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How Long for Uterus to Shrink?

I gave birth via c section 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I still look 5 months pregnant! How long will it take for my uterus to go back to normal? My baby was very large (11 lbs) so maybe this makes a difference? Thanks!

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Oh honey it's going to take longer than that.
I can't remember for my first (vaginal birth), but after the second, a C-section, it seemed to take forever. My baby is now 9 months and I feel like my tummy is pretty much back to normal (I just need to start working out again to really get it back to bathing suit condition, ha!)

I resented my c-section for many months because I felt it made my stomach extra bubbly feeling and things were all jumbled up and just not 'tight' in there. Ugh. I didn't remember having that feeling the first time, so it may be second pregnancy effect. But I blame the c-section.

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I think they say it generally takes six weeks for your uterus to shrink back...for the rest of your body, that depends on exercise, how you eat and the genetics you were born with! It's good times!

Good luck!

It takes 6 weeks for your uterus to return to normal. What you are probably seeing is the extra skin that developed around your mid section due to the size of your baby. In due time, your body will return.

It takes longer than that.
And if you have "diastasis".... (which I have had since my 1st pregnancy)... then your 'tummy' will pretty much look pregnant.... no matter what.
Both my babies... were big, over 8 pounds each.

Ask your OB/GYN... about how long it takes. Each woman is different.

I had a c-section with my twins and combined they weighed about 11 lbs. Two weeks is still very soon so give it a couple more weeks. I think for me 4-6 wks later I almost didn't have a stomach. I also wore a belly wrap to help shrink down that area so that might help you. I think everyone's different but I'm pretty sure 6 wks is about how long it takes to get back to normal size.

Well, I was only 100lbs when I got prego and only gained 20lbs, but after 2 weeks I still looked about 3-4 months prego. I breastfed and that made a difference. After about a month or (maybe 2) my tummy was down, but still flabby. With my first child I had to do 50 crunches a day for a few months to get my tummy back to what it was before.

It takes a while. But be careful if your tummy goes down and them seems bigger later. My c-section got infected and the tummy area swelled with the infection. Other signs are fever, pain, redness and even more fatigue (even beyond the new mommy exhaustion).

I would say at least 6 weeks. I always have people ask me when Im due for the first 2 months post baby. :( Get a belly band that sucks you in, it helps it shrink.

Your uterus will shrink back very quickly. It's probably back by now, in fact.
It's your muscles that are stretched out. And that will take time.

With both of my kids (the second being a C), my "shape" was back to normal...and kept improving...by around the 10 week mark. And I'm a fitness junkie, so I worked out througout my pregnancy, and started back (even with the C) at 1 week pp with abs and cardio. That moves things along faster.

Your tummy will go down weekly. Firming it up will be up to you.
And depending on how your section was done, it may take longer (if the muscle was cut, rather than separated). It's very hard, but have patience. It took you 9 months to get that "big" and it will take a few months to go back to normal.
If it's your first child, it'll be a little faster.

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