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How Many Days Do You Need at Disney World??

I have just booked a vacation to florda for my daughter (4 years old). We will be there for 7days. I havent bought the tickets for disney. I have never been there and I am not sure what kind of tickets or how many days to go. They also have the park hopper option, Do you really need it???? Anyone ever been there and have some sugestions??? Thanks again. There are three of us going me my boyfriend and my daughter.

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we had a wonderful time we spent 5 days at disney. We had the park hopper but we never used it. There was so much to do in each park that we didnt see everything. I bought the 10 day no expiration so we still have 5 days to use on another trip to disney. Thanks so much everyone for all the suggestions. They were all helpfull. Thanks again.

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i did a disney vacation with my husband's family last year (there were 17 of us in all) and we all had the park hopper passes. I would plan at least a day for each:disney world, epcot, animal kingdom, mgm stuidos. if you want to do all of these, i would get the park hopper passes, they are also good for the water parks. or there is, i believe, a 2 day pass if say, you only wanted to go to disney world and animal kingdom. sea world does a similiar pass with busch gardens. it all depends on what you want to do.

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Don't buy tickets unless you have checked the following websites for information:




I have gone to Disney World with my Son every year since he was 3 years old and he will be 8 in two weeks. I have never ever paid full price for a WDW vacation! The cheapest I ever got was $49 a night on sight hotel and $49 each way for airfare. That is kind of unheard of now but you can still get some really good deals.

He remembers being on the teacups when he was three years old! I would suggest going to Epcot - When you go around to all of the countries stop in each one and the kids can make a mask with a different item from each country and it is free!

i did a disney vacation with my husband's family last year (there were 17 of us in all) and we all had the park hopper passes. I would plan at least a day for each:disney world, epcot, animal kingdom, mgm stuidos. if you want to do all of these, i would get the park hopper passes, they are also good for the water parks. or there is, i believe, a 2 day pass if say, you only wanted to go to disney world and animal kingdom. sea world does a similiar pass with busch gardens. it all depends on what you want to do.

personally i think 4 years old is way to young for something like that. it costs to much and she wont remember a thing. my parents took me when i was 5 and i dont remember anything. there a many different parks and they are not connected or anywhere near each other. i would look on the disney website, and see what interests you guys. i would def. do disney, i went again when i was 16 and appreciated it much more. but it is ALOT of walking and if it's possible, hire babysitter also, becuz there are alot of things for adults to. and i know that 7 days isn't long enough to see everything, but you also would like to relax sometime in there right? have fun.... good luck

Double check with the Disney office but I think you can extend the number of tickets anytime up to the last day. So if you decide to get a 4 day pass and on day 3 you think you'll need more, you pay at the 5-day rate which is cheaper. I recommend at that age taking it easy. Depending on where you're staying, if you get a nice warm day she may just want to hang at the pool most of the day. So if you don't have a full 7 day ticket, you won't be out anything if you decide to do that. You might think she can't handle all the activity and long hours but it's amazing the stamina they have when they're at Disney!

can't help you thereas me can't afford to go lol got 4 kids & just on hubby'ssdd check right now

I would keep it to just a few days at that age. It can be overwhelming for a young child. Skip Epcot because she will be too young to appreciate it. The water parks are fun & have special sections devoted to the young kids that she will enjoy. Good luck & have fun!!

I just went to Disney in May/Junewith my daughter who will be 4 in January. Park hopper is the best thing to do, and cheapest. Plan one day per theme park and maybe an extra day in case you want to go back to a park that your daughter really likes. Also, if you are getting autographs that can take almost a day in itself. ( I devoted one day to get autographs, the lines are crazy and the characters take a break every 20 minutes) There is a lot to see and do. Have fun!!!!! If you don't buy the tickets before you go it is cheaper to buy them at the gate. There are stores that say discount tickets all over, I checked out alot, but it turned out to be cheaper at the gate.

definately do the park hopper..... don't do the marathon disney trip (trying to get it all in in obe day take your time and enjoy) go in the mornings to any of the parks... mgm, animal kingdom, epcot, magic kingdom.... go back to your hotel and take a nap... then go back and enjoy the later day and the firework specials.... if you are staying at a disney resort use the magic hours they stay open later for resort guests... people that are not resort guests go home and you get to stay later...(less people)DEFINATELY DO NOT MISS FANTSAMIC AT MGM (it is amazing) and worth the wait when you see the line for this don't get overwhelemed... you'll get a spot in the ampitheater no problem...people think they won't and heard in like cattle and get crazy that they won't see but you will and it is speectacular...... or the fireworks specials at MK and EPCOT.... definately get all the parks... you can do the water ones too... I would do two days at M Kingdom,,, half at animal kingdom then later go to epcot, the, next day do the rest of epcot...mgm you can do in one day b/c of the age she'll love the little mermaid!!! and beauty and the beast shows there.... do one day at typhoon lagoon but no blizzard beach she is to young.... one tip... the day you get there ssuck it up and do the vacation club tour it is about 1 and a half hours she'll go to aplayroom get snacks and play and whne your done you can ask for the fast passes to go to the parks..... these are good for two days..... will save you soooooooo much time in lines it is insane... fast passes normally work with your tickets.... you ut your tickets in machine at ride... this then prints a reciept that tell syou to come back at a certain time... but that is it you can not collect from another booth until that receipt time expires..... BUT with the special ones you get from the tour.... the minute you put the cards in you go that moment you do not have to go away and come back in hours later... then you go in the ride enjoy... get out and do it with the next ride and you won't wait in lines at all...... definately use at magic kingdom... it is soo worth it especially when you have that age and they don't want to wait....and get tired... hope this helps total days i would get is 6 to 5 days it depends on the time you arrive and leave....definately park hopper option it.... :-) enjoy we are disney pro's love the mOCCIO's

We went when our son was 2 1/2, and he still talks about it (he's almost 4). We took loads of pics and I made him a sccrapbook that he looks at all the time. I don't think you'll need the park hopper passes. We did one park each day, but had to do Magic Kingdom twice because of al the rain. His favorite was the Epcot fireworks show. We could have skipped MGM. Defintely do a food package, it will save you a ton of money!

We celebrated our nephews 4 year old b-day a couple of years ago and it's not definitly too young. To this day he talks about beating Zurg on the Buzz Lightyear ride and all the things he saw. Park hopper is nice to have but with a 4 year old and being there the first time will keep you busy at one park. Of course this also depends on what time of year you go. If you go during the summer or during the busy season don't expect more then one park since you will be waiting on lines but if you go off season finishing a park will be quicker. But again with a 4-year old there is always something to see.

I agree, you should get the hopper option. You will find that you will want to go to MAgic Kingdom more than once as well as Epcot, but you may not want to spend the entire day there each time. It's great for when you have kids because if you need to leave or go back to your hotel, you can always go back or somewhere else. As far as days, you need at least 5, or 6 if you want to hit a water park!

I would definitely go with the hopper option. You can visit one park one day and at night go to eat at a different park and see a show or something. It's definitely worth the freedom it gives you. We've been there quite a few times and with your daughter being 4...you'll all have such a blast. I agree with the women who said make sure you check the schedule. There are perks to staying on site. My best friend has her own travel business dealing only with Disney called "www.wishestravel.com" She's really great and has always helped us with EVERYTHING regarding our trip. Her name is Andrea. Hope you find this helpful.
MAN...I'm so jealous after writing you. I want to go back so bad. It really is the best place. Hope you guys have a great time!!!

We will be leaving for Disney 2 days after Thanksgiving. Park hopper is good if you want to visit two different parks in the same day. There's a lot to see in each park, so if its your first time going, one park a day will keep you busy and on your toes.

If you are staying on the property, you can purchase a meal package. I highly recommend this. Food is EXPENSIVE to say the very least. This will help you pre pay for some of your meals (Includes one counter service meal(good for a Lunch) and one sit down meal (good for dinner) and one snack for EACH DAY) and you can even use them for Character meals(where there's Characters mingle around while you eat, KIDS LOVE IT). So then you would only have to worry about Breakfast (cheapest meal of the day. JUST A IDEA... Also make sure you book the Character meals before going, makes it much easier because these are crowded.

Also if on property, make sure to check when each park opens early for people staying on property. They will have different parks, different days, that will open like a hour early or close a hour late ONLY for those staying on property.

My only experience is staying at a hotel on the property, don't know any good tips for staying off the propery.

HAVE FUN!!!!! Im 27 and my husband is 34 and we are more excited then our kids! LoL

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