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How Long Until Baby Starts Sleeping Thru the Night?

My ds is 3 months and exclusively breastfed. He only sleeps about 3 or 4 hours at a time. My daughter was breast and bottle so she slept longer at night when we gave her formula. Im thinking in another month or 2 he can start having rice cereal which will hopefully help... Is this typical for an exculsively bf baby? Anyone have an idea of when I might start getting some sleep? TIA

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I actually have no clue about BF babies, both of mine were bottle/formula only.. lol

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My kids were 18 months before they started sleeping through the night. Neither one was breast fed for more than 1 year. My solution was to bring them into bed with me, latch them on and go back to sleep.

Just a thought :-)

Seriously, though, the more I hear from other moms, the more I hear of kids that don't sleep through the night until they are much older.

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All babies are different. My daughter slept through the night at 6 weeks & she was exclusively breastfed.

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It's not about the food, it's about the schedule (in my experience). I used the Babywise method and my youngest slept through the night at 5 weeks. With the older one, we fed her every time she made noise (i.e. demand feeding, incorrectly), and so she didn't sleep through the night until she was a year old, poor thing (and poor us). Having experienced both, I'd recommend the Babywise method, personally! :-D

Best of luck!

ETA: Mindy, it is clear that you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about with regard to Babywise. Maybe try reading the book before pronouncing it "evil!"
ETA2: Mindy, again, just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true. The book CLEARLY states over and over again that if the baby is hungry, you feed the baby. You are never to withhold food from a hungry baby. The point is, with parent-directed feedings, you use your judgment as a parent to determine if the baby is truly hungry or not, and following a schedule helps with that. There is no way that if you follow the advice given in the book, your baby would ever end up malnourished. It's laughable; my baby and those of all the friends I know who also used Babywise were very chubby, happy babies with rosy cheeks, and all of them were great sleepers. Again, while I respect all the time you have put into your training, you are relying on online hearsay to malign a method that works (and worked for literally thousands of years - Babywise is nothing new).

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I'm surprised by some of these answers. 3 months is too young to be on a strict schedule and 3-4 hours of sleep is pretty average. Babies need to eat a lot, that's just how it is and my guess is that your daughter slept longer because she was a better sleeper or better at stocking up on nutrients during the day, not because of the formula. I'd say you just have to wait it out, which stinks for you, but it's what's best for your son.

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Terrible, sleep deprivation, isn't it? There's no real answer to your question because it's going to depend on your baby. Rice cereal or formula won't have anything to do with it, and the new ideas are to skip the tasteless filler cereals and start with veggies. You can check with your dr about that, but either way, it won't have any effect on the number of hours sleeping. You can try sleep training in a short while if you're open to that. One of the best things we did was teaching our kids at a young age to put themselves to sleep! Good luck-I know it's rough!

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I actually have no clue about BF babies, both of mine were bottle/formula only.. lol

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iVillage has been around for 20 years? How old is the internet again?

About now.

We used Babywise, but Ferber is good. Key word is sleep training.

We did our son at 4 months. Took 4 nights. He cried the first about 15 minutes. It'll be very hard not to check on him - lean on hubby.

Next night he cried 10. Next night 5. Then just a minute or two.

We've all been sleeping soundly since (he's 13m now).

Good luck!

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It is not true, that Formula babies sleep longer or better.
Because, each baby, has different levels of appetites, hunger needs, development pacing, metabolisms, and weight and growth levels.

It is important, to nurse baby on-demand. Therefore, a baby's hunger needs are met. It is also important to make sure you are producing enough milk, so that, the baby IS getting enough intake. Daily. And 24/7, day and night.

BOTH my kids, were exclusively breastfed.
They both had HUGE appetites. I nursed them on-demand, anytime of day and night. And they were very healthy and grew like weeds.
And, it is just what babies do. They wake and feed. That is their job. In order to grow optimally and to develop optimally.

3 months old, is a growth-spurt time in a baby. Thus, they need to feed and they get hungrier more often and need more intake... to keep up with, them.

Every 3 months is a growth-spurt. In a baby.

You mention that your baby wakes every 3-4 hours.
To me... that is GOOD.
My kids as infants and babies, woke MORE often, than yours.

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the reason he is not sleeping through then night is not breastmilk. i agree with whoever said it's about schedules...and i would add, habits. try to squeeze in an extra feeding in the evening, and make sure they are FULL feedings, and not just a bit til baby is satisfied or falls asleep. they can sleep through the night much earlier than most do, but many moms are fooled, thinking that they can't. also, try not to run to him right away when he wakes. he might go back to sleep alone, after fussing for a bit. you can also try having hubby go and comfort him, or going to him but not feeding.

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it really depends on the baby. My daughter didn't sleep through the night till she was 12 months. My son did it at 5 weeks, and was doing a good 7-8 hours by 7 weeks. He was a big baby, almost 10 lb at birth.

You need to feed on demand. One thing you could do is see what happens if you let him fuss for 2 minutes. Sometimes we mistake wanting food for them just resettling. However, 3 months is a growth spurt period, you might want to wait a month. Another big spurt happens from 4-6.

And when I say fuss, I mean fuss, not cry. They are different sounds.

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