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How Long to Keep Cooked Mac-n-Cheese in Frig

How long is it safe to keep cooked macaroni (sp?) and cheese in the refrigerator? We've had some for 2 weeks - and it looks and smells ok - but I know that is not the best indicator. For baby food, the foods generally recommend 3 days to use up the food. We generally use 1 week at most to keep left overs. It seems like cheese can keep for a while - so I didn't know if I could keep Mac-n-cheese longer.

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It sounds like most people go by their gut feeling or rule of thumb - throw it out after 3-7 days. One person's husband is in the food/restaurant business and recommends throwing out after 7 days. I called the manufacturer of the boxed M-n-C, they stated it could last up to 5 days properly stored, however, the quality (texture) may not be as good - add milk. They said their recommendation is based on quality and not necessarily bacterial concerns (which I thought was interesting.) Going forward, we will try to portion out the amount we prepare so we won't have that much to worry about. I just thought I would ask - thanks for the responses!

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Do not keep anything cooked in the fridge more than 3 days, it will grow unseen bacteria and it could make you sick, plus we never eat left over mac it doesn't taste very good the next day.

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My husband who is a restaurant health/food inspector says cooked the longest cooked food should sit in your refrigerator is 7 days. When in doubt toss it.

I usually have a three days and out rule, less if it is restaurant leftovers. I would get rid of it, just in case.

Hi,Put a wet paper towel over it with tin foil for 5-6 days max.

I wouldn't use anything that's been there longer than a week.

only a couple of days

Like you, I believe up to a week is fine. We eat things out of the fridge up to a week later on a regular basis and none of us have ever gotten sick. 2 weeks is a little on the long side. Plus, mac n cheese is cheap anyway. I would throw it out.

I would not eat it if it has been refrigerated longer than 7 days.

rule of thumb-don't keep any left overs over 3 days. Bacteria can grow on things and you can't always see it. Is it worth getting sick over? God Bless you. M.

Do not keep anything cooked in the fridge more than 3 days, it will grow unseen bacteria and it could make you sick, plus we never eat left over mac it doesn't taste very good the next day.

Eh. 2 weeks is a long time. I would throw it out.
I never keep anything for longer than 5-6 days. You never know what kind of bacteria is growing that you can't see, or smell yet.

Yes, Definitely throw it away. I usually throw things away after 4 days. If it's not good enough for your children it's not good enough for you.

Hope this helps.


I would throw it out and not eat it. I don't think it would be good after two weeks. Some things I keep one week as well but not over that. I always go by the rule of thumb: If in doubt, throw it out. Better than the family getting sick.



Never keep/eat anything that has been cooked over 4 days. I wouldn't eat that mac and cheese if my life depended on it. AND NEVER EVER eat meat over 3-4 days after it has been cooked.

Yucky...throw it away. The box stuff would last longer than home-made, but 2 weeks is still too long to keep food. I usually don't keep things beyond 2 days. Maybe you could adjust your portion size and planning meals in advance is helpful as well.

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