8 and reads till 8:30, lights out at 8:30. She typically wakes up at 6:30ish. She is not a good sleeper :)

My 9 yo goes to bed at 8 and reads till 8:30, lights out at 8:30. He wakes up between 7 - 7:15.

My 8 yr old just this year is allowed to stay up until 8pm on school nights. Last year it was a strick 7:30p so when this school year started we said he could try it but if he was having a hard time getting up then he had to go back to bed at the earlier bedtime. He too also gets up daily at 6:30am every day for school.

You should really nip in the butt the getting up several times before he gets actually to sleep. We had this problem too but it was more around age 4. He's getting away with staying up later by coming repeatedly to get you and he knows it. Put a limit on it by telling him he can come get you once if really needed, other than that he has to stay in bed. The minute his door cracks open the 2nd time to come get you stop him at the door firmly tell him to get back into bed - playtime will resume tomorrow. If he continues to do it - tell him that each time (he's old enough to understand) tell him for each additional time he comes out that's 10 minutes off his bedtime the next night.
I hope this helps

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The link above is for "how much sleep does your child need.'

I have 2 kids. 8 and 4 years old.
My 8 year old gets about 10.5 hours sleep.
My 4 year old, gets about 10.5 hours too. Plus he naps everyday for about 2-3 hours. So he gets about 13 hours of sleep daily.
STILL, they could use more sleep. And according to recommended sleep guides for kids.

During Growth-Spurts, my kids sleep more. My son has often slept for 14-16 hours STRAIGHT, when hitting growth-spurts. For example.

On weekends: they get more sleep because they can both sleep in longer.

Lack of sleep, snowballs and causes a domino effect.
ie: if they get lack of sleep for one night, and don't make it up the next day or get adequate sleep, then they are STILL having lack of sleep. Then over-tiredness. Then, the next day again, if they are still getting lack of sleep, then it just dominoes again.

I read a study: per older kids/teens. It said, that lack of sleep/sleep deprivation which Teens often get... often then sometimes, increases use of drugs, in teens. In order to stay up or get to sleep if they cannot sleep. Then, it affects their friends. And friends may also do that too. Drugs, and lack of sleep.
It was in a magazine that I read at a Doctor's office. I forget the title of the Magazine, but it was one in which the Doctor's office, subscribes too. An Internist.
The point was, that sleep deprivation, can cause, a host of problems and substance use.

My Daughter is 8... and she will nap after school when tired. She needs it. I don't force it. But I teach my kids that if they are tired, it is not a 'bad' thing... it means their body needs rest. So if they are tired to say so. They can nap. For my son who is 4, is it just a daily routine that he nap. If not he gets overtired and turns into a fussy ol' Troll. My kids still go to bed just fine, even if they nap.
My kids go to bed, at 8:00pm.

They still need more sleep.
But, practically speaking, with all the night time things and my daughter has evening Karate class etc., it is hard to get them to bed, any earlier.

A child, going to bed at 9:00pm or later, is late.
BUT many kids, do go to bed, at 9:00pm.

The older a child is, the more they can 'fight' falling asleep and 'forcing' themselves to stay up. It does not mean they are 'not' tired... just overtired.

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My son gets about 9 to 10 hours. He is 9. He gets up at 8 am. He goes to bed around 9.30, reads till about 10.15. I tried to send him earlier, but it's no use; he won't fall asleep because he just isn't tired. We have a late schedule because my husband works late and school doesn't start till 9. It works out fine for us. I talked to our physician about sleep about 2 years ago (when my son was 7). He felt that 9 -10 hours are fine at that age.

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Mine goes to bed at 8:30pm Sun-Thurs and wakes up anywhere between 6:30-7am. Approx 10 hours.

My 7 yo goes to bed at 8 and reads till 8:30, lights out at 8:30. She typically wakes up at 6:30ish. She is not a good sleeper :)

My 9 yo goes to bed at 8 and reads till 8:30, lights out at 8:30. He wakes up between 7 - 7:15.

Goes to bed at 8:30 gets up at 7:30. She is 7.

My 7 yr old goes to bed at 8p, asleep by 9p and awake by 7-7:30am...so 10-10 1/2 hours during the school week...a little less on the weekend.

My kids are asleep by 8/8:15 as a general rule. I try to have lights out by 7:30 but to have that happen we would need to start bedtime routine at 6:30.

I have a 6 yo and an almost 8 yo. We go upfor bed at 7 and get pj's brush teeth, set out clothes for tomorrow and tidy up a smidge and then stories as long as time allows, then youngest gets about 5 mins alone time with lights out with either mom or dad, while the oldest reads to himself, then he gets closer to 3 mins for goodnight conversation. Usually the youngest needs, water, wants her blankets fixed, heard a noise, needs an extra kiss, but because we start early by 8 she is finished with her screwing around and is asleep. Then they wake by 7 to get ready for school.

I'm thinking my daugher and perhapsyour son are actually a bit over tired and her screwing around asking for a million things is because we missed her sleepy window and she really should have had lights out closer to 7:30 than 8, but we do the best we can.

Since you asked, i do think that time is too late for your son, and that the bedtime routine really starts after dinner with calm activities and dim light and kids need some time to slow down and turn off, before they jump into bed. I personally, don't even like the kids watching TV or movies in the evening. Reality is that we allow them to watch America's funniest home videos most sunday nights, which shortens our bedtime routine and pushes bedtime much closer to 8:15 than i would like, but again we do our best to balance, and the rest of the week is ealier and calmer. maybe you son would like to listen to books on cd at bedtime to wind down if you aren't able to read to him. oh and i've heard it suggested to move bedtime back in 15 min incriments every week until you get where you want it to be.

My 7 yr old gets about 9-10 hours of sleep.

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