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How Long Were You in Labor the Second Time Around?

I would like to hear from second time Moms... how long did your second labor last in comparison with the first? Also, did you deliver earlier the second time around?
We are expecting our second daughter in a few months. With a husband who travels for work on a weekly basis, I'm concerned that if I go in to labor while he is traveling, he may not make it in time for the birth of our second child.
I know that everyone, and every birth is different, but I am curious to know how second births went for other women.
Thank you!

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First was less than 12 start to finish. Second was the same b/c my water did not break and was not broken - until I delivered.

I'm gonna count labor as the time from when my water broke til baby was out, because apparently I either, 1. don't know what labor is (LOL) or 2. I have an incredible pain tolerance and work thru contractions.

Baby #1 was 2 wks early and born in 1.5 hrs.

Baby #2 was 3 days early and born in 5 mins.

Baby #3 is due any day...I can't wait to see how this labor goes! =)

Good luck & Congrats!

My first baby was 7hrs and second was 3hrs. Both very similar labors with contractions starting and then progressing very quickly until delivery. My 3rd child was a c section due to other health issues but I have no doubt in my mind that she would have been the same only quicker again.

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With my first at 38wks the Dr broke my water during a contraction which not only got him, my husband, and the nurse behind them soaked but it also got the wall that was 8 ft behind them. I was so embarrased and it was caught on video which made it worse. While the dr was drying off and getting the table setup I felt enormous pressure and tried to shift my weight, when my son decided to literally drop into the world. Luckily the nurse was right there towels in hand getting ready to clean the floor when she heard my husband yell and she turned and caught him. So there was no pushing in that one.

My daughter's arrival was less eventfull but just as joyous. @ 39wks My water broke @ home unfortunately it took my husband 2 hrs to get home. I wasn't having strong contractions but by the time I got to the hospital I was at 6cm. In the 15min it took for them to admit me the Dr came in and wanted to try some practice pushes. She came out on the 2nd one. So I guess I was in labor less than 3 hrs without strong contractions.

I guess I was pretty lucky in both births. I didn't have to wait very long for either to arrive and there wasn't much pain. Hope this helps. Congrats and Best wishes!!!

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First: 10 Hours Laboring, 30 Min Pushing
Second: 3 Hours Laboring (Almost didn't make it to hospital) 3 pushes.

I went to my normal drs appointment, one day after my due date, bummed out that I was OVERDUE and asked the dr if he would induce me... he said not until that Monday because the hospital was way busy...then he checked to see if I had made any progress (which I was sure I hadn't) and I was almost 8 cm dilated!! :) I had my baby girl about an hour later. The hospital didn't even believe me when I walked in and was like, I need to be started on antibiotics right away, I am 7-8 cm (I was positive for strep b during that pregnancy)... the lady at the front said, "Honey, you aren't 8 cm dilated, you wouldn't be talking to us"....RIGHT then, the l and d nurse walked in and was like, "Are you my girl who is about to push out a baby?" (My Dr. had called and told them I was coming). I'm not sure if I shot the front desk lady a major "I told you so " look but I am sure I did!! So you seriously just never know. My labor with my 1st and my 3rd were 28 and 12 hours but both were induced.

My first baby was 7hrs and second was 3hrs. Both very similar labors with contractions starting and then progressing very quickly until delivery. My 3rd child was a c section due to other health issues but I have no doubt in my mind that she would have been the same only quicker again.

first son 3 1/2 hours, second son 6 hrs 15 min

1st child was 6 hours from 1st contraction to birth. 2nd was just under 1 hour.

I would like to know too! This is my second due in July and am not sure what to expect about different laboring times.

you have so many great responses so i guess you can already tell that each baby and pregnancy is different. my first was late and we induced and i was in labor for 19 hours. my second came 2 weeks early naturally and i was in labor for 6 hours and he came out in 3 pushes total. it was so easy that the nurses and doctor laughed. i think if possible try to have your husband not travel 2 weeks before the due date. good luck!

My first labor was 4 1/2 hours and 4 pushes. my second labor was 56 mins and 2 pushes. Thanks goodness i was in the hospital with my second getting ready to be induced in the morning becuase otherwise if my water would have broke at home during the night like that i would have never made it to the hospital. it went from nothing to complete in 30 mins. i don't really think that is a typical labor but you never know, it could happen. it did to me. Good luck!!

All 3 of my kids were all almost exactly the same...in at 6am, baby before noon. Have you asked how your mom's labor was? My mom and my sister and myself all had the same exact labor...

My second one was 1/2 the time...........which was about 7hrs after being induced.......hope tht helps your "observation"

Congrats on baby #2!

~N. :O)

First labor was 24 hours, the second was approximately 4! A really big difference. My advice is to call him the second you think you MIGHT be in labor. Best of luck with the delivery!!

Baby didn't come sooner, both mine were just fine to hang out in the womb;) But, I did have a faster labor. First time around it was about 14 hours second time it was like 6 hrs or so. I was induced the first time but the second all my dr. did was break my water and I went on my own which was so much better for me, pain was a lot more manageable. I pushed for 15 minutes the first time and only 4 the second!! So for me the second labor was by far easier(if you can say such a thing about labor!) and faster:) Congrats and best of luck!

My 1st child was an 18hr labor on my due date. Water broke and I did not progress fast enough. I was given pitocin and later and epi.

Two and a half years later, my 2nd child was less than 2 hrs. of labor. I week early. My first contraction brought me to my knees. I raced to the hospital. There was no pushing needed, she flew out so fast that the doc did not even have gloves on yet. I had to yell, "Somebody better catch!"

Yea I am done.

My Dear, I have 5 children 4 by birth and 1 adopted. I will tell you that with the 4 each was different in length and pain. I can honestly tell you that I was so sure that #3 was going to be like #2 I barely made it to the hospital and the nurses delivered him.
So plan everything so you have a back up plan and someone else to be with youand care for your other child.
I want to tell you that military wives have for years had to give birth w/o the father who might be serving hundreds of miles away- I got lucky when we were Air Force we were stationed in Guam and hewas there for#2. and they have a friend/family member there with them. You will be fine just plan ahead with a back up plan.

Hi K.. Congrats to you! My first labor was about 12-14 hours (typical), and 1 week before my due date. My second was 2 weeks before my due date, about 6 hours labor (actually, a very easy, tolerable labor!). My third was 3 days LATE - I thought she'd never come - but only 3.5 hours labor (didn't seem as easy as my second, but shorter. No meds with all 3). I don't know if you can predict when your daughter will want to come, but hopefully you will have a shorter, easier labor than your first. Good luck to you, and congrats, again!

I'm soo glad you asked this question! It's great to see all the responses. I'm due in 3 weeks with our 2nd and hoping for a QUICK labor, as I was in labor for 4 DAYS with my first and pushed for 3 hours. I'm praying this one is as great as most of the responses! :)


With my first I was induced. Started at 6:30 am and baby was born just after 6:00 pm.

With the 2nd from first contaction to the birth was about 4 hours.

Ahhhhh -my second labor was a blessed event compared to the first! With the first I was in labor 14 hours. My water broke before ANYTHING else happened -no dilation or anything, so I was put on pitocin and then developed back labor. I finally consented to an epidural because I was blind and crazy from pain, and my blood pressure was spiking. For my second I decided I would have an epidural as soon as the pain kicked in! I had to be induced a week early for the second, and I requested and received an epidural about 3 hours after starting the pitocin drip. I then was able to pass out until the next morning when a nurse told me it was time to push. I pushed once and #2 was born! SOOOOOO easy and pain-free -especially compared to the first. The epidural didn't do too much with the first, but I found out with the second what all the hoopla is about! It was blissful! My whole "labor" with #2 was around 9 hours, but I was asleep for most of it.

One thing -almost always -the second and any more after that do come faster than the first. I know, even with my long first labor, I did push him out fast, and the doctor said if I ever had any more I better get to the hospital the second I felt a cramp! Since I had to be induced, that wasn't an issue, but she was right -when it was time -it happened REALLY fast.

My first was a month early and came in 7 hours (only because I refused the epidural for the first three). My second was bornat 39 weeks (even thought they had me thinking from 33 weeks on that he would be early also) and was delivered in a cool 2 hours from water breaking to finish. That's right, we almost didn't get to the hospital and the epidural hadn't quite taken full affect!!

My first was 9 days late. I was induced and that started around 6am and he was born at 5:55pm the same day. But I did push for 2 hours.

My second baby was born on her due date because I refused to go any further. I was induced at 6am and she was born at 8:45pm. Only because she was sunny side up and wasn't descending until they turned her over. Once they did that I pushed for about 20 mins. If she had been facing the right direction they said she would have been born with in 4 hrs of induction starting. Oy vey!

I just read some of the responses and you ladies are very blessed. First son labored for 4 days, contractions every 3-7 minutes. I got to the hospital on the 4th day at 5:30pm and he was born at 10:34pm after 30 minutes pushing. Almost 2 weeks past due.

2nd son started contractions about 6am and he was born at 5:45pm. I also tested positive for Group B strep and needed antibiotics. Baby boy was in NICU for 1week. Also, past due.

3rd son I was induced at 7am or so and he was born at 4:30pm. 1 week early only because of induction.

My 1st - I was due Oct 30th, water broke at 10:00 pm on Oct 26th and she arrived at 3:36 am Oct 27th. I did have signs w/ her earlier in the day on the 26th - as to spotting & cramping through out the day.

My 2nd - I was due Mar 10th, water broke at 10:30 pm on Mar 5th and she arrived at 2:44 am Mar 6th. I really didn't have many before hand signs with her.

My 3rd - I was due on Jun 12th and was induced on Jun 6th at 3:30 pm, they broke my water around 6 pm and he arrived at 7:52 pm.

My 4th - I was due on Jun 17th and was induced on Jun 15th at 4:30 pm,
they broke my water around 7 pm and he arrived at 7:36 pm.

My 5th - I'm due on Jul 6th... they are already talking about inducing me, but I won't know for sure what is going on for another month or so.

With me each one did come faster... but w/ seeing the doc every week, sometimes they can almost pin point the day you will have it. Or you can talk to your doctor about inducing since you are worried about your hubby traveling. My boys we both scheduled on day the doctor would be on the floor, because once I'm going & they are coming - their is no stopping it. My doc almost didn't make it to the 2nd delievery... so to make sure he is there he induces me. Also, with my 4th the only people that could watch the others didn't wan to do it on an evening she worked the next day - so we have to set it up so that she had the next day off. Sounds bad, but I need to know my kids are safe when I'm in the hospital & it was the only way to feel that way. This time - I have a few options at to where my kids can go... so we will see closer to July.

Good luck w/ the new baby & congratz on the growing family :)

Oldest was like 17 hours with lots of complications and a week early. They had me prepped for a c-section if they couldn't get him out.
The second 4 hours - boom - start to finish. A breeze! And technically she was just 1 day early.

Good Luck!

I will count from the time I felt the first contractions, and I allowed no medical intervention with either one except I had an epidural with the first:

First baby 32 hours of labor (last 2 hours were pushing). It's called prodromal (spelling) labor when it drags on and on like that.

Second baby just under 2 hours (about 20 minutes pushing). It's called precipitous labor when it's ultra fast (under 3 hours).

You never know!

4hrs for the first and 20 hours for the 2nd

First was less than 12 start to finish. Second was the same b/c my water did not break and was not broken - until I delivered.

Our son (first one) was induced and it still took eight or so hours to even get me into labor; he was born after another nine hours or so. Our daughter was born two weeks early and the birth was literally 2 1/4 hours from start to finish--very quick onset of labor with heavy contractions immediately and if the bag of amniotic fluid had broken, I think she would have been born in the car. Fortunately, it was one tough bag and the doctor had to break it. They barely had time to get the delivery room ready before she was ready to emerge. As for meds, I absolutely did not want an epidural, however I did have some pain medication to give me a much needed break with our son. With our daughter, there was no time for anything!

First baby, my water broke at home & I was in labor 13hrs. Pushed for an hour.
Second baby, I was unduced and was in labor for about 7 hours and pushed for about 15 minutes.

My first daughter was born 21 hours after my water broke (2 hours of pushing). Second daughter was born 4 hours after my water broke (less than 5 minutes of pushing). With my second I actually had to pant and try to NOT push because my doctor wasn't there yet. Didn't even have time to make it to the delivery room.

First time 6 1/2 hours. 2nd time 36 mins, start to finish.I was alone except for the very last minute when my husband walked in the door.

My oldest son was 3 days early, I was in labor for 10 hours, pushed for about an hour before he was born. My youngest son was a week late, I was in labor just under 3hrs, pushed twice before he was born. :)

30 min start to finish

my second time around my water "broke" around 7:30pm on the 26th Baby Brigit entered the world just before 1am on the 27th. yes, just a few hours of pain and pushing and that big late girl entered the world.

They broke my water after being at 3cm for 2 days, and expected a few hours of labour. 15 minutes later I was begging to push and 10 minutes after that my daughter was born. Majorly active labour 45 minutes total. My first daughter was 13 hours start to finish.

First of all, WOW! to S.G. in Philadelphia!
My first was induced 8 hours. My 2nd birth (3rd child - I have a stepson) - I started contractions at 3:30pm on Christmas Eve sitting with my oldest two in the movie theatre (while Santa was putting up the trampoline) and delivered on Christmas Day at 7:22pm. I guess it depends on how you look at it. My labor was different but I was 3 weeks early on my 1st and went in to labor 2 days prior to my due date with my 2nd. But, I have heard it depends on how far apart your children are. Mine were 12 years. Wish you all the luck and best wishes. I am sure it will work out perfectly!!

The 1st 12-14 hrs start to finish the 2nd 41/2 hrs. My 2nd son was 1 lbs. bigger and easier to deliver. Godd luck

First baby.....72 hours. No joke!
Second baby....12 hours! We gave her the middle name, Mercy! :)

Wow, the second time was much different than the first for me. The first time, I was in labor for 26 hours......no joke. The second time, my doctor assured me there would not be an all day affair again. She induced on my due date which I had heard horror stories about, but I was only in labor for 3 hours.........awesome!!!! A friend of mine said that she almost delivered the second one in the car. Good luck!!!

5 1/2 hours the first time. 2 1/2 hours the second time.

For my 2 kids I was in labor for a few hours and pushed 3 times with my first, and 2 with my second. Both experiences were pretty much the same, fast deliveries.

My first was 2 weeks early, and my second was born on his due date.

Best of luck & Congrats!!

My second son arrived a full week after his due date (my first was 4 days late). My second labor was also longer, nearly 24 hours from the first contraction, but it was much easier. The contractions weren't that painful and were pretty far apart. I arrived at my weekly checkup 6 cm dilated after 19 hours of easy labor, then went to the hospital and started pushing 5 hours later. No significant pain til I started pushing! So yes, every pregnancy is so different. Best of luck to you, and I really hope your husband is able to be there! Maybe you'll get a nice leisurely labor too. :)

I was in labor with my first for 22 hours. I went into labor naturally but she was 9 days overdue. My 2nd I was in labor for 10 hours and I was induced for the fact that my husband also travels for work and is gone days at a time. They induced me a week early. My labor with my 2nd was much more pleasant and quick.


I have 2 kids, three years apart. My first birth, the water broke, no sign of labor (I was a week late), I was induced, and total time from water breaking to birth was 37 hours.

My second I went into labor naturally, water broke somewhere around hour 8 and total from beginning of labor to end was 22 hours. Yes, quicker, but I wouldn't say QUICK.

Both vaginal deliveries, and both the pushing was fast, first time 45 minutes, second time about 3 pushes!!

Good luck and hope you husband can be there for the blessed event!


1st daughter was induced 1 week late, labor was about 19 hours, pushed for about an hour.
2nd daughter was 4 days late, labor was 3.5 hours, pushed twice :-)
Good luck to you!

First son 26 hours (felt contractions only in the last 8 hrs), second daughter 36 hours (felt contractions only in the last 2 hrs). I went into labor with my first on my expected due date, but was a week late with my second. Dr had to break my water for me to progress with my first, but everything occurred naturally with my second.

First: 12 hours labor, 3 hours of pushing
Second: 3 hours of labor 15 min of pushing

The second one was MUCH easier!!!!!

I'm gonna count labor as the time from when my water broke til baby was out, because apparently I either, 1. don't know what labor is (LOL) or 2. I have an incredible pain tolerance and work thru contractions.

Baby #1 was 2 wks early and born in 1.5 hrs.

Baby #2 was 3 days early and born in 5 mins.

Baby #3 is due any day...I can't wait to see how this labor goes! =)

Good luck & Congrats!

my second labor was so much faster with my first i was induced at 6 am didnt have her till 2:45 pm.wit hmy second went in labor at 6:30 am on my own at home didnt go to the hospital walked around my house untill around 8:30 then went to the hospital and had her at 9:41am the doctor said my labor went so good and smooth because i did alot of walking at home before i can to the hospital.after my water broke i only pushed 3 times and my daughter was here..hope this helps you

1st Baby - 25 hrs - 45 mins of pushing
2nd Baby - 5ish hours - 3 pushes ... 5-8 mins

My first child was born at 38 weeks, with 14 hours of labor, all of them totally miserable until I got my epidural. My second came right on her due date (so much for second babies coming earlier!), and I was in labor for 4 hours that I could feel. My water actually broke 8 hours prior to the baby being born but I didn't think I had gone into active labor - but I guess I did because I went to the OB 4 hours after my water broke, and I was at 5cm! So who knows. But the second time around was way easier and quite a bit faster.

Hello K.,

I am a third time mom and my first labor was 8 hours and my daughter was 4 days late. My second labor was 3.5 hours and 10 days late. My third labor was 2 hours and 1 or 2 days late.

My labors got a lot shorter the second and third time around. However my first was not that long either.

Good luck.

My water broke at 5 am with no labor. Labor started about 8am and I had my son 8 hours later. I was 39 wks and 5 days. Second time around I was 39 weeks and 6 days. Got checked around 2-3 pm ish at labor and delivery because I thought baby was moving less but all was fine. The dr "stripped" my membranes there. I stared laboring around dinner time but wasn't really aware that is what it was. Was rather uncomfortable by my sons bed time. More pain and went to hospital at around 11pm and was dilated to 6. Almost didn't have time to get the epidural. DAughter delivered at 2am. I labored 8 hours with her too. For me it was about the same, for others the second comes faster. Unless your husband can postpone any trips during that time or have someone else go instead he may not make it. You never know. HAve a backup person to help you with labor in case you need it. Have a person on call to look after your first child as well. Good luck!

Both my kids were born at home, and my first labor (my son) was 48 hours (36 hours of active labor) and 4+ hours of pushing; he was born the day after his due date. He was turned slightly, and came down with both hands by his head (hence the longevity). My 2nd labor (my daughter just 5 months ago) was less than 8 hours start to finish, and she was 2 days "early." I went from 8cm to birth in 16 minutes!! With my 2nd, I also tried to delay labor as long as possible because my family (and labor support team) was coming in from Ohio 2 days before my due date. We laugh that she got tired of waiting because she was born just 9 hours before my family arrived!!

You can't really go by when you're water breaks, either, because with my 1st, it broke 26 hours before he was born, and my daughter was born in the caul (meaning it didn't break until she was born).

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