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How Long Should a Low Grade Fever Last?

My 8 month baby girl has been with a low grade fever for 3-days now. It varies from 100.4 to 100.8 F. It has not gone over this range. My question is, how long should this last before the pediatrician runs labs or gives her medication. Should I just keep giving her tylenol? This is so fustrating because the tylenol is the only thing keeping it down. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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The longest one has last with mine and my sisters kids (7 kids all together) is 5 days and we don't drug them. If you feel the need to give something get Chamomile Homeopathic.

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also, you need to think about a UTI, my daughter will get like this, and when I take her in, they rule out all possibilities, ears, throat, cough, and check het for UTI, and sure enough, she will have one.

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The low grade fever is a symptom of something else going on.... have you noticed a cough, congestion, pulling at ears, diarrhea, etc? A fever at 100 is not overly concerning as long as it comes down with Tylenol or Motrin... however, the source of the fever is the real issue. Shoot me an email with a little more information on her symptoms and health history and I can give you a little more help!

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I was taught by my mother (and it has been confirmed by at least 2 dr.'s) that you shouldn't try to medicate a fever unless the child is very uncomfortable. The fever is doing exactly what it should--fighting whatever is attacking the body. It's easier now that my kids are 4 and 7--I only give them tylenol when they ask for it, and then I know how truly sick they are!
If possible, stop giving her tylenol and see how high the fever will go--then your dr. will have a better idea of what's going on. God bless!

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I wouldn't be treating a fever lower than 101 with Tylenol unless she is just really miserable with it. The fever itself won't hurt her...it is just part of the body's way of fighting off infection. I would stop giving the Tylenol and keep watching her fever. If it persists for a few more days, I would contact her pediatrician and see if they want to see her.

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Hi M., don't stress too much over such a low grade fever. Is she having any other symptoms? Is she extremely cranky or lathargic? If she is not then I would not worry too much. Fever is the body's natural defense against sickness, she may be trying to fight off a cold. If her fever gets high or she is extremely cranky or lathargic, (I believe it is 101 or higher for a baby her age, ask pedi) then you may want to take her in to the doctor. Hope she feels better soon.

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Hi M.,
Your daughter may be teething. I know doctors say you shouldn't run fever when teething, but mine always did.
If she is teething, then not only are you treating the fever but also the discomfort/pain from teething.
Other symptoms of teething could be runny nose/congestion.
If you do Not think she's teething, it may be a good idea to visit your pediatrician.
Good luck!

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Low grade fever - leave it alone and let the fever do its work, which is fight off infection in the body. If it continues, you SHOULD call the doctor. Ask to speak to a nurse. She will advise you if you should come in for an appointment. She will ask you questions like, "Is your daughter acting normal or cranky? Is she pulling on her ears? How is she sleeping? How is she eating?" Pay attention to these details so you will be ready with answers when you call the doctor. Basically if your daughter is acting okay then they will probably tell you to just stay home and watch her. If she is acting strangely, you will need to bring her in. And of course, if you are just really concerned you should always insist that the doctor see her, no matter how much they say it is not necessary. You know your baby best. Trust your intuition as a mom.

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Thats too long, Mom. Probably an ear infection as they go with low grade temps...to the doc we go.

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